Thursday, April 22, 2010

FAIL: Oh that impeccable IPCC!!!

Add another notch in the 2007 IPCC report on global warming...

HotAir reports that yet another of the claims issued by the IPCC has been essentially refuted. This time, it pertains to a claim that Bangladesh would face a refugee crisis and loss of coastline due to a three-foot sea level rise by 2050.

You see, the scientists forgot to note the impending counteraction of sedimentary deposits flowing from the Himalayas.



HotAir has a nice summation of the claims refuted in the IPCC report, consisting of the following:

* University of East Anglia e-mails that exposed data destruction, attempts to hide contradictory data, and conspiracies to sabotage the work of skeptical scientists
* The East Anglia CRU threw out their raw data, undermining any effort to check their work
* NOAA/GHCN “homogenization” falsified climate declines into increases
* East Anglia CRU’s below-standard computer modeling
* No rise in atmospheric carbon fraction over the last 150 years: University of Bristol
* IPCC withdraws claim that AGW will wipe out Himalayan glaciers by 2035
* IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri knew Himalayan claim was bogus for months before exposure
* Amazonian rainforest conclusions not based on scientific research but on advocacy group claims
* Mountain glacier claims based on unsubstantiated student theses and anecdotes from climber magazine
* Search of IPCC report footnotes exposes ten more student dissertations presented as peer-reviewed research
* Medieval Warming Period temperatures may have been global, undermining entire AGW case
* Measurements used for AGW case were influenced by urbanization, poor location, bad data sets
* African-crop claims exposed as false
* IPCC researchers excluded Southern Hemisphere data to exaggerate effects of warming on hurricanes
* Hurricane claims further exposed as false by actual peer-reviewed research — including by some AGW researchers
* Major scientific group concludes IPCC-linked researchers “complicit in the alleged scientific malpractices“
* NASA data less reliable than faulty UEA CRU data

Happy Earth Day, comrades!

On behalf of the unhinged liberal establishment, I'd like to extend a very Happy Earth Day to you all!

Let’s celebrate by reducing our standard of living and returning to the romantic pre-Industrial Revolution era, where mortality rates were significantly higher, where we weren’t hindered by pesky energy, where medical innovations still consisted of “leeches” and “blood letting.”

A world where false climate data is trumpeted as true in the name of political fascism and increased taxation. A world where alternative energy means wasting billions but still freezing to death even though there are billions of calories of energy just waiting for the taking. A meatless world where malnutrition awaits to deform our children and shorten our lifespans. A world where progress means going backwards and is applauded and saluted. Da, there is much good news on this Earth Day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Symposium: tax/medicare cuts, and the legality of taxes

Todd and CodLiverOilGuy first discuss Dear Leader mocking the Tea Party and their ungratefulness towards his supposed "tax breaks;" the discussion then transitions to the upcoming Medicare cuts due to the health care, ahem, reform bill (thanks liberals), and finally to the legalized robbery that is taxes.

Todd: I came across this article; wow, what a fool this man is…guaranteed taxes WILL go up, won’t they? I would love to see campaign ads with his statement followed by statistics, facts, etc regarding increased taxes, plus the almost-certain VAT that’s forthcoming…

“Via Dan Riehl, this may well be the single most obnoxious soundbite he’s uttered since his immortal bitter/clinger bon mot during the campaign. Which, if I’m not mistaken, also occurred at a fundraiser. Funny, the thoughts that bubble up when he’s among friends.”

CLOG: Levin went over the litany of taxes (and Medicare cuts) that are in the pipeline right now. Tax cuts, indeed. I’ve heard some whoppers before but this guy delivers them every time he opens his mouth. His smugness is sickening as well but we get to put up with it for 1007 more days. Ugh.

Todd: Regarding the Medicare cuts; that was one of the more nefarious moves made by Congress, IMO, especially the cuts to the only solvent aspect of Medicare: Medicare Advantage…

Regarding the smugness, I believe it was Harry Truman who stated that humility is one of the most important characteristics a president can exhibit. This guy is so far removed from humility that it’s disgusting, and of course the media is carrying his water for him, STILL TO THIS DAY, even though the public is fed up with the media and it’s costing them…I don’t know what will happen to this country if he’s elected again.

CLOG: The Medicare cuts might have an immediate impact on my mother since she has not used her benefits yet. As the cuts take hold within hospitals and doctor’s offices, they may stop taking new Medicare patients. So even though she is covered by Medicare, she might be shut out of the system because it will not be accepted, leaving her effectively without insurance. So let me now say the THANK YOU that DL thinks he deserves.

I think the MSM is starting to crack under the load of losing viewers and ad revenue. Ultimately, they have to make a profit. CNN was the first to be forced to tell the truth just to remain in business. Will others follow? As long as the propaganda machine is engaged, DL will continue with his almost 50% approval rate by the drones. Even the drones though may start to rethink their positions if they are elderly or have elderly parents covered by Medicare and having DRONE CENTRAL off the air will help.

