Friday, October 17, 2008

Liberals and their utter lack of responsibility

That's really what it comes down to with liberals and their Democratic enablers, doesn't it?

Whether it's the $700 billion bailout, terrorism, abortion, taxes on the rich, health care, entitlements, their collective mentality is either the "underprivileged" are owed or are entitled to something because they've been held down, or it's okay to partake in irresponsible behavior sans fear of taking personal responsibility.

The $700 billion bailout was passed jointly by a Republican White House and Democratic Congress. But the essence behind the bill was Democratic implications that homeowners who had purchased houses and had been foreclosed upon, or were facing foreclosures, were actually "tricked" into buying houses by predatory lenders. Puh-lease. If you click the link to Michelle Malkin's column, you'll notice that the number of left-wing mortgage counseling services is staggering.

No, the problem is that 1.) instead of working and saving for a house that fit within our price range, people from all walks of life wanted a big house; in other words, something they couldn't afford. 2.) when the shit went down, because they greedily purchased said excessive home, they figured that Joe and Joanne taxpayer would foot the bill for them. So the socialists in Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al, along with some Republican idiots, passed a bill "bailing out" the idiots who didn't belong in those house, at the expense of honest, hard working Americans.

But if you talk to a liberal, they tell you that something had to be done. The ones who couldn't afford the expensive homes (see $200 thousand on a $30 thousand budget) were tricked, they were lied to.

Bullshit, I say. Moreover, because many of these homeowners were minorities, the specter of racism looms over any accusation from those of us on the Right. If we impugn these people, it's because we've all taken off our KKK hoods long enough to point fingers.

By extension, this bailout issue seques into the notion of entitlements, welfare, and taxes. Because liberals play the victim card to perfectly, it's easy to blame those of us who work hard and pay our taxes. Somehow, according to liberals, we've kept poor Americans, once again, often minorities, from grabbing their slice of the pie. By taxing us that have worked hard, paid their bills, gone to college, etc (and notably because we're "white"), Democrats, led by presidential candidate Barack Obama, want to "spread the wealth around." Why? Because it's good for everyone?

Huh? How is it good to reward laziness and lack of motivation? Rather than make poor people richer, it instead makes ALL of us poorer. Rather than allow those of us to enjoy our HARD-EARNED prosperity, we're all supposed to suffer together.

When it comes to the War on Terror, and our subsequent "world standing," it's actually George W. Bush's fault that Radical Muslims loathe us to the extent we do. Nevermind that terrorist attacks were being committed in the name of Allah LONG BEFORE Bush became president (see: Beirut, early 1980's, USS Cole, 1998 Embassy bombings, Khobar Towers, FIRST World Trade Center bombing), or that President Bill Clinton responded ineffectually to terror attacks perpetrated against, NOR really took any action to apprehend Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Regarding abortion, nothing epitomