Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Liberal Lies: Bush created terrorism

In this edition of "Liberal Lies" I examine the Leftist notion that President George W. Bush CREATED terrorism in his tenure.

Often, sensible Americans hear liberals repeat the same tired Daily Kos-like talking points: Bush is a war criminal, the Iraq War is illegal, Bush created terrorism etc. While NONE of the three are true, I shall refute the idea that Bush created Islamic terrorism.

One of the hallmark of Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama's "change rhetoric" is his pledge, if elected president, to restore America's standing around the global.

Did anyone else just throw up in his or her mouth? What a joke.

First of all, does anyone give a rat's ass what the pretentious socialists in Europe think? Second, world "opinion" is convuleted and warped by messages from sham institutions like the United Nations that it matters NOT what we do; world opinion will not change.

Obama's "pledge" is typical of the "Blame America" crowd. Regardless of the futility and lack of action committed by DEMOCRATIC presidents, it all comes back to the Left's collective, conflagrative hatred of all things George Bush. Furthermore, Obama's message is shameful pandering at its best, and its worst; guess who suffers in the end?

That's right, you and me.

Does anyone remember an eight period during the 1990's called the Clinton Administration? If so, do you remember what transpired during that time period?

If not, let me refresh your memory:

1. 2000 USS Cole bombing
2. Khobar Towers
3. US Embassies bombed in Kenya and Tanzania
4. 1993 World Trade Center attack

National Review's Byron York states, "When it comes to Bill Clinton’s record on terrorism, there’s no need to invent fictional scenarios to show how ineffective he was; the truth is bad enough. "

York's report is fascinating in that he notes that terrorists were essentially given carte blanche to attack us at will. Due to misguided efforts to label terrorism as a law enforcement issue (note that Obama is now doing the same thing), Clinton essentially created a barrier between the FBI and the CIA, the same barrier that allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur.
"From the start, Clinton approached the investigation as a law-enforcement issue. In doing so, he effectively cut out some of the government’s most important intelligence agencies. For example, the evidence gathered by FBI agents and prosecutors came under the protection of laws mandating grand-jury secrecy — which meant that the law-enforcement side of the investigation could not tell the intelligence side of the investigation what was going on. 'Nobody outside the prosecutorial team and maybe the FBI had access,' says James Woolsey, who was CIA director at the time. 'It was all under grand-jury secrecy.'"
According to the Department of Justice, Clinton was offered Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden on THREE separate occasions, but turned them down.

"The main reasons were legal: there was no evidence that could be brought against Bin Laden in an American court. But former senior intelligence sources accuse the administration of a lack of commitment to the fight against terrorism."

And look what happened: the Bush Administration was left holding the bag on September 11th, 2001, when an Al Qaeda attacked destroyed the World Trade Center, parts of the Pentagon, and brought down a jetliner in Pennsylvania.

Note the following "legacy" of Clinton's regarding the very real war on terror:

1993- A humanitarian operation in Somalia is transformed into a military strike, where Clinton refuses to authorize the availability of armor for proper support. When the ill-supported operation leads to American casualties, Clinton overrides military requests and refuses to allow a properly outfitted military counter-strike. Within a few months, he withdraws American forces, sending the message that a "bloody nose" is the only thing necessary for the United States to back down.

1995-1996 - Clinton institutes "Citizenship USA" which pressures the US Department of Justice's Immigration and Naturalization Service to naturalize some 1,000,000 new immigrants, even though many had incomplete background checks. This allowed for criminals and terrorists to enter America. Whistleblowers to these activities and the large scale selling of Green Cards, were physically threatened and terminated.

August 20, 1998 - The Clinton Administration demonstrates a perfunctory response toward terrorism after the assault on two U.S. embassies in Africa. On Aug. 7, 1998. The U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, were bombed by terrorists, leaving 258 people dead and more than 5,000 injured. Some 1,000 were permanently blinded by flying glass.

The U.S. Launches cruise missiles, striking an empty terrorism training complex in Afghanistan and destroying a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Khartoum, Sudan. Both targets were claimed to have been financed by Osama bin Laden, but many feel that the ill-planned strike was simply done to deflect legal problems President Clinton was having with Monica Lewinsky.

The Afghanistan training facility attack fails to get Bin Laden because the Clinton Administration gives Pakistani Intelligence prior notice of their intentions. Pakistani Intelligence had long been known to have elements sympathetic to Al Quaida. They proceeded to give Bin Laden warning and he escaped. There was no follow-up and Bin Laden was again buoyed by our meek approach to the growing terrorist menace.

1999 - The Clinton Administration decides to show the Islamic world that America is more than willing to kill European Christians to court their favor. He provokes war on the Serbs, our only historic friend in the European Balkans. Clinton gives the Serbs the choice of either accepting The Ramboouillet Accords... or being destroyed from the air. He supports the Islamist, Al Qaeda allied Kosovo Liberation Army (responsible for running the drug and prostitution trade in Europe). He authorizes the bombing of Serb civilian targets such as bridges, hospitals and heating plants, which leads to the death of over 5,000 Serb civilians. This action sets the stage for creating a radical Islamic base in the "belly" of Europe.

October 12, 2000 - Terrorism strikes and almost sinks the Destroyer USS Cole in Yemen. President Bill Clinton does nothing. Reinforces the perception that the United States lacks the will to either defend itself or battle terrorism in spite of considerable loss of life. There was no follow-up.

Two relevant points exist: Clinton did NOTHING to squelch this threat during his administration, and Al Qaeda had begun planning for this operation years prior, DURING THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION.

Compare the aforementioned terror attacks during the Clinton Administration to that under the Bush Administration. That's right; none have occurred. In fact, we're fighting terrorists in other parts of the globe rather than here on American soil. In fact, if the Iraq War did anything, it allowed terrorists to come out of hiding and expose them.

The problem with Clinton was that, like so many naive liberals, the issue of terrorism could be resolved through dialogue. Furthermore, terrorist were emboldened due to the lack of effective retaliatory measures employed on our part. They knew that if they attacked us, we might talk a good game, but we eventually mete out half-assed justice.

