Saturday, May 24, 2008

Energy Pontifications

As countless millions in our country can attest, energy and by extension global warming is hot button issue. Those on the Left summarily dismiss endless renunciations that Earthly heating and cooling are patterns that vary year to year, epoch to epoch as blasphemy, despite scientific data to the contrary. Their prism-like viewpoint on the matter revolves around "Big Oil" and "human consumption."

As the economy trudges along toward an economic catastrophe, the last thing the good citizens of this country should worry (besides rising food prices) is the rising cost of fuel prices. The mindless Left, spurred on by Barry Obama, demand that we turn down our thermostats below 72 degree while eating and driving less. Ride a bike to work, they say, heat your homes with solar or wind power, they implore. What the elitists cannot fathom is the economic toll of "going green" will take on the average American; nevermind the Green Czar himself, Al Gore, consumes on average 20 times the monthly amount of energy you or I do, while whisking away to far reaches of the planet in his private jet. But, as the Greenies say, we buy carbon credits!

The simple matter is this: we cannot afford to "go green." Furthermore, the Left is so consumed with hatred for "Big Oil," that they will never agree to opening the vast Alaskan oil reserves, or oil off our coasts. Moreover, this delusion with "ethanol" has driven prices of food to absurd levels, as farmland is used to grow corn, leaving less fields for other foodstuffs (e.g. grains).

So not only are we emptying our bank accounts to fill up our vehicles, we're figuratively taking out second mortgages to put food on the table. Can there be any doubt that the Socialists, er Democrats, suppress capitalism? Blame "Big Oil," they say, for rising fuel costs. But rather, let's blame this mess on the Left; as demand from developing countries (e.g. China and India) grows, supply remains static. This is tenet #1 of elementary economics, as demand grows, so must supply to keep costs even.

Yet the Liberals remain steadfast that "Big Oil" has colluded the markets, driving the price of oil through the roof. "Price Controls," they clamor. If we were to be so inane to enact price controls on "Big Oil," they are not bound to sell us oil. They will merely sell to the highest bidder, namely China and India (which subsidize oil in the neighborhood of $.18 a gallon).

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