Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Liberal lies: Recently passed oil bill

Michelle Malkin calls the new oil drilling bill a hoax; personally, I call it a "faux oil" bill, because it does NOTHING. Furthermore, it places an increased tax burden on the American populace, all for the sake of the goddamn environment.

Back in the day, pre-1968, the Democrats actually stood for working class American men and women. Those days have long since disappeared. Instead, Democrats, while mocking Republicans for supposedly serving their Special Interests, routinely bow to the money-launderers in the environmentalist, anti-war, and abortion movements.

Here's the details of the bill that should interest Americans who are stuggling to fill up their gas tanks; that most's Americans. Note that this does NOT include the latte liberal sect (see: San Francisco and Chicago Democrats):

The bill prohibits drilling within a 50 mile area of your coasts.

Note to anyone that has brain: that is where most of the known oil is.

Furthermore, the bill will not allow any of the following:
  • Permanently ban access to about 97 percent of the undersea oil lying within 50 miles of the California coast.
  • Continue the ban on energy production in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.
  • Impose a brand-new ban on oil and gas leases in Alaska’s coastal waters out to 50 miles.
  • Not allow states that approve new leases beyond 50 miles to share royalties with the federal government, thus stripping any financial incentive for states to stand up to environmental pressure groups, who will continue to agitate against any new oil and gas operations offshore.
Nor does the bill state ANYTHING regarding increased refining capacity. Instead, those moves are blocked by the environmentalist lobby, who coincidentally, are sleeping with the enemy: The Democrats.

Despicable isn't even the right word for what happened today; instead, I find the words "traitorous," "repugnant," "seditious," etc more apt.

Furthermore, this is nothing more than an election year STUNT undertaken by the Democrats to show the American people that they "support" oil drilling.

Bullshit. They do nothing of the sort.

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