Say what you will about President Bush; we have not incurred a terrorist attack under his watch. Despite the Left's objections to the Patriot Act, waterboarding, or other such hot button issues, they've worked.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Democrats and their special interests: A relevant argument

Here in liberal Minnesota, we're bombarded with an endless string of Norm Coleman and Stuart Smalley, er, Al Franken attacks ads, especially the ones whereby Smalley, er, Franken castigates Coleman for accepting money for "big oil."

Yawn. Big deal.

Here's one thing you have to love about Democrats. They know how to push our buttons. Because of the global warming lie and the subsequent mistruth that 1.) the resultant gasoline is polluting our skies and causing global warming; 2.) big oil is engaging in price gouging and raking in "record profits."

What they hope is that mass public will simply their insane notions at face-value, without engaging in any exculpatory investigation. If the public would peruse the sites of anything BUT the Mainstream Media (including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post), they might realize that a good deal of contrarian information exists.

For example, according to John Hawkins, did you know that for every $1 spent by "Big Oil," they recoup $.08?
Unsurprisingly, given the outrageously high cost of gas and the Left's penchant for pointing the fickle finger of blame at big corporations, we've heard a lot about how big oil is gouging consumers.

However, when you take a look at the actual numbers in California, for example, you find that the "Distribution Costs, Marketing Costs and Profits" for the oil companies make up only 8 cents per gallon of gas.

That doesn't sound like gouging, does it? But if you believe it does, what would you say about the 70 cents per gallon in taxes that's paid by California consumers? Additionally, as Karl Rove has pointed out,

(Oil companies) make about 8.3 cents in gross profit per dollar of sales....Electronics make 14.5 cents per dollar and computer equipment makers take in 13.7 cents per dollar, according to the Census Bureau. Microsoft's margin is 27.5 cents per dollar of sales.

Sure, these oil companies are huge and therefore, even an 8.3% profit adds up to billions of dollars, but when you look at the relatively small percentage that they're putting in their pockets as compared to the humongous share that the government is raking in, it's pretty clear that it's the government, not the oil companies, that is gouging consumers.

Of course Democrats don't want you to know that. Instead they'd rather throw a number in your face, for example $1 billion in profits; well, 1.) "Big Oil" is arguably the biggest industry in the world; 2.) those "billions in profits" are going towards Average Joe's 401k or pension, it's not merely going to Texas Tycoon.

Now we're hearing that Republican-enabled greed fueled the potential economic calamity, greed perpetuated by Wall Street during the Bush Adminstration.

Here we go again.

Much has been written about the Carter and Clinton Administrations' efforts to put minorities into homes (see: Community Reinvestment Act of 1977). What it did essentially was force mortgage lenders to overlook shady credit histories and low incomes in order to make minorities homeowners. In fact, it was "community activists" such as Barry Obama, in efforts to "assuage" banks, threatened to label those who financial institutions who adhered to strict lending standards, RACIST.

Furthermore, under the "special interests" banner, note the following from Townhall's Terry Paulson:
What was our champion of change and hope doing about the problem? Nothing! Records from the Federal Election Commission reveal a possible reason for Obama’s silence. In his three complete years in the Senate, he’s the second largest recipient of Freddie-and--Fannie-connected campaign contributions. It took Sen. Christopher Dodd, chairman of the Senate banking committee, eleven years to receive $165,400 in contributions from GSE PACs and individuals. Obama received $126,349 in just three years.
And now these same hypocritical sons of bitches are pinning the cost of this damn $700 billion bailout on homeowners who bought homes the RIGHT way: through hard work, saving money, sensibility, and good faith.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain/Palin Win in a Landslide on Economic Recovery Plan

You might see this possible future headline if the bailout tanks. Think Obama will gain votes if the bailout fails? Think again.

Normally, people vote their wallet, and will change parties if the economy has gone sour before the election. The sitting President is blamed for the economy and the candidate from the other party is elected. Based on this history, the Republicans will not gain the Whitehouse this year unless the economy turns around, like right now.

Maybe the opposite will happen this year and the Democrats will be blamed. For instance, in 2006 Congressional control was given to the Democrats by the voters. No economic problems were fixed and we're in economic hot water right now anyway. So the Democrats fixed nothing and what is to say that a Democratic President will be able to make any difference either?

Will the economic problems will become so severe by election day, that they will supersede party lines? In other words, Americans won't be asking which party can fix the problems, but rather which person or candidate pair can fix the problem. Yes, Bush is disliked, and obviously something went wrong during his 8 years, but the critical question on voter minds might be 'Who can fix this mess before it gets any worse?' Assigning blame does not fix the problem. Assigning blame will not bring back jobs or stop bank failures or bring the stock market back.

The economic woes have been caused by excess greed and Americans are already growing angry with the impact on their lives by the Wall Street shenanigans of the past few years. If this anger continues to be stoked by continuing bad economic news, voters will want Wall Streeters brought to justice, but, more importantly, they will want to see the financial system reformed so these hooligans cannot wreak havoc again. Those fixes must be brought by someone with strength of character and a fresh approach. McCain is widely admired as an uncompromising individual from his years as a prisoner of war. Palin is widely admired for being a reformer and a down-to-earth person. We have character and freshness in this pair. Obama and Biden do not bring these qualities.

If this thesis is true, the Republicans will win by a landslide and be given carte blanche by the voting public to initiate any changes immediately that will turn the economy around. Drilling everywhere will be opened, Wall Street will be given no more bailouts, the Fed rates will be increased to battle inflation (actually the Fed should be closed down and monetary control given back to Congress but I doubt that will happen), and so on.

Public sentiment in favor of the new government may in fact be at such high levels that such support of our government may not have been seen since the days of our founding fathers. The return of a founding father/mother in the form of the McCain/Palin ticket: Maybe we would actually have a chance to turn this economic crisis into something constructive.

Keep taking your medicine: Cod liver oil is good for you.


Friday, September 26, 2008

MSNBC: Deal reportedly reached on U.N. Iran resolution

Big fat whoop.


According to Leftist Propaganda Tool MSNBC, "Six world powers, including the United States and Russia, have reached a deal to seek a new U.N. resolution on Iran's nuclear program, European officials said Friday.

Does anyone REALLY think that Iran will fulfill the terms of said "deal?"

