Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Obama Tax Plan: People need to truly digest what this man is saying

Charlton Heston, in his role as time traveler Taylor in the Planet of the Apes, utters to no one, "It's a mad house...a MAD HOUSE!!!"

Well, the economic house under a Obama presidency will be a mad one. Note that he wants us to revert back to Clinton-era taxes: 54% ALONE to the federal government. Couple that with Americans who do not pay taxes; 40% by some accounts, and we're giving them a refund.

On top of that, we've Obama and Joe Biden waver when it comes to which income brackets will pay through the nose in taxes. A year ago, we heard Obama say that he won't tax anyone making less than $1 million; six months ago, it was $500 thousand. Lately, we've heard him refine those numbers to anywhere between $200 thousand and $250 thousand. Then, FINALLY, we heard the Mr. Smirk, Biden, state that no one making less than $150 thousand will see their taxes increased.

Can you say DISASTER?

In a recent FOX News Dynamic Poll, 81% of Americans think that they should pay NO MORE than 30% of their income to taxes. Yet, by a 51%-39% margin, people trust Obama to fix the economy.


We cannot trust the numbers.

We've heard mistruths uttered from the Democrats on an endless basis. We've heard that Bush gave the rich tax truths while hurting the middle class. That is a complete fabrication. Note the following from David Limbaugh:
How can these class-warfare demagogues sleep at night saying the rich don't pay their fair share when 2006 official figures show the top 1 percent of income earners pay 40 percent of the income taxes; the top 5 percent pay 60 percent; the top 10 percent pay 71 percent; the top 25 percent, 86 percent; and the top 50 percent, 97 percent? Just how much would the wealthy have to pay for it to be fair?
Furthermore, when increase taxes on the rich, you punish the middle and lower classes. Why you ask? Because the rich are the entrepreneurial class; they invest money in businesses. These investments usually come in the form of for people in the middle and lower classes.

If this entrepreneurial class does NOT invest money, what will happen to the jobs? They'll disappear. That's common sense, something Obama and his cultists REFUSE to understand.

Moreover, what the Obama crowd cannot understand is that if you LOWER taxes, you create revenue. Would Americans rather have a JOB or have some $500 rebate check. Almost certainly under an Obama presidency, you cannot have both.

Wake up people; this man is the worst thing that can happen to this country. Are you listening to what

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Anonymous said...

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(Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Newsom did not approve of this message!)