Todd: Per your mom, I think that was a big part of why people were so pissed off at the various townhalls…they saw that the elderly would be affected primarily (and I think we saw that from many seniors who showed up at the townhalls)…where is the outrage there? This seems part and parcel with the whole rationing/death panel aspect that Sarah Palin was skewered for…but very much a REALITY

CLOG: The simple logic behind HC is easy to see. First, defund the existing program, Medicare, so it dies in the marketplace. Next, add into 10-15 million new people into an existing system that is already over burdened. Third, existing HC workers see this huge influx of patients and see less funding of Medicare as well as additional taxes needed for the new HC system. They instantly know that they will be working OT with little or no extra pay. DL put the knife into our entire HC system by de-motivating all of the workers. Many doctors will leave. Many nurses will leave. Those doctors/nurses that migrate in will probably be less talented and less motivated.

Death panels and rationing are a given in this situation. Palin saw this right away and realized it was the ruination of our existing system, that the new HC is simply a way to buy votes but actually destroys our current system and replaces it with a sham of a system.

Many seniors see this too and are upset because they are in the phase of their lives when they need HC the most, yet the system is deteriorating. That is not fair. Of course DL sees it as fair since any system that allows him to use taxpayer money to buy votes is OK with him.

Todd: Another interesting article

“The percentage-based income tax has been by far the greatest accelerator of big government in the United States. This is because it guarantees government a vast steady income independent of the government’s policies or plans to spend the money. Payroll deduction, meanwhile, makes employers the tax collectors, and eliminates key elements of the natural “friction” that used to attend the collection of taxes. Your income taxes are collected from you without any exertion, decision, or conscious act of compliance on your part. You don’t even have to go buy something, as you do to pay sales tax or property tax. You just have to be doing what most people want to do anyway: working for your daily bread and the roof over your head.”

Do you buy the tenets espoused here?

CLOG: Oh, ya, this guy is right on about taxes. Here’s the key IMO:
Moreover, it becomes illegal to not report income to the government. Think about that for a minute. Why should it be? Why should government, or you or I, know what anyone’s income is – other than the incomes of government employees? What valid purpose of government is served by pursuing that information? Can you see how the destructive political purposes of agitators are served by our current system, without achieving any legitimate goal of governance? Consider that if government didn’t account for everyone’s income as if knowing it were a public entitlement, we would have a much harder time mentally classifying ourselves in the politically divisive manner we are now so accustomed to.

All money earned should be earned tax free. We should only be taxed when we use that money: sales tax, gas taxes, luxury taxes, capital gains, and so on. But before ANY taxes happen, the worker should receive EVERY penny they earned. If they want or can they can stuff that under a mattress and no one should care. The worker earned that money fair and square and should be able to keep ALL of the fruits of his/her labor. Dot gov has instead placed themselves in-line with our income generation, so they IMMEDIATELY take their cut every two weeks, just like a two-bit hood working for the Mafia taking protection money. It is legalized robbery in my opinion as it means we work for the government BEFORE we work for ourselves. That is contrary to the principle of liberty and freedom; it is true slavery, wage slavery, and our governments are our ‘Massa’s’ and long have been.

Also, should we not be able to choose how our taxes are spent? As the producers of income, should we not have a say in whether it goes to social programs, to infrastructure, or to R&D? Dot gov takes that money and it SIMPLY DISAPPEARS from my radar. In fact we are all told so often that dot gov has a right to this money (or it is our obligation to pay, with or without patriotic overtones), that we can’t conceive of a society without taxes. Really? Are we that brain dead? If we can choose how the tax money is spent, at least we have some control on our countries destiny. This way, whatever yahoo is in the WH can spend the money however he or she wishes.

As the author says it produces political division, which is the basis for the socialist classes and class struggle and hey we see the rise of liberalism partially BECAUSE OF TAX POLICY.

Dot gov is uncaringly bankrupting us:
What this [paying high taxes] did in my life, as it does for all of us, is put a lower lid on what I could afford than my income by itself would have dictated.

We accept this lower standard. Ya, we really do but should we? Why do we put up with it? Why is this acceptable? Finally:
There is a great deal wrong, however, with government claiming first dibs on the product of our labor to the extent that we end up having substantially less than we are actually working for – particularly in terms of economic and financial choice.
If the average American hadn’t had to work until 9 April to pay taxes, he could afford to buy his own health insurance much better. Indeed, if government didn’t levy various constraints on health insurance, it would cost a lot less to begin with. More people would be able to stay in the homes that are being foreclosed, if every transaction we all concluded weren’t subject to both taxes and regulation. More could have bought in the first place without being overextended. More people would still have their jobs today. Young people would have an easier time breaking into the work force. More people would save more, if they started working for themselves earlier in the year. Seriously, why should government make our labor worth less to us – arbitrarily – at the level of interference it has currently achieved? Why should it go for more?
That is the way to talk about taxes.
Amen is all I can say.

Todd: That’s the thing about the VAT…something like that works ONLY if you eliminate the other taxes, IMO.

What about property taxes? They seem as slimy as it comes…I have no evidence to back this up, but it’s just another way for .GOV to steal from us…like I said, I can’t put my finger, but it seems pretty nefarious.

What’s the way to change this culture? BO has concocted this culture of “gorging the beast,” so contrarian to what Reagan proposed. What gives .GOV the right to steal from us?