Of course the Left does. Furthermore, look at how faithful North Korea was regarding its "deal." The international community, in six-party talks, purportedly struck a deal with the rogue Kim Il Jung regime whereby his country would disband his nuclear weapons program.
"North Korea had agreed in February 2007 to begin dismantling its nuclear program in exchange for aid and other concessions.

Scientists began disabling its reactor in November, and in June blew up the Yongbyon cooling tower in a dramatic show of its commitment to the pact. Eight of the 11 steps needed to disable the reactor were completed by July, North Korean officials said."

Now they've "reversed course."

"North Korea barred U.N. nuclear inspectors from its main nuclear plant on Wednesday, and within a week, it plans to reactivate the plant that once provided the plutonium for the explosive test two years ago, a senior U.N. nuclear inspector said. The North ordered the removal of the U.N. seals and surveillance equipment from the Yongbyon reactor, a sign it is making good on threats to restart its nuclear program."

And now the international community believes rogue nation #2, that being Iran, will fulfill the terms of its deal?

Not bloody likely.

Here's the "teeth" of the deal: "The proposed new resolution is a compromise — no new sanctions but a tough statement to Iran that Security Council resolutions are legally binding and must be carried out."

I'm sure Iran is shaking in their boots. That will show 'em!!!

I had a conversation with quasi-radical liberal co-worker discussing the flashpoint topic of Iraq; I had queried said co-worker, pondering why it was okay for the Clinton Administration to insist to the world that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction while engaging in a low-intensity war with Iraq for eight years, but yet when George W. Bush ENFORCED the 14 resolutions that Saddam violated, he became a pariah.

Smugly, the aforementioned liberal stated that Clinton's "actions" were acceptable because he used the United Nations as a vehicle to halt Saddam's weapons program. Of course, as I replied, this is the same United Nations that engaged in the Oil-for-Food scandal, allowed Security Countil member countries (Russia, France, and Germany) to engage in clandestine business opportunities with Saddam, and hosts such purveyors of human rights, Saudia Arabia, Libya, etc. on its United Nations Human Rights council.

That's a bundle of credibility, if I do so say myself.

And now we really think the new "League of Nations" will actually enforce an Iranian weapons resolution?

Haven't we been down this road before?

The Economy and the Subprime Mess: "Root of our calamity"

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer stated it appropriately when discussing just how the subprime housing mess contributed the current financial CRISIS.
"For decades, starting with Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, there has been bipartisan agreement to use government power to expand homeownership to people who had been shut out for economic reasons or, sometimes, because of racial and ethnic discrimination. What could be a more worthy cause? But it led to tremendous pressure on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- who in turn pressured banks and other lenders -- to extend mortgages to people who were borrowing over their heads. That's called subprime lending. It lies at the root of our current calamity."
Naturally, the Left is blaming the greed of Wall Street. Of course, they played a part; therein lies the problem with Capitalism. But the roots of the housing mess were took hold decades ago, under Democratic leadership and emboldened by Leftist community groups. I made the point yesterday, the Democrats and the Left played as much of a role, IF NOT MORE, than anyone else.

Of course the Democrats are blaming this ENTIRE problem on Wall Street and predatory lenders. What an insane notion. Check out Michelle Malkin's article on the Left Wing Mortgage Counseling Racket. A plethora of mortgage counseling exists and DID exist when the subprime bullshit was going down.
Conservatives in the Senate (the few of them that are left) seem to have just rolled over and accepted at face value the liberal premise that the subprime mess was primarily created by a lack of education–as opposed to high-risk borrowers and lenders consciously making bad decisions and expecting now to be insulated from the consequences of their actions. From the way Harry Reid and company talk about the $100 million mortgage counseling provision, you would think helpless, hapless, vulnerable borrowers are being left adrift with no one to turn to for information.
Furthermore, Malkin adds the following:
As I’ve pointed out several times over the past year, mortgage counseling is a thriving racket that benefits far Left groups ranging from the AARP to ACORN to La Raza and Legal Aid. The Department of Housing and Urban Development funds hundreds, if not thousands, of these groups across the country. In October, HUD announced more than $44 million in new housing counseling grants to over 400 state and local efforts. The White House has increased funding for housing counseling by 150 percent since taking office in 2001.
And now we're on the verge of passing an extremely unpopular $700 billion bailout measure; thanks to unholy alliance with these same Democrats who created this mess and a misguided President George Bush. What does this do? Essentially it serves a dual purpose: 1.) it absolves a g-damn greedy Wall Street that acted in a reckless behavior, but 2.) it also erases culpability on the homeowner's end; they bought houses they couldn't afford with shady credit histories. Furthermore, it exonerates the Democrats who set in motion the events that created this travesty.

It's shameful. The Democrats are destroying this country. In addition to this subprime mess, which is somehow pawned off onto Republicans, their devotion to this ungodly Global Warming will bankrupt this country if allowed to continue unfettered. Couple that with their adherence to a dogma that kills babies, protects death row inmates, figurately and literally spits in the face of our military, while ramming progressive values down our throat and stifling free speech, thought, and religion, and we have a recipe for disaster.

And now, we the taxpayers, are paying for everyone else's indiscretions. Query a homeowner, a REAL homeowner; someone who saved for a down payment, pays their mortgage every month faithfully, and who did NOT buy a house that superceded their budget.

These people are demoralized. They did things the right way. Read Michelle Malkin's latest article; it sums up the situation perfectly.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Florida Democrat Hastings: Gun totin' Palin hates Jews and Blacks

I thought I had heard everything, then I was tipped off about statements made by one Alcee Hastings, Florida Democratic Congressman.
"'If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention,' said Hastings. 'Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through.'"

In a country where we on the Right are constantly accused of waging smear tactics (it's ALMOST laughable), we're constantly subjected to vitriol (see: bullshit) spewed from the Left. Hastings also added:

"Asked what the congressman meant, Hastings spokesman David Goldenberg told ABC News that he was trying to argue that Palin is an 'extremely conservative woman who is out of touch with mainstream America.'

After saying that Palin 'don't care too much' about Jews and blacks, Hastings argued that African Americans and Jews should come together behind Obama because there are many issues on which they agree.

