Friday, September 12, 2008

Mainstream Media is "at it again:" Sarah Palin supposedly stumbles in interview

They'll do anything, won't they?

You know to whom I refer: the Mainstream Media; let me rephrase that: the liberal, corrupt Mainstream Media.

According to the Minneapolis Star and Sickle, er Star-Tribune, "Sarah Palin defends qualifications, struggles with foreign policy questions."

Really? Because I don't see it.

The Star-Tribune adds the following:
"In her first televised interview since being named to the GOP ticket, Sarah Palin says she's ready to be president if called upon. However, she sidestepped questions on whether she had the national security credentials needed to be commander in chief."
Here's what we have, fellow readers: a vain attempt by the LIBERAL, CORRUPT, Mainstream Media to somehow make us forget the endless verbal gaffes committed by their chosen one, Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama and focus on purported verbal missteps committed by Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Nice try.
"In the interview broadcast Thursday, Palin sought to defend her qualifications to assume one of the most powerful jobs in the world. But she struggled with foreign policy, unable to describe President Bush's doctrine of pre-emptive strikes against threatening nations and acknowledging she's never met a foreign head of state.

Pressed about what insights into recent Russian actions she gained by living in Alaska, Palin told Charles Gibson of ABC News, 'They're our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.'"

Can you just sense the glee in which the author penned this story? Can you see liberals looking down their collective noses at this mother of five, who served as mayor of a small town? I sure can.

I would be far more worried about Palin's inexperience if she was running for PRESIDENT, which she is not. Instead, that would fall on Messiah Obama. Remember, he's the one who stated that he would meet unequivocally with any head of state without preconditions; furthermore, he said he would strike INSIDE Pakistan to destroy Al Qaeda, even though the Mainstream Media skewered President Bush this past week for doing so.

The liberals and their benefactors in the media love to distort and filter the news. But make no mistake, it's not Palin who's running for president. Attempting to compare her alleged foreign policy misgivings to that of Golden Boy Obama is futile at best, ridiculous at worst. I'm wondering if the liberals, for all the bravado as to how superior in intellect they are to those of who cling to God and guns, need a lesson in potty training: #1 does NOT equal #2.

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