CLOG: It is always MORE taxes. We get tax cuts sometimes but they never last. Dot gov always needs more and they continually find ways to dig into our pockets. The federal income tax was only ‘temporarily’ instituted to fund WWI but it never went away. Then states got into the act with state income taxes. Then sales taxes. Then fees for licenses ad nauseum. Then taxes on energy, liquor and cigarettes. It just never ends. Now VAT is on the horizon. You can bet that VAT will be placed on top of existing taxes and not be there in place of existing taxes. An additional irony is even with record levels of taxation and revenue .gov still has to borrow even MORE and put us into debt on top of it. This is how irresponsible they have become, mortgaging our future to the hilt.

Dot gov doesn’t seem to care that by sucking all of this revenue out of the private economy, they stifle economic growth, that somehow they can continue to take this money and the economy will continue to absorb it forever. We have reached the point where the level of taxation coupled with an economic downturn is now DESTROYING our economy and even threatens our social fabric. This is absolute irresponsibility on the part of .gov but they don’t seem to care. It’s just more, more, more like a 2-year old throwing a tantrum. They are now killing the goose that lays the golden eggs and pretty soon what will be left?

Seriously, I don’t know how to stop this irresponsible behavior. Dot gov has grown into morbid obesity and is crushing and suffocating us all. Do I have to leave this land? Protests don’t work. There are too many children on our ballots and too many children voting for that matter. Maybe the fed/state feud will heat up over the 10th Amendment and some states will secede. Maybe I will get a chance to move into one of those common sense states. I don’t think MN will be one of the seceding states though.

Todd: Is secession the only recourse? Are we so far gone that this is the only option? Is it too late to find any responsible civil servants will “starve the beast,” as Reagan put it? OR, was Colin Powell, we all need government in our lives? Can we not make do without excessive government? That’s the problem: government has permeated our very fabric (as you stated below); it’s like a weed or a cockroach.

CLOG: I hope secession is not in the cards but the federal government keeps acting with absolute fiscal irresponsibility. They should be putting the brakes on spending, cutting back on .gov jobs and benefits, reducing or eliminating departments, reducing the regulatory burden and so on. Instead they GROW and put us all further into debt. This is a formula guaranteed to break our back economically. How that will express itself is anyone’s guess but it is probably now inevitable. Certainly, the early expression is increased joblessness (as an aside, I read one forum posting from TN that a $14/hr job was advertised and received 4000 resumes in response), reduced economic activity (many more small businesses can not get the loans they need), and market mal-adjustment (why is gas hovering near $3/gallon when there is a glut of crude on the world market?).

As long as the Dems are in control we cannot expect .gov to deviate from their current irresponsible behavior. It will probably get worse. We will get a little relief after the 2010 elections, maybe slow things down a bit, but it seems that .gov is driving our country toward national default. This will mean instant poverty for almost everyone and probably the start of WWIII. Maybe that is the plan, eh?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Symposium topic: Dear Leader's desired class war

Todd Anthony and CodLiverOilGuy (CLOG) discuss the upcoming entitlement crisis as well as Dear Leader's desire to wage a class war between the "have's" and the "have nots."


Doc Zero nails it again…

“Let’s explore the idea as a thought experiment. If taxation without representation was an outrage that sparked the Revolution, why is representation without taxation acceptable? It’s logical to suggest that only those who pay for government benefits should have a vote in selecting our representatives. Allowing net tax consumers to vote seems like an inherently dangerous practice, given their numbers – we’ve reached the point where 47% of American households pay no income tax – and their strong motivation to support politicians who promise endlessly increasing benefits. When politicians loaded with vast public funds to purchase votes meet up with a population eager to sell its votes for benefits, a grim marketplace will inevitably develop.

This is a formula not only guaranteed, but designed, to produce an unsustainable entitlement state. The high-rolling politician secures victory by defeating the productive, and creating a dependency class large enough to smother taxpayer revolts at the ballot box. Restricting the vote to those who pay into the system would break this fiscal short circuit. It would also tend to cut down on voter fraud, since the IRS puts a great deal of effort into tracking people who owe taxes.”

The liberals know what they’re doing…they’re creating an army of welfare zombies that will fight tooth and nail to ensure they get that government check and satellite TV.

CLOG: Wow. He did nail it. So does this mean that DL and the libs have bought enough votes now to stay permanently in office and our only recourse as productive citizens is to leave the country? I was reading a story this morning about South Africa, how all of the young people, especially the whites, are leaving the country due to the high level of crime. Is this what we have to look forward to for our future? SA will, of course, follow the path of Zimbabwe (formerly the productive Rhodesia) and fall to pieces because the whites are the only ones that know how to farm or manage.

Doling out votes based on incomes is dangerous too since you have to draw a line somewhere as to vote eligibility and whoever draws that line has a lot of power. The survival of our country is based on the idea of individual citizen responsibility and clearly a large part is acting irresponsibly. That irresponsibility has been encouraged by equally irresponsible politicians for decades now. So what do we do at this point? How do we encourage the return of individual responsibility? Is it even possible.

It is very sad to watch our country fall apart but so many citizens have drunk the O’lade and do not seem interested in building up our country, only in taking. Also, by destroying the foundation of this country, they lay a new foundation, most likely for fascism.

Todd: “It is very sad to watch our country fall apart but so many citizens have drunk the O’lade and do not seem interested in building up our country, only in taking. Also, by destroying the foundation of this country, they lay a new foundation, most likely for fascism.”