'Just like Jews, blacks care about affordable health care, energy independence, and the separation of church and state,' said Hastings. 'And just like blacks, Jews care about equal pay for equal work, investment in alternative energy, and a woman's right to choose.'"

Palin, out of touch with "mainstream America?" Really? A country that purports a majority of its population to be right or center-right. Conversely, we're talking about a group of people, LIBERALS, who are so consumed with a bogus ideology (global warming) and believe that this great United Stated has committed so many ills against Muslims that we DESERVE to be attacked.

And yet, we on the right are out of touch with reality.

The truth is: mainstream America wants closed borders, wants to cultivate its natural resources, including oil, nuclear power, oil shale, and coal, and wants to live in a country where, while we are tolerant, are not constantly subjected to progressive values shoved down our throat. Mainstream America goes to church, believes in hard work, and justice for innocent babies versus death row inmates.

Talk about getting it backwards.

Liberal Lies: The Housing Crisis

In this installment of "Liberal Lies," the Twin Cities Conservative examines the notion that the housing crisis was resultant of Wall Street, poor decisions from the Republicans, and was set in motion during the Bush Administration.

EHHHHH (buzzer sound)...wrong answer.

Now we're hearing, from self-righteous SOB's like Senator Chris Dodd (D-CO), that the housing crisis was preventable and occurred under President George Bush's watch.

EHHHHH (buzzer sound)...wrong answer

Syndicated Cal Thomas, in his article in today's online Townhall.com, states, "It was pressure from the Carter and Clinton administrations that forced Fannie and Freddie to grant more high-risk loans to people who otherwise would never qualify."

Furthermore, Thomas adds:
"Democrats would love to blame the Bush administration for a disaster they mostly helped to create. But, according to the White House, as early as April 2001, the administration warned that the size of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was 'a potential problem," because 'financial trouble of a large (government-sponsored enterprise) could cause strong repercussions in financial markets, affecting federally insured entities and economic activity.' As recently as June of this year, President Bush asked Congress to take the necessary measures to address growing foreclosures. 'We need to pass legislation to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,' he said. In July, Congress passed reform legislation, but it was too late."
Further compounding the problem is Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama and his colleagues in the United States' role in helping create the subprime mess. It was Obama's role as a lawyer within the "left-of-center" Public Research Interest Group, which ultimately forced banks to provide loans to minorities under the threat of racism.

Ultimately, it was Obama and a Democratic Congress that created laws and regulations, which planted the seeds of the subprime housing industry. Columnist Jerry Bowyer states:
"Obama spent his pre-elected career working right in the middle of the complex of law firms and activist groups which use law and regulations to push banks into vastly increasing their lending to Subprime borrowers right in the middle of the golden age of the expansion of the Subprime industry. "
Finally, there was the role of community organizations and civil rights law firms that, according to columnist Bowyer, threatened to cry "racism" if banks did not lend to minorities:
"(T)here simply was no such thing as a developed Subprime mortgage industry until the US congress created it by ordering banks to issue loans to people who were not credit worthy. Community activist groups (such as the Public Interest Research Group and Acorn) and civil rights law firms (such as Miner, Barnhill & Galland) had make their living by accusing banks of racism when the banks hesitated to approve loan requests from minority citizens with poor credit scores.
These "champions of minority rights" worked diligently to pass the Community Reinvestment Act, a law which forces banks to provide home loans to minority neighborhoods, regardless of their credit history, risk factor, neighborhood location, crime, etc. Bowyer states the following:

"The Community Reinvestment Act was created as a result. Initially the act was used, not to get banks to lend to minority households, but to get them to cut checks to ‘community groups’. Left of center activist agencies, which had pushed for the act in the first place, used it as a shakedown tool. So long as the banks kept paying off to the activists, the activists would hold off on sending complaints to the bank regulators’ CRA files.

Eventually, under Clinton, the CRA was renewed and, not surprisingly, made more punitive. Banks were required to make Subprime mortgage loans now too, or else suffer a low CRA rating and be punished accordingly. The Fed played it’s part. The Home Mortgage Disclosure rules created an unfunded mandate for banks to track and publicly disclose the race and gender of it’s mortgage clients. Now the shakedown artists had an easy source of complaints and a club with which to beat the banks into submission. The bankers complied and the Subprime mortgagage market was born."

And now guess who gets to suffer? The taxpayers, as a mis-guided Bush Administration, and a completely "off-it's-rocker" Democratically-controlled Congress are looking to pass a $700 billion bailout bill that rewards Wall Street, banks, and CEO's for bad behavior, while eliminating culpability from Leftist community groups and elected officials, which essentially lobbied for regulations that created the subprime mess.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Barry Obama: Robbin' the Hood

I don't know about you, but the Twin Cities Conservative is getting a proverbial "kick" out of Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama's economic plan.

What is it? Well, undoubtedly you've heard the phrases "redistribution of wealth" and "economic justice" being bandied about. This basically entails stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, or as Obama's vice presidential minion, Joe Biden stated on ABC's Good Morning, "We want to take money and put it in the pockets of the middle class people…"

Okay, that should merely affirm what we know about the Obama camp: that they have designs on planting the seeds of Socialism in this country. Note the following from this article, courtesy of Investors Business Daily:
"'Economic justice' simply means punishing the successful and redistributing their wealth by government fiat. It's a euphemism for socialism."
Furthermore, according to Townhall.com's Austin Hill:
"Now, Obama and Biden have constructed a campaign that promises to simply take things away from people who have achieved them, and give things to people who have not achieved them. This is “change” that America cannot afford - - neither in terms of monetary, or human capital."This is the type of "change" Obama has in mind: he doesn't want to make average Joe American's life any better, but instead he wants to give those who haven't worked hard "treasure" that other Americans have earned.
How is that fair?

It's not; for the record, there are deserving people in this country; people who can use a helping hand. But don't you think most honest, sensible Americans would rather have a job than merely an entitlement? If Obama wants to mete out "economic justice," why not, IF he's elected President, require those sucking on the goverment teat, to work?

He won't, because he knows that as long as people are receiving FREE MONEY from the government, a basic tenet of the Democratic Party, that constitutes what is essentially a guaranteed vote.

The problem is that these entitlements are like crack cocaine to those who ABUSE them. They are hooked.

