Friday, October 3, 2008

Liberal Star-Tribune states that no verbal gaffes occurred in last night's VP debate; I beg to differ

According to the liberal Minneapolis Star Tribune, last night's debate between vice presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden was polite, pointed, and contained no verbal gaffes.


According to Townhall's Amanda Carpenter, who cites Republican candidate John's McCain's bloggist, Biden lied FOURTEEN times.

Note the following:

On the foreign policy front, Biden challenged Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin when she said Barack Obama’s pledge to meet with any foreign leaders, including Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, without precondition “goes beyond naivete and goes beyond poor judgment.”

Biden lectured Palin, “That's just simply not true about Barack Obama. He did not say he'd sit down with Ahmadinejad.” During the YouTube Democratic primary debate last July Obama was asked if he would meet the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea without “precondition” during his first year in office.

“I would,” he replied.

Biden appeared to attack Obama for making that very statement in August 2007. While Biden was challenging Obama for the Democratic nomination for president Biden said he would not support such a pledge. “Would I make a blanket commitment to meet unconditionally with the leaders of each of those countries within the first year I was elected president?” he said in an appearance at the National Press Club. “Absolutely positively no."

Five of the lies Biden told were related to tax and energy votes. During the debate Biden adamantly claimed McCain voted the same way as Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama did on a vote to raise taxes on those making $42,000 a year. The legislative record shows McCain was not present in the Senate for either of those votes and is recorded as “not voting.”

The RNC also takes issue with Biden’s assessment Palin supports a “windfall profits tax” and Biden’s claim McCain voted against alternative energy 23 times. The independent has previously stated when Obama and other Democrats made similar charges about the 23 votes “they’re overstating the case.”

The other lies detailed by Goldfarb were related to Biden’s characterization of McCain’s healthcare plan, stances on bank deregulation and the $700 billion financial bailout that recently passed the Senate.

Yet, we're not going to hear that from the Mainstream Media, are we?

Why would we? From a corrupt group that has refused to report on any of Obama's shortcomings, whether its his associations with Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers, or his gangland-like tactics in Missouri, Virginia and Chicago to usurp our First Amendment rights, or his daily verbal gaffes on the economy, terrorism, and foreign reports, we're saturated with endless glowing reports of their "Chosen One" at every turn.

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