Exactly; this is the change to which our Dear Leader was referring. All of the O-zombies mistakenly believed the hopeychange he referenced was “cute” and “catchy…” no no no…he wanted to change America, from a capitalistic society to that of a welfare state. There’s no doubt in my mind that this was a concerted effort as well…we drank the O-ADE/O’lade. Many people have realized the error of her ways; many have not and still stubbornly cling to the notion that this “man” can “fix” things.

CLOG: < many have not and still stubbornly cling to the notion that this “man” can “fix” things > In reading comments to various articles, I see this attitude expressed a lot: give him a chance, he’s better than Bush, HC is progress, the nuclear treaty is a step toward peace, and so on. They see this way forward as a good thing, ignoring history and certainly ignoring the conservatives who are shouting about the dangers. They are locked inside their faith and I do not believe many will give that faith up even if it costs them their lives, so great is their faith in DL. Others who lack faith are just along for the ride, acting like parasites. This group doesn’t care whether we’re capitalist or Communist as long as they have gas in their tank and a burger stuffed in their mouth.

< I don’t know about you, but I ain’t leavin’> I don’t want to leave either but I have seriously considered it. GD1 was bad but we had a working society. GD2 promises to be worse but then in the midst of a dysfunctional society with an incompetent, even dangerous leader. When I think about the times we live in, I wonder if anywhere on the globe is truly safe. It may look better now (Canada comes to mind) but will it always be so? If I felt there was a ‘new’ part to the world where a man could get a fresh start, I might seriously consider it, not only for myself, but as an anchor in case my family wanted to leave later. Those new lands no longer exist so I am staying for now and I will try to do as much to fix these problems as I can.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More environmental nonsense

I came across the video below, and thought, considering the ultimate liberal prize is complete and utter control over its denizons, this just makes perfect sense!

Hey 52%, thanks a lot! You know who you are!

You bought into this nonsense, hook, line, and sinker. Personally, I have no desire to revert our country back to pre-Industrial Revolution levels. I like modern conveniences, electricity, I like a warm house.

I have a feeling you do too; so you know what will happen if/when Congress passes a Cap and Trade bill? Higher utility rates, higher unemployment, more expensive THINGS (it takes energy to create ANYTHING; those costs are passed onto the customer).

Way to go,, it's our turn to clean up your mess.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Symposium: more foreign policy gaffes and political correctness gone wild

Todd Anthony and CodLiverOilGuy (CLOG) discuss yet another foreign policy gaffe from our Dear Leader; or is this yet another calculated scheme to neuter us? We also discuss America's role in the End Times.


More foreign policy goodness from our Dear Leader…this is yet another example of DL’s 1.) incompetence; 2.) calculated, shrewd maneuvering to either neuter us or make us vulnerable, thus precipitating what I believe to be a move towards martial law.

CLOG: This is going to cost American lives, no doubt whatsoever. Our enemies are not PC and are spitting and laughing at our stupidity even now. We are helping their war effort and making it easier for them to kill us. By blurring the definition of our enemy, we build in automatic military hesitation. Their mission becomes fuzzier and it is harder for them to plan and execute effectively. By adding so much gray, they have to add extra contingencies, also diluting their effectiveness. Why have the best military in the world and then hobble it with PC stupidity?

Is it not amazing how much damage this one man can do? Yesterday he neutered our long standing and effective nuclear policy. Today he puts a hand of friendship out to people who have openly vowed to wipe us from the face of the earth, weakening the cause of liberty and justice in the world. Tomorrow what new havoc will be visited upon us by DL?

It is even more amazing that the electorate put him into power without considering the havoc his ideology can cause. As a nation we really have lost our mojo and our wisdom. We really all need to go back to the rural life where the consequences of each decision are carefully weighed since a wrong decision can cause great misery or even death for you or your family. By being so careless and so shallow (Keeping our gas tank full and our mortgage paid is really the end-goal of all of our lives? Really?) we have voted our doom into office and his name is Barack Obama. At this rate America will be a shell of its former self in only 1019 days. In a best case scenario we will have gas and a roof, but we will be enslaved by an all-consuming, intrusive government. In the worst case scenario there will be no gas and we will be starving in the cold. We made a bad decision and we will pay dearly for it.

Todd: And that question I have is: when will we (“we” being Americans, liberals, independents, etc.) STOP 1.) putting faith in humankind, as we did with THIS GUY; STOP 2.) believing that soothing words will assuage tyrants, madmen, and murderers.

I seethe at the hubris of this man…who does he think he has that he can play LITERALLY with the safety and welfare of the American populace.

CLOG: Ever since the Fall, humanity has been self-centered. We want to determine our own destiny and be our own god. Every person is born this way. In order to be a god, you have to believe in your own innate goodness (or rightness) and have to believe that others are basically good too. The self-centeredness is a fatal flaw in that you are not looking at yourself or others realistically; your self-centeredness demands you ignore your self-centeredness since it is a flaw and gods do not have flaws. So almost everyone works under some form of this delusion. Marxism takes the delusion and applies it to government, that .gov will make everything OK; we just have to follow obediently. Humans always have to believe in a leader. Realistic humans (Christians) realize that our ultimate leader is GOD. Everyone gets stuck at the leader and so have no choice but to believe in them and hope everything will turn out OK in their lifetime. My mother is completely stuck in this rut and no amount of facts will dislodge her because she has no other place to go to place her belief.