Robin Hood, Barry Obama is not.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Liberal Lies: Barry Obama's work as a community activist

I came across an email forward, while slamming Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as a hick and trophy wife, touted Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama's record as a community activist.

Yuck, I think I just threw up in my mouth. Here's an excerpt from the email, highlighting Obama's "work:"
  • If your wife is a Harvard graduate lawyer who gave up a position in a prestigious law firm to work for the betterment of her inner city community, then gave that up to raise a family, your family's values don't represent America's.
  • If you spend 3 years as a brilliant community organizer, become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, create a voter registration drive that registers 150,000 new voters, spend 12 years as a Constitutional Law professor, spend 8 years as a State Senator representing a district with over 750,000 people, become chairman of the state Senate's Health and Human Services committee, spend 4 years in the United States Senate representing a state of 13 million people while sponsoring 131 bills and serving on the Foreign Affairs, Environment and Public Works and Veteran's Affairs committees, you don't have any real leadership experience.
Typical Leftist dreck...wouldn't you say? Need we mention the many shortcomings of Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama? Whether it's his "work" as a community activist and the pressure he placed on mortgage lenders to give money to at-risk potential home-buyers, or his ties to ACORN. Furthermore, how long did Obama work as a "community organizer?" A day? Two? (veiled sarcasm).

Noted author Michelle Malkin states, "
Let me clarify something. Nobody is mocking community organizers in church basements and community centers across the country working to improve their neighbors’ lives. What deserves ridicule is the notion that Barack Obama’s brief stint as a South Side rabble-rouser for tax-subsidized, partisan non-profits qualifies as executive experience you can believe in."

Furthermore, she goes on to say, "What deserves derision is “community organizing” that relies of a community of homeless people and ex-cons to organize for the purpose of registering dead people and shaking down corporations and using the race card as a bludgeon."

What about Obama's extensive ties to ACORN? According to SperoNews:

Obama has had extensive experience as a community organizer. In the 80s, he was the lead organizer of the Developing Communities Project, a campaign funded by Chicago’s south-side Catholic churches and formed on the organizing principles of Saul Alinsky. He spent another four years building an organization in Roseland and the nearby Altgeld Gardens public housing complex.

ACORN is another community-organizing network with Alinskyian roots. Before going off to law school in the early 90s, Obama directed ACORN’s partner organization, Project Vote. Meeting with ACORN leaders in November, he reminded them of this, saying, “I've been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”
ACORN, an acronym for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, considers itself the nation’s largest community organization. Its Political Action Committee, ACORN Votes, announced its endorsement of Senator Obama’s run for the US presidency in February 2008.

Is that something to be proud of? Check this out, courtesy of Malkin:

ACORN Watch: 1,100 suspicious voter cards in NM

By Michelle Malkin • September 17, 2008 06:19 PM

The friends of Barack Obama.

ACORN Watch: The community organizing fraud continues

By Michelle Malkin • September 15, 2008 11:21 AM

Stealing elections.

ACORN Watch, Pt II: Obama hid $800,000 payment to ACORN through “Citizen Services, Inc.”

By Michelle Malkin • August 22, 2008 11:46 AM

Follow the money. Connect the dots.

ACORN Watch, Pt I of the day: More voter fraudsters in Milwaukee

By Michelle Malkin • August 22, 2008 10:49 AM


ACORN Watch: Voter fraud and mortgage scams on your dime

By Michelle Malkin • August 7, 2008 12:41 PM

Obama’s old friends.

ACORN Watch: New whistleblower affidavits

By Michelle Malkin • July 31, 2008 04:20 PM

Your tax dollars at work.

And what about his role in the subprime mortgage mess? Author Jerry Bowyer reports that "(Obama)" went to work for the New York branch of the Public Interest Research Group. PIRG is one of those left of center activist groups who, among other things, uses the legitimate concept of 'fair housing' to force banks into making bad loans. PIRG has actively lobbied for a stronger (yes, you guessed it) Community Reinvestment Act."

What's the Community Reinvestment Act? Bowyer responds that it is "a law which compels banks to make home loans in minority neighborhoods to people who were poor credit risks."

Yes, brilliant work as a "Community Organizer."

How much of this do you know? Answer: you don't. The corrupt liberal Mainstream Media has done its damnedest to cover up Obama's indiscretions, whether it's his, ahem, "work" as a community activist, or his ties to dirtbags like Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, or Bill Ayers.

They don't want you to know this. Instead, in thinly disguised attempts to reshape and distort the news, they want you to believe that this "community organizer" who while purporting to be a Washington Outsider and self-proclaimed change agent, is the "Chosen One" sent by the Almighty Himself to save this country (or "change" this country if keeping to the "Obamasiah" theme).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Liberal lies: Recently passed oil bill

Michelle Malkin calls the new oil drilling bill a hoax; personally, I call it a "faux oil" bill, because it does NOTHING. Furthermore, it places an increased tax burden on the American populace, all for the sake of the goddamn environment.

Back in the day, pre-1968, the Democrats actually stood for working class American men and women. Those days have long since disappeared. Instead, Democrats, while mocking Republicans for supposedly serving their Special Interests, routinely bow to the money-launderers in the environmentalist, anti-war, and abortion movements.

Here's the details of the bill that should interest Americans who are stuggling to fill up their gas tanks; that most's Americans. Note that this does NOT include the latte liberal sect (see: San Francisco and Chicago Democrats):

The bill prohibits drilling within a 50 mile area of your coasts.

Note to anyone that has brain: that is where most of the known oil is.

Furthermore, the bill will not allow any of the following:
  • Permanently ban access to about 97 percent of the undersea oil lying within 50 miles of the California coast.
  • Continue the ban on energy production in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.
  • Impose a brand-new ban on oil and gas leases in Alaska’s coastal waters out to 50 miles.
  • Not allow states that approve new leases beyond 50 miles to share royalties with the federal government, thus stripping any financial incentive for states to stand up to environmental pressure groups, who will continue to agitate against any new oil and gas operations offshore.
Nor does the bill state ANYTHING regarding increased refining capacity. Instead, those moves are blocked by the environmentalist lobby, who coincidentally, are sleeping with the enemy: The Democrats.

