Saturday, May 24, 2008

Introducing the Most Dangerous Man in America

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Barack (Barry) Obama.

I need not tell you how important the 2008 presidential election truly is. While traditional conservatives wring their hands in consternation over casting a vote for presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, the sheer thought of Obama as leader of the free world should send us scurrying in terror.

Here's a reminder of what we know of the man:

He's a man who often references the notion of "change" in his space. Change to Obama and his ilk does not consist of figuratively "stepping across the aisle" as U.S. Congressmen and Senators often do to pass a piece of legislation. There will be no compromise, no handshakes. No, rather change to the Left consists of change from the so-called ideologues on the Right, those of us who heartily embrace traditional values. This man throws around "change" like a sailor throws back drinks after a lengthy stay on sea. How ironic that Obama has not once demonstrated compromise in his brief tenure in the U.S. Senate; this man has the most liberal voting record in the hallowed halls of Congress.

He's a man, when presented with the opportunity to place a judge in any of Federal circuits or Supreme Court, will appoint not a judge with a strict interpretation of the Constitution, but rather someone who will ring a gavel based on his/her experiences in life. Obama's idea of a judge is one who will drive home his/her activist agenda.

He's a man who welcome our ideological enemies from Iran, North Korea, Hamas, etc. to the "bargaining table," with no preset conditions. For, if one reads my "Liberal Manifesto" can attest, a Liberal believes that a deranged despot is someone with whom he/she can be reasoned. Nevermind the absolute that someone like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has 1.) threatened to destroy Israel, our one truly in the Middle East, and 2.) is arming and funding Iranian factions killing our soldiers in Iraq. Obama truly believes that Iran is creating a nuclear program for purely peaceful, civic reasons.

How incredibly naive.

He's a man who eradicate the notion that a law-abiding, free-standing American citizen can own a firearm, for if we eliminate weapons, all violent crime will magically disappear.

The litany of progressive ideals with which this man holds is frightening. So here's to you, Barry Obama, champion of Progressive values. I'm sure you'll do us proud.

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