Tyrants are very aware of the human need for a leader and that most of the population wants desperately to believe in them. So they clean up their act and appear to be benevolent to stoke everyone’s belief. Once in power, the picture changes dramatically, but then people are stuck and will remain believing even in the face of great suffering or evidence of heinous crimes. Nazi Germany is a prime example.

Most people do not want to admit their faults and even fewer their sins and fewer still become humble before God and serve Him. Jesus taught the latter path and it is the very hardest for humans to follow, hence the narrow gate analogy He used. It is only as each INDIVIDUAL is transformed, that any society has any chance. Socializing transformation corrupts those doing the socialization and impoverishes or even destroys the general population since there is no way to attain ‘equality’ or ‘social justice’ for everyone using this path.

Until the population is 100% Christian (another 1000 plus years at least), people will continue to try to rule using human nature and cause continued grief and destruction. In the meantime, after every destruction and desolation caused by tyranny, we have to institute education to make the young aware of the failed paths from history and more importantly why they failed so they do not make the same mistake. As a society, around the globe, we mostly fail at this task and continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over.

Liberals will never stop trying to transform society via socialization because they believe they have the answer and they will not deviate from their faith. Humanism is a religion that denies being a religion. After the coming great destruction of our society and way of life, I hope we can teach our young the dangers of this thought pattern. So far we have been doing the opposite and our society is crumbling but those doing the crumbling ignore the havoc they wreak and live in their ideological towers, towers that cannot be touched by misery, the wailing of children, or even death itself.

As to your later email comment about how Christians can also be liberals (in fact they are the majority of the Christian community IMO), I think they confuse faith in socialism with faith in God. Much of the socialistic message is about justice for the down-trodden and certainly Jesus was an advocate for the poor and dispossessed. I think they get caught up in the programs to help the poor and doing good works, thinking they are working toward the same ends as Jesus, and do not study the heart of the Gospel or Jesus message that repentance is key and all else is secondary or even meaningless. Without forswearing self-centeredness, nothing real can be achieved. As liberalism has grown in our society, the social message has become prime, burying the gospel message, and people lap it up because it is an easy path to follow and doesn’t require you to give up your self-centeredness. I think the narrow gate is mostly ignored by liberal Christians.

Todd: But how long will we continue to fall for this idiotic, liberal way of reacting to tyrants; when we will ever learn? How many Neville Chamberlain moments does this world require before we finally realize that EVIL PEOPLE exist, and that by pandering to said evil people, they only take advantage of us (at best)?

CLOG: We will always fall into the same trap. Though we record and even study history, we NEVER (maybe I’ll grant a seldom here since there may have been one society that learned somewhere in time) learn from it. History is dully repetitive on this point. Humans are incredibly stubborn in wanting to cling to their self-centeredness and the sin and evil overcome the societies – always. It is an eternal cycle and demonstrates conclusively the brokenness of our nature. Of course, most won’t admit that and so the cycle repeats.

This is why Jesus has to return. At one coming point in history (soon, I hope), this behavior will lead to the complete destruction of the planet and our extinction if He does not step in. We will cling to our selfishness even at the cost of our entire species.

We are a stupid, stupid people.

Todd: “This is why Jesus has to return. At one coming point in history (soon, I hope), this behavior will lead to the complete destruction of the planet and our extinction if He does not step in. We will cling to our selfishness even at the cost of our entire species. ”

After reading an article where BO is basically telling Israel the terms of a peace plan (what they CAN and CANNOT accept), I wonder if the above scenario could be hastened by something our DL would precipitate (oh I don’t know…invasion perhaps?)…

CLOG: Oh, DL is playing his role, all right. One glaring omission from Bible prophecy is any mention of the USA. We do not play a significant role in the End Times. Many authors say this can’t be so and contort the Bible to fit us in but I don’t buy it. We aren’t there more than likely because we have declined from superpower status and are no longer a major player on the world stage. DL’s actions are hastening our demise and when our stabilizing influence is lost on the world as we collapse, that is when (IMO) major wars and destabilizations break out. As you suggest, this will probably begin with Israel and Iran and DL’s pressures will insure that Israel will probably have to go it alone, may botch the attack, and then all of her Muslim neighbors will have the perfect excuse to attack her. They certainly have nothing to fear from Obama who has hinted his support of Muslim aims and no love lost with Israel.

As far as history rewriting, the victor always rewrites history to make themselves look good. Much of history is completely lost too due to book burnings and looting and such.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Symposium topic: Obama's neutering of America

Todd and CodLiverOilGuy (CLOG) discuss the Obama's latest foreign policy maneuvers: declaring that the United States would not retaliate against a nation from where a chemical or biological was initiated, as well as Obama's decision to reduce our missile stockpile.


I wonder; can this guy do ANYTHING right on foreign policy? It’s one concession after another; yet another emasculation…

This HAS to be a concerted effort to neuter us, don’t you think?

Furthermore, this is par for the course with this guy…just yesterday, the White House basically states that we won’t retaliate in the event of a chemical or biological attack. Why don’t we just 1.) tell the terrorists that we give up; 2.) hand our b*lls to them right now?