Despicable isn't even the right word for what happened today; instead, I find the words "traitorous," "repugnant," "seditious," etc more apt.

Furthermore, this is nothing more than an election year STUNT undertaken by the Democrats to show the American people that they "support" oil drilling.

Bullshit. They do nothing of the sort.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Liberal Lies: Barry Obama and his "change" rhetoric

Anyone else getting sick of the lies spewed forth from Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama?

He and his Democratic cronies in Congress are planning change, make no mistake...but their idea of change is to continue to radically alter the landscape of this country in the following facets: religion, thought, speech, energy, business, and ultimately...our way of life.

They're planning change; they're planning to unite. But their idea of "change" and "unification" isn't for all Americans. Rather, they're planning to change American so the fringe groups on the Left: the environmentalists, the open border crowd, and the anti-war goons are granted a ideal, romantic, socialist utopia.

Barry Obama: robbin' the hood.

I was exercising and while I was watching TV, I saw a bit of Obama's speech from Coors' capital, Golden, Colorado. Naturally, the rhetoric was merely a recital of the lines his predecessors have used (Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Michael Dukakis, Marx, Lenin, etc.). To paraphrase, it's time to rob the rich and give to the poor.

Furthermore, what's ironic is that for a party supposedly represents the people, the Democrats have officially become the enemy of the state. Rather that support drilling EVERYWHERE, developing Coal to Liquid technology, oil shale, etc., the g-damn Democrats are pushing their bullshit Global Warming lies to serve dual purposes.

First, thanks to boneheads like Al Gore, the United Nations, and other anti-American economy forces, Americans have been inundated and subsequently indoctrinated with the climate change message. In other words, due to amount of gasoline we're using, we're creating more greenhouse gases, raising the temperature globally, and thus melting icebergs and killing polar bears.


Did you know that the icebergs have returned to their "pre-global warming" levels? Did you also know that many scientists/climatologists/meteorologists believe that we may be in for mini ice-age by 2030? Did you also know that there have been periods BEFORE humankind, where carbon dioxide, reputedly a "greenhouse gas" was at levels three/four times higher than what we're experiencing now? Did you know that carbon dioxide is actually an essential life-force, used by plants for photosynthesis? Unfortunately, once again thanks to the liberals and their lust for ethanol and other biofuels, we're destroying whole forests, again useful for photosynthesize, to plant corn and sugar cane.

Second, the Democrats are essentially looking to lock away our coastal regions (within 50 miles of our coasts) from drilling, thus forcing us to embrace the joke that is alternative energy (pray for wind). When a goddamn liberal touts wind and solar energy, ask them for cost-feasibility studies. Prepare for glassy-eyed stares, because they do NOT exist.

We're on the precipice, people. Watch your civil liberties vanish; prepare yourself for jail time if you wish to speak against homosexuality (see HR 1592, currently making its way through the U.S. Senate). We need a Republican president to VETO that bill. Brace yourself for thought control and increased regulation (see: big brother). Develop thick skin, because you will be accused of short-sightedness, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, if you refuse to embrace homosexuality.

Close your eyes and imagine the catcalls of racist if you decry the religion of peace, Islam. Prepare yourself to be indoctrinated that Islamic fundamentalists have every right to kill innocent Jews and Crusaders because "we started it. (see: blame America first crowd)"

Try hearing a message that contradicts that of the Left. It will disappear if they re-enact the Fairness Doctrine. In other words, we'll be essentially forced to listen to Air America, Al Franken-type liberal radio pundits, in addition to the endless, corrupt, leftist vitriol propagated on CBS, ABC, and NBC.

This is "change" as defined by one Barry Obama. He's got EVERYONE hoodwinked.

Just wait and see.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mainstream Media is "at it again:" Sarah Palin supposedly stumbles in interview

They'll do anything, won't they?

You know to whom I refer: the Mainstream Media; let me rephrase that: the liberal, corrupt Mainstream Media.

According to the Minneapolis Star and Sickle, er Star-Tribune, "Sarah Palin defends qualifications, struggles with foreign policy questions."

Really? Because I don't see it.

The Star-Tribune adds the following:
"In her first televised interview since being named to the GOP ticket, Sarah Palin says she's ready to be president if called upon. However, she sidestepped questions on whether she had the national security credentials needed to be commander in chief."
Here's what we have, fellow readers: a vain attempt by the LIBERAL, CORRUPT, Mainstream Media to somehow make us forget the endless verbal gaffes committed by their chosen one, Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama and focus on purported verbal missteps committed by Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Nice try.
"In the interview broadcast Thursday, Palin sought to defend her qualifications to assume one of the most powerful jobs in the world. But she struggled with foreign policy, unable to describe President Bush's doctrine of pre-emptive strikes against threatening nations and acknowledging she's never met a foreign head of state.

Pressed about what insights into recent Russian actions she gained by living in Alaska, Palin told Charles Gibson of ABC News, 'They're our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.'"

Can you just sense the glee in which the author penned this story? Can you see liberals looking down their collective noses at this mother of five, who served as mayor of a small town? I sure can.

I would be far more worried about Palin's inexperience if she was running for PRESIDENT, which she is not. Instead, that would fall on Messiah Obama. Remember, he's the one who stated that he would meet unequivocally with any head of state without preconditions; furthermore, he said he would strike INSIDE Pakistan to destroy Al Qaeda, even though the Mainstream Media skewered President Bush this past week for doing so.

The liberals and their benefactors in the media love to distort and filter the news. But make no mistake, it's not Palin who's running for president. Attempting to compare her alleged foreign policy misgivings to that of Golden Boy Obama is futile at best, ridiculous at worst. I'm wondering if the liberals, for all the bravado as to how superior in intellect they are to those of who cling to God and guns, need a lesson in potty training: #1 does NOT equal #2.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bush OK's Pakistan Raid: the Liberal, Corrupt MSM is at it again

Courtesy of the obscenely liberal MSNBC, I came across this story. Upon digesting the gravity of the situation, it's pretty fitting that the corrupt, liberal Mainstream Media fired this particular salvo on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Of course, no doubt should remain as to which side the liberals are on.
"WASHINGTON - President Bush secretly approved orders in July allowing U.S. special forces to carry out ground assaults inside Pakistan without approval from the Pakistan government, the New York Times reported Thursday."
Follow up the lead paragraph with the following statement:
"The disclosure is certain to further anger Pakistan's military, whose Army chief said Wednesday that Pakistan would not allow foreign troops to conduct operations on its soil, after a cross-border incursion last week by U.S. commandos."
It's almost as if the corrupt, liberal, mainstream media has telegraphed its motives, doesn't it? In its combined effort to destroy President George W. Bush, his administration, and his legacy, the aforementioned corrupt, liberal, mainstream media has taken sides, officially, with the "enemies of the state," notably radical Islamic fundamentalism.

