Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Liberal Lies: Barry Obama and his "change" rhetoric

Anyone else getting sick of the lies spewed forth from Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama?

He and his Democratic cronies in Congress are planning change, make no mistake...but their idea of change is to continue to radically alter the landscape of this country in the following facets: religion, thought, speech, energy, business, and ultimately...our way of life.

They're planning change; they're planning to unite. But their idea of "change" and "unification" isn't for all Americans. Rather, they're planning to change American so the fringe groups on the Left: the environmentalists, the open border crowd, and the anti-war goons are granted a ideal, romantic, socialist utopia.

Barry Obama: robbin' the hood.

I was exercising and while I was watching TV, I saw a bit of Obama's speech from Coors' capital, Golden, Colorado. Naturally, the rhetoric was merely a recital of the lines his predecessors have used (Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Michael Dukakis, Marx, Lenin, etc.). To paraphrase, it's time to rob the rich and give to the poor.

Furthermore, what's ironic is that for a party supposedly represents the people, the Democrats have officially become the enemy of the state. Rather that support drilling EVERYWHERE, developing Coal to Liquid technology, oil shale, etc., the g-damn Democrats are pushing their bullshit Global Warming lies to serve dual purposes.

First, thanks to boneheads like Al Gore, the United Nations, and other anti-American economy forces, Americans have been inundated and subsequently indoctrinated with the climate change message. In other words, due to amount of gasoline we're using, we're creating more greenhouse gases, raising the temperature globally, and thus melting icebergs and killing polar bears.


Did you know that the icebergs have returned to their "pre-global warming" levels? Did you also know that many scientists/climatologists/meteorologists believe that we may be in for mini ice-age by 2030? Did you also know that there have been periods BEFORE humankind, where carbon dioxide, reputedly a "greenhouse gas" was at levels three/four times higher than what we're experiencing now? Did you know that carbon dioxide is actually an essential life-force, used by plants for photosynthesis? Unfortunately, once again thanks to the liberals and their lust for ethanol and other biofuels, we're destroying whole forests, again useful for photosynthesize, to plant corn and sugar cane.

Second, the Democrats are essentially looking to lock away our coastal regions (within 50 miles of our coasts) from drilling, thus forcing us to embrace the joke that is alternative energy (pray for wind). When a goddamn liberal touts wind and solar energy, ask them for cost-feasibility studies. Prepare for glassy-eyed stares, because they do NOT exist.

We're on the precipice, people. Watch your civil liberties vanish; prepare yourself for jail time if you wish to speak against homosexuality (see HR 1592, currently making its way through the U.S. Senate). We need a Republican president to VETO that bill. Brace yourself for thought control and increased regulation (see: big brother). Develop thick skin, because you will be accused of short-sightedness, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, if you refuse to embrace homosexuality.

Close your eyes and imagine the catcalls of racist if you decry the religion of peace, Islam. Prepare yourself to be indoctrinated that Islamic fundamentalists have every right to kill innocent Jews and Crusaders because "we started it. (see: blame America first crowd)"

Try hearing a message that contradicts that of the Left. It will disappear if they re-enact the Fairness Doctrine. In other words, we'll be essentially forced to listen to Air America, Al Franken-type liberal radio pundits, in addition to the endless, corrupt, leftist vitriol propagated on CBS, ABC, and NBC.

This is "change" as defined by one Barry Obama. He's got EVERYONE hoodwinked.

Just wait and see.

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