The redefining of our nuclear policy has me furious. You said it 100% about handing our sack over to our enemies and surrendering. Much of the deterrent power of nuclear weapons is never knowing what it will take to have one launched against you so you do little or nothing to risk it. The system is proven and works fantastically. Now DL wants to scrap that and DEFINE when we will use them and that in some situations we probably will NOT use them. Talk about setting us up for a terrorist attack.

This has to be a well-thought out move on DL’s part. I cannot see anyone being this stupid. Our military must have gone apoplectic upon hearing this. Does this border on treason? It’s one thing to leave our southern border unguarded and letting illegals flow back and forth. It is quite another to let our guard down and open us up to a chem or bio attack. This is absolutely irresponsible.

As to START, it’s more of the same. Why are we giving the Ruskies an advantage after decades of research and billions invested in our nuclear arsenal? We cannot change the FACT that we live in a nuclear armed world and we must do EVERYTHING we can to make sure these weapons are never used in anger. By backing down, DL is INCREASING the chances of their use. It is 1020 days until this clown is gone. By his irresponsible actions, we might see one or more major terror events on our soil before then and we can place the blame squarely on his shoulders as the result of these poor decisions.

Todd: Exactly; you said it…here’s what we can glean from this man’s actions:

He thinks that because, in his mind, he’s smarter than George Bush, he’s going to be able to assuage our enemies with soothing words.
He thinks that, because he is now president, our enemies no longer hate us.

THUS, he’s essentially left us open to an emboldened jihadist, as well as a more brazen Russia and China. MOREVER, our allies presumably doubt whether they can count on us. I absolutely believe this is a calculated maneuver on Dear Leader’s part. He’s doing this intentionally, in a long series of moves to strip us of our superpower status.

And this is just on the foreign policy front; he’s neutering, or at best, making us irrelevant, right before our very eyes. His goal is to make us ordinary, on the world stage. While many people are having eye-opening experiences because of this man’s plots, many more still drink the O-ADE and cling to the “HopenChange” bullshit.

I’ve said this several times, but if we’re attacked, I absolutely think DL and the Acolytes need to be held legally accountable (as you mentioned: TREASON).

From Hot Air:

“Put simply, this is a big non-sequitur, a fixing of what wasn’t broken in the first place, much like the Obama focus on the START treaty over real threats like Iran and North Korea. It’s almost literally a move from left field, playing on the progressive turf in a game that no one else bothered to play. Only a Leftist would do this thinking it was a move to the middle, and it shows just how out of touch this administration is with the mainstream of American thought.”

It’s not just being “out-of-touch,” it’s being intentionally negligent when it comes to our national defense.

CLOG: < the O-ADE > I like this phrase. I might be borrowing it in the future.

I agree with you, the HA author is being too nice. These are calculated political moves to weaken our country and somehow by becoming weaker we are now more ‘equal’ and the world will love us. That is just royal BS and no such thing will happen. As soon as we show weakness, we will be stomped on. The world is jealous of our EARNED superpower status (again, DL thinks that status was not obtained legitimately but on the backs of the poor) and they will use any opportunity to bring us down. Neville Chamberlain is currently remembered as the biggest appeaser in history. I wonder if he will be replaced by DL because of his actions.

Also note that in addition to crippling us on the foreign affairs stage, he will next be crippling us with crap and poop. If he cannot get the bill through Congress, he may bypass them, and use the EPA’s regulatory powers to begin imposing CO2 controls on our energy providers, driving prices through the roof. Again, the exact wrong thing to do in the early days of GD2. I swear he is trying to institute the feudal system in America. We threw one royal off our shores that tried this in the Revolutionary War? Has another crept into the WH and we have to do it once more?

Todd: Guy, that’s exactly point…we’ve been there, done that (see: Revolutionary War), not we’re anxious to re-institute another tyranny? What the hell has happened to this country? I can tell you actually: 50% of its citizens are fat and jiggly and are content with the rest of us footing THEIR bill, so they can collect welfare and watch satellite TV.

As for “crap and poop,” while that would be another completely depressing piece of legislation, I would think that would be easier to repeal than Health Care, especially if the EPA circumvents Congress and merely enacts by FIAT.

“Has another crept into the WH and we have to do it once more?”

I’m absolutely convinced this is the case…this is all intentional, criminal neglect on his part; he’s setting us up for an attack, economic crisis, etc, so he can declare martial law.

Todd: <50% of its citizens are fat and jiggly and are content with the rest of us footing THEIR bill, so they can collect welfare and watch satellite TV.> LOL. You paint a GREAT picture here but one that is unfortunately very true. It is also interesting that the most obesity in this country can be found in its poorest states. In the past this would have been a source of great shame but no longer. America has lowered the bar and no longer asks her citizens to be responsible or bear their fair share. Uncle Sugar indeed has corrupted all too many with easy money and soothing words…and, of course, 200 channels of hi-def TV!

I agree that regulations can be repealed easier than HC but they can still do an immense amount of damage over the next 3 years. Way too many segments of our economy are not healthy and cannot afford these higher costs. It is all the more a bitter brew to drink because GW is a complete sham.