We've seen this before, haven't we? Hmmm...let's travel back in time a few years. To ensure that American citizens and interests abroad can sleep safely at night, the Bush administration authorized a clandestine warrantless wiretapping program, whereby government officials could eavesdrop and intercept international phone calls, either originating here in the United States or overseas.

Naturally, the idiots on the Left, through the obscenely liberal New York Times caught wind of this story. They broke it, thus alerting our enemies, many of whom who wish to murder and maim us, to said program.

Now they're at it again. The mainstream media, in a clear act of sedition, have stoked the fires of Muslim hate in Pakistan, once again, perpetuating the notion that American imperialism is at work.

Of course, keep in mind that the liberals' messiah, Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama stated months ago that he would authorize military incursions INSIDE Pakistan.

Finally, lest we forget, the Democrats, in their clamoring about losing their civil liberties, are quick to inspect our garbage (see ultra-liberal San Francisco city government), re-enact the Fairness Doctrine (thank you liberal Congress/Senate), and pass HR 1592 (Bible as Hate speech law). It is the LEFT that wishes to curb your civil liberties. That's called eavesdropping, domestic spying, and curbing freedom of speech and thought.

We ALSO call that "Big Brother."

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Old America

CodLiverOilGuy, September 5, 2008

I saw George Washington a couple of nights ago, peering over the glass rims and speaking along with the words of one Sarah Palin. I'm not speaking about spiritual possession or any paranormal phenomenon. I'm talking about pride: George Washington looked down from Heaven and was so pleased in the kindred spirit he saw in Sarah that he was irresistibly drawn into her presence.

Sarah's speech was a breath of fresh air and I think George agrees. The spirit in which he and the other men of that age, now known as our forefathers, spoke, felt, and believed passionately enough about to sacrifice everything, had returned to our land.

That spirit of Old America has been missing for many decades. We have been so preoccupied with wealth and all of the activities associated with being a superpower, that we forgot where we came from. We have been so busy correcting past injustices, patrolling the world, arm-twisting or buying influence with every nation, and generally just acting indulgent and spoiled. We have lost the spirit of Valley Forge, forgotten or marginalized the great concepts and sacrifice that led to the creation of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Maybe we felt that we had conquered injustice and those principles were so firmly ingrained in our society that we did not need to emphasize them any longer. I don't know.

I do know that the New America, the progressive America that came into being in the 60's, rotted our country to the core. The New America was characterized by killing unborn children in the name of choice, irresponsibly spending more than we earned, worshipping greed and money, banishing God from our public life, and tolerating personal indulgence in the name of freedom. Sacrifice, honor, integrity, and wisdom were heard and heeded less and less. Wild excess, drugs, sex without constraint, and personal irresponsibility were touted as freedom from the old. Were they not though but a return of an old bondage instead?

If you drew from the well of Old American values, would you not be strong of character and noble in purpose? Would you not know your place in God's plan and how to contribute to your community and your country? Could not a group of people so ennobled accomplish great things, as George Washington and his ilk confirmed? Old American values provided a solid basis for freedom and growth. New American values promote chaos, sin, destruction, and social discontinuity. How could we ever have sacrificed Old America for the New abomination? We listened to a lie. Freedom from responsibility was offered just like the snake offered Eve the apple. We haven't learned and we ate the apple. Is our nation truly greater now that it has been in its history? Have we progressed as a country, firm in purpose and of one mind and hear? Has liberty grown stronger in our breasts, so that we can help but shout it to the world? Do we shout praises to our Creator for the great gift of freedom and liberty, an experiment unmatched in recorded history? Do other nations speak of us in awed tones, in respect?

New America has sickened me. It has discouraged me. Excellence, honor, and righteousness are not honored in the name of equality. All that has brought is universal mediocrity. Our excesses have grown and our ethics have withered. Greed dominates our land and we have spent ourselves into serfdom and perhaps even into utter poverty and starvation. The new freedom has left us mired in the mud, ignorant, proud, and stiff-necked.

Until I heard Sarah Palin, I was in despair that the principles on which our country was founded had completely drowned in the muck that is New America. God, however, has blessed one of His own to bring back the old values, to remind the people of the old ways, to show us the light and wisdom that our forefathers bestowed upon our nation. I felt a refreshing wind blow past me as Sarah Palin spoke the truth that has not been heard for many years: America is a great land, with a great people, and has been honored by Almighty God to carry the torch of liberty. This liberty is a heavy burden, though, rearing sacrifice and constant attention. Sarah Palin has told us that we have neglected Lady Liberty for far too long and that we need to return to the values which once made our land great. Old America must be resurrected, her values once again instilled into the hearts of young and old alike, and her words spoken with respect and honor.

I know that my heart was not the only one bestirred. I know her words resonated within the spirit of the many decent and honest people that dwell in all parts of America. I think that George Washington felt it too and his heart swelled with the pride of the parent of an errant child who finally understood what was good and right. If you felt the spirit of Old America when Sarah Palin spoke, then work to resurrect Old America. Maybe soon we can see George Washington peer from the faces of more of our politicians and leaders and smile at the greatness that will once more rise in our land.

Keep taking your medicine: Cod liver oil is good for you.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News Flash! Climate Change Exists! It's just not the climate change the liberals would have you believe

Yet another article, in a litany of many, directly refuting the notion that the Earth is warming; this article, courtesy of the DailyTech.com, discusses the notion that sun spots directly correlate to warming/cooling trends, not necessarily human factors, as liberals are wont to embrace.

Note the following:
"Drop in solar activity has potential effect for climate on earth.

