Friday, May 30, 2008

Liberal Reaction to Dunkin' Donuts and Rachel Ray

Yesterday, I posted a brief analysis regarding Dunkin' Donuts pulling an ad featuring Rachel Ray sporting a kaffiyeh, as displayed in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. I wanted to follow up regarding a general cavalier attitude regarding the affair to which I've read and heard in the past 24 hours.

While Ray's sporting of said kaffiyeh is more than likely "something to do about nothing," I'm more galled at 1.) user comments in the Star-Tribune and 2.) talk show reaction to the "flap."

The general consensus to me is that either those that were offended are either Islamophobic or something perpetuating the myth that the Islamic threat is greater than what it is. Furthermore, I sense that white Christian America has no right clamoring for any concessions from the poor Muslims.

Once again, we're supposedly spreading hate...while terrorist attacks occur on a daily basis around the world at the hands of Muslim jihadists, Liberals deny the ever-increasing threat. Even today on the Slate website, bloggers debate the notion that Al-Qaeda is slowly fading away.
I simply must ask, "what the hell?" Muslims are just as angry at us as they have ever been. No not angry because of our President or our liberation of Iraq, but purely because we are infidels. It is their belief, propagated in the Q'uran, that a pan-global Islamic caliphate is the ultimate order of business.

But, those of us who correctly have pinpointed the Islamic threat are admonished as Islamophobic; this is typical Liberal banter for attempting to anyone (faith, creed, skin color, lifestyle choice) under their pathetic banner of multiculturalism.

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