I agree that DL may be angling for martial law, provoking the citizenry to extremes so he can shut down what is left of our democratic process. He is playing with fire though. There are too many Americans that will not roll over and once he has made his move, they will make theirs. I do not believe DL has LEO or military support (at least long term), though I wonder if he will try to work around this by asking for UN troops. I hope and pray those desperate times and measures ever occur.

Symposium topic: liberalism, ObamaCare, Repeal, Entitlements

Todd Anthony and CodLiverOilGuy (CLOG) discuss repealing ObamaCare in a conversation that touches Obama's secret desire to become "Dear Leader" and impose martial law, entitlements, and the nature of liberalism.

Todd: I came across this article from the National Review Online that discusses Kentucky's successful effort to repeal Kentucky Kare.

CLOG: Can I ask a dumb question here:

Where was this story during the healthcare debate? This is ACTUAL EVIDENCE that Obamacare will not work. Real-world evidence of a state that tried and watched it fail miserably. Why didn’t we see this brought out by conservatives during the debate? Is everyone asleep at the switch? This would have been proof that it wouldn’t work and should have been trumpeted from the house tops.

It took over 10 years to repeal the KY monstrosity so it will probably take over 20 on the national level, all the while watching the system fail with rising costs, poorer service, and fewer covered. This needed to be stopped before it got started and this story might have made a difference.

Hope for a future generation? Yes. Hope for me? No. I get to grow old and just when I need the system it will not be there for me. Dot gov cheats me once more. Do they know how to do anything else anymore in DC?

Todd: Nope, it’s pretty awful…I think a French Revolution could be in store for us down the road.

And that’s a good point…where was this store PRE-health care “BFD” passage? I didn’t see this on ANY of the right-wing blogs at all. Where was Michelle Malkin? Where was Hot Air? Where was Drudge? Where was Pajamas Media?

CLOG: Where were the KY Republicans? They should have been yelling like their house was on fire – This will not work. We tried and it failed. Why weren’t they on TV or sending missives to all of the conservative bloggers or talking to Sarah Palin about this? Man this story could have gotten some traction. Anyway, spilt milk, I guess.

It could be getting ugly all right. Denninger wrote a missive that because .gov has been replacing consumer spending with gvmnt borrowing, when the inevitable fall comes, it will be a mighty fall indeed, much worse than if they had not propped things up with massive public debt. You think the .gov popularity figures are low now, they will hit all time lows, followed perhaps by the people taking to the streets.

Todd: Don’t you think this is playing right into DL’s hands? He’s GOT to be hoping for a bit of an insurrection; THUS, he can then declare martial law, suspend elections, rule by fiat, etc. Don’t you think? Of course, the ramifications of this could be serious bloodshed as well.

I suppose he could care less if, in the annals of history, he’s known as the Ivan the Terrible of the United States.

CLOG: I am sure DL would love an excuse to impose martial law. He can then take over or at least thinks he can. The problem win insurrections is that LEO’s and military are very reluctant to fire on their own people. It’s one thing to take care of hooligans and terrorists and quite another when everyday housewives and business people are rushing the barricades. Pulling that trigger becomes a lot tougher. Also, the populace of the US is fairly well armed and formidable, especially if desperate. Ya, maybe DL could get away with martial law for a while but could he make it stick? I doubt it because he does not understand the people of this country and cannot rule except according to his ideology. His ideology will probably fail him miserably in the face of desperate, independence minded masses of people who will feel betrayed by said ideology, will have lost everything in the second leg down, and are hungry, miserable and cold.

During the opening days of GD1, some WWI veterans stormed DC and were killed. That put an end to the passions and the country sat and waited the Depression out. Do you think that will be the case this time around? I am wondering if the desperation will be that much greater and that reason and sacrifice will prevail this time.

Todd: “During the opening days of GD1, some WWI veterans stormed DC and were killed. That put an end to the passions and the country sat and waited the Depression out. Do you think that will be the case this time around? I am wondering if the desperation will be that much greater and that reason and sacrifice will prevail this time.”

I honestly don’t know, friend, what to expect from the American citizenry…while we know there’s a significant tract of people genuinely PO’ed, we also have approximately half the country that’s fat and jiggly, nursing at the government teat. How will they react when someone proposes to abolish their “milk cow?”

CLOG: I am assuming that the second leg down will include either the end of ALL entitlements or a significant scale back. The second leg down will come when .gov can no longer prop which means she cannot sell any more bonds and tax revenues continue to decline, leading either to default or hyperinflation.

People will be loyal only as long as their belly is full. When ‘what’s theirs’ gets cut off, well…

Todd: This is the basis of DL’s “class warfare” rhetoric. The liberals misguidedly believe they’re defending the rights of “those less fortunate” than us.

CLOG: There are actually 2 classes of liberals: true idealists/ideologues and sociopaths. The first class was characterized by Lenin as the ‘useful idiots’ and are generally the young and the ‘intellectuals’ though I use that term loosely. Lenin, Stalin, and Mao (among a host of others) belong to the second class. This class realizes that socialism/Marxism is a complete scam and unworkable. However, it is a useful doctrine for bamboozling those in the first class and thereby parting them from their money as well gaining their support for political office. I believe DL is in this second class. He uses Marxism purely for political gain. Castro and Chavez are also in this category. They mouth the Marxist words but are only interested in money and power and use this ideology toward those ends. They are of course very careful to never spill the beans that they are no longer ‘true believers’ lest the con be spoiled.