The sun has reached a milestone not seen for nearly 100 years: an entire month has passed without a single visible sunspot being noted.

The event is significant as many climatologists now believe solar magnetic activity – which determines the number of sunspots -- is an influencing factor for climate on earth."

Hmmm...interesting; hard scientific data from nonpartisan, apolitical sources. Yet, those of us who believe that the Earth's weather is more complicated than what the Left propose are bludgeoned into submission.

Note the following statement, which is indicative of the politics that exist in the scientific community as a whole.

"In 2005, a pair of astronomers from the National Solar Observatory (NSO) in Tucson attempted to publish a paper in the journal Science. The pair looked at minute spectroscopic and magnetic changes in the sun. By extrapolating forward, they reached the startling result that, within 10 years, sunspots would vanish entirely. At the time, the sun was very active. Most of their peers laughed at what they considered an unsubstantiated conclusion.

The journal ultimately rejected the paper as being too controversial.

The paper's lead author, William Livingston, tells DailyTech that, while the refusal may have been justified at the time, recent data fits his theory well. He says he will be 'secretly pleased' if his predictions come to pass."

What does that tell you when the scientific community, rather than express actual findings, confirmed by facts and data, subverts this information because it doesn't concur with their preconceived beliefs that humankind is the primary cause of climate change?

The fact is, people, the Earth is more complicated and less susceptible to supposed human interference than what the Left would have you believe. This global warming dreck is nothing more than a concerted effort to FURTHER undermine our economy by forcing us to reduce our "carbon emissions" by up to 60-80%.

Here's the bottom line, based on the article above: it is in fact THE SUN that is responsible for global warming/cooling.

What a novel concept: the SUN responsible for warmth or lack therof?

Live from St. Paul: Protestors and the activists who love them

As if we needed further impetus to loathe those on the Left who align themselves with the criminals rather than the victims, along comes this story, courtesy of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
"Almost a year to the day before the Republican National Convention began, members of a self-described anarchist group gathered to talk about ways to disrupt it, including kidnapping delegates, sabotaging air vents at the Xcel Energy Center, blocking bridges and "capturing federal buildings" in Minneapolis and St. Paul."
Don't you people see what this is? This is a direct affront to those of us on the Right, those of us who defend traditional values, Christianity, and free market politics.

What galls me is that community activists in the Twin Cities were quick to rush to the defense of the RNC Welcoming Committee, after St. Paul police stormed their local headquarters WITH a search warrant, confiscating materials that could be potentially used for violence.

Of course rather than wait until all the facts emerged, IDIOTS like Dave Thune, council member of Ward 2 in St. Paul, which just happens to be the area where the anarchists, and liberal sympathizers were arrested.

Naturally, idiots representing alternative media, like BeyondChron, are quick to state that because law enforcement staved off a threat from the aforementioned RNC Welcoming Committee, their first amendment rights were violated.

This sort of mentality is typical in the anti-Bush/anti-authority/leftist community: their rights have been usurped. Because the Bush administration tapped the phones of Muslims placing international calls to Pakistan, London, Madrid, and parts unknown, it's naturally an affront to our civil liberties. Of course, 1.) our country has not seen a successful terrorist attack since 9/11 thanks to those measures; 2.) those representing the Leftist/anti-Bush crowd are STILL free to speak out against the president and his administration.

Of course the real tragedy lies in the fact that is indeed the Left usurping our first amendment rights, whether it's an attempted reenactment of the Fairness Doctrine, the passage of HR 1592 in Congress (Bible as Hate speech law), the ultra-liberal San Francisco city government snooping through its citizens' garbage under the auspices of "recycling assurance," or the endless discrimination against Republicans on college campus.

Yet, thanks to our corrupt mainstream media, this stories aren't reported.

Can someone tell me how a group of thugs' rights were violated because they were forbidden to dump their "waste" on unsuspecting victims?

The media: overlooking Obama and scrutinizing Palin

It's almost ironic.

The mainstream media, that corrupt, liberal institution, unbiased, nonpartisan in theory, has, to no one's surprise overlooked Democratic presidential candidate Barry Hussein Obama's shortcomings, but yet are concentrating their full attention on the dismantling of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

In other words, this will be a character assassination along the lines of the following:

Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant.
Her infant son has Down syndrome and was purportedly her DAUGHTER's baby (can you say, debunked?)
She tried to get her former brother-in-law, an Alaskan state trooper, fired (yet the media won't report that said ex-brother-in-law Tasered his 10 year old step son.).

Palin is, according to author Ann Coulter, "Palin was chosen because she's pro-life, pro-gun, pro-drilling and pro-tax cuts. She's fought both Republicans and Democrats on public corruption and does not have hair plugs like some other vice presidential candidate I could mention. In other words, she's a 'Republican.'"

Thank God. It's time the silent majority take this country and stop the proverbial "taking it in the shorts." It's time to say NO to the shoving of progressive values in our face, and acceptance of said values for fear of being branded a bigot or xenophobe. It's time to tell our beloved elected officials that we want to tap into our country's abundance of natural resources: drill for oil, use our coal, build a sh*tload of nuclear power plants (the France have actually done something right), build a g-damn wall on the Mexican border.

You know what I'm talking about.

Back to the subject at hand. How laughable is it that the corrupt Mainstream Media pounced on the pregnancy of Palin's daughter? Yet, for the past year, it took the National Enquirer, of all media institutions, to break the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter "love child" story. Furthermore, they summarily dismissed the Jesse Jackson affair; how long did the media run that story? A day? Two?

Now, the Liberal Media, of all institutions, is probing into the Bristol Palin pregnancy. This is an establishment, in addition to covering up the indiscretions of its heroes on the Left, who have facilitated the shoving of progressive values and loose morals on our society.

Mistakes happen, and guess what? Palin's daughter is KEEPING her baby and getting married to the father. At least she's not taking the Obama route, courtesy of LifeNews.com:
"When it comes specifically to HIV/AIDS, the most important prevention is education, which should include -- which should include abstinence education and teaching the children -- teaching children, you know, that sex is not something casual," he said.

"But it should also include -- it should also include other, you know, information about contraception because, look, I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old," he added.

"I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby," Obama said."