Friday, September 5, 2008

The Old America

CodLiverOilGuy, September 5, 2008

I saw George Washington a couple of nights ago, peering over the glass rims and speaking along with the words of one Sarah Palin. I'm not speaking about spiritual possession or any paranormal phenomenon. I'm talking about pride: George Washington looked down from Heaven and was so pleased in the kindred spirit he saw in Sarah that he was irresistibly drawn into her presence.

Sarah's speech was a breath of fresh air and I think George agrees. The spirit in which he and the other men of that age, now known as our forefathers, spoke, felt, and believed passionately enough about to sacrifice everything, had returned to our land.

That spirit of Old America has been missing for many decades. We have been so preoccupied with wealth and all of the activities associated with being a superpower, that we forgot where we came from. We have been so busy correcting past injustices, patrolling the world, arm-twisting or buying influence with every nation, and generally just acting indulgent and spoiled. We have lost the spirit of Valley Forge, forgotten or marginalized the great concepts and sacrifice that led to the creation of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Maybe we felt that we had conquered injustice and those principles were so firmly ingrained in our society that we did not need to emphasize them any longer. I don't know.

I do know that the New America, the progressive America that came into being in the 60's, rotted our country to the core. The New America was characterized by killing unborn children in the name of choice, irresponsibly spending more than we earned, worshipping greed and money, banishing God from our public life, and tolerating personal indulgence in the name of freedom. Sacrifice, honor, integrity, and wisdom were heard and heeded less and less. Wild excess, drugs, sex without constraint, and personal irresponsibility were touted as freedom from the old. Were they not though but a return of an old bondage instead?

If you drew from the well of Old American values, would you not be strong of character and noble in purpose? Would you not know your place in God's plan and how to contribute to your community and your country? Could not a group of people so ennobled accomplish great things, as George Washington and his ilk confirmed? Old American values provided a solid basis for freedom and growth. New American values promote chaos, sin, destruction, and social discontinuity. How could we ever have sacrificed Old America for the New abomination? We listened to a lie. Freedom from responsibility was offered just like the snake offered Eve the apple. We haven't learned and we ate the apple. Is our nation truly greater now that it has been in its history? Have we progressed as a country, firm in purpose and of one mind and hear? Has liberty grown stronger in our breasts, so that we can help but shout it to the world? Do we shout praises to our Creator for the great gift of freedom and liberty, an experiment unmatched in recorded history? Do other nations speak of us in awed tones, in respect?

New America has sickened me. It has discouraged me. Excellence, honor, and righteousness are not honored in the name of equality. All that has brought is universal mediocrity. Our excesses have grown and our ethics have withered. Greed dominates our land and we have spent ourselves into serfdom and perhaps even into utter poverty and starvation. The new freedom has left us mired in the mud, ignorant, proud, and stiff-necked.

Until I heard Sarah Palin, I was in despair that the principles on which our country was founded had completely drowned in the muck that is New America. God, however, has blessed one of His own to bring back the old values, to remind the people of the old ways, to show us the light and wisdom that our forefathers bestowed upon our nation. I felt a refreshing wind blow past me as Sarah Palin spoke the truth that has not been heard for many years: America is a great land, with a great people, and has been honored by Almighty God to carry the torch of liberty. This liberty is a heavy burden, though, rearing sacrifice and constant attention. Sarah Palin has told us that we have neglected Lady Liberty for far too long and that we need to return to the values which once made our land great. Old America must be resurrected, her values once again instilled into the hearts of young and old alike, and her words spoken with respect and honor.

I know that my heart was not the only one bestirred. I know her words resonated within the spirit of the many decent and honest people that dwell in all parts of America. I think that George Washington felt it too and his heart swelled with the pride of the parent of an errant child who finally understood what was good and right. If you felt the spirit of Old America when Sarah Palin spoke, then work to resurrect Old America. Maybe soon we can see George Washington peer from the faces of more of our politicians and leaders and smile at the greatness that will once more rise in our land.

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