I believe that DL no longer believes in his heart he is doing anything for the poor or unfortunate or even cares to do so. He knows he is gaming the system for himself alone. This is why socialism/Marxism is so dangerous: it opens the door to sociopaths to gain entry to the seats of power. Once there, they are almost impossible to unseat because of the useless idiots keeping them in power. Once these monsters gain power, well, you know the history.

Do you think Pelosi, Reid, and many other Dems truly care about the poor? Maybe once they did but now it is about money and power – at any cost. Any underpriveledged class is now only a pawn used to gain power or money. So there are two levels of pawns here: any victim class and the useful idiot pawns. The sociopaths sit on the top pulling the strings and reaping all of the benefits, throwing just enough morsels to the other pawns to keep the game going.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday pontification

Anyone else find it interesting that a week after "health care reform" passed, we witnessed a Fed raid on a "right-wing/Christian" militia plus a four high-profile editorials (Rich, Krugman, et al) denouncing Tea Partiers as a group of neanderthal, racist, homophobes?

Doesn't this just reek of a well-orchestrated hit job by Dear Leader and (H)is Acolytes in the Legacy Media? It doesn't really pass the smell taste...instead it seems to be an effort to turn the criticism from that of the aforementioned Liberal Intellectuals to that of the "messenger (the messenger being Dear Leader's critics)."

It seems too well-timed to me: a raid on a right-wing militia coupled with liberal editorials.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The twisted world liberals have forced us to live...April 1st edition

More twisted thoughts from liberals…

I’m reading the following article,, and when I came to this section, I had a bit of an epiphany:

“An America based on limited government and unlimited opportunity—an America that rewards the hard work and initiative of its citizens—will not suffer from widespread poverty.”

Only in a liberals’ world are we rewarding laziness, entitlement, and lack of initative. In the “real world,” their opposites are what really propel people to success. IN A LIBERALS’ world, we are punishing success and rewarding the opposite.

WHY IS THIS? Is this because liberals perceive the fruits of our labor as undeserved? Ill-gotten? “Unfair?”

It's as if liberals, in so many facets but in particular economic ones, refuse to face the facts: hard-work, lower taxes, a vibrant PRIVATE sector, and MORE freedom, results in a healthy economy.

Instead, we're bombarded with increased government and higher taxes as well more intrusion from the feds. .GOV chooses to create and enforce more regulations, mandates, and laws in order to social engineer the country THEY want; one that defies common sense and good judgment.

All because an America of hard work is one they dislike.

Liberals see ALL wealth as evil and only obtained through illegal or immoral means. To them there are no such things as ‘fruits of labor.’ The concept simply doesn’t make sense in their world. Since wealth is all ill-gotten, it is ‘moral’ to tax it for the public good, to compensate for the ‘evil’ aspect of how the wealth was obtained. Wealth is never attained by hard, honest work; that is impossible in Marxist theory.

This is bogus of course. Our country was built by letting people keep as much of the fruits of their labor as possible and letting THEM determine what to do with said fruits. This has led to a strong work ethic (.gov doesn’t steal your fruits) and a sense of pride and honor. It also led to many people starting small businesses or innovative businesses and building our country into an economic powerhouse IN SPITE of FDR and the Dems.

The work ethic is disappearing now because .gov is taxing everything and giving it to the poor (minus their cut, of course), so why labor? In fact, it is better to be poor and live off .gov largesse. Again, the power of propaganda at work, destroying our society. Also, taxation takes away the capital that individuals need to start small or innovative businesses, hence our economic decline.

Unless we begin to shrink government all all levels right now, we are doomed. It may already be too late though. Also, the propaganda poisoning so many people has made them dependent and they do not know how to work or gain the fruits of hard labor. We’ve really messed things up…bigtime. Even if .gov shrinks, many in the population would not know what to do. Dot gov has not given her citizens the tools they need for self-sufficiency or prosperity. Instead they’ve stuck a needle in our veins and pumped in the addictive drug called welfare…all for our own good, of course. Watch out when that needle comes up empty.

Written by Todd Anthony and CodLiverOilGuy

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is there another Reagan out there?

James Pethokoukis penned this article, opining that the slumping economy could remain sluggish for 20 years. For those of us old enough to remember, we experienced a similar period of economic stagnation during the 1970's, propagated by notions of price controls (a Nixonian brainfart), higher taxes, regulations, increased government meddling, etc; only to see Ronald Reagan literally ride to the rescue by lowering taxes and encouraging the private sector.

Well guess what? We're witnessing the same tired liberal dogma in practice again, this time by one Barack Obama. My question is: does America have another Ronald Reagan it can offer us?

We obviously need someone who can inspire the country, reinvigorate our economy, start exercising some financial restrain (and thus, force Congress to do so). The entitlement nonsense must end, as must this reluctance to cultivate our natural resources.

Unfortunately, when I look at potential "next Reagans," I see few noteworthy candidates; Sarah Palin (too polarizing); Tim Pawlenty (maybe); Bobby Jindal (choked on the national stage in his last big spot); Paul Ryan (perhaps); Jim Demint (perhaps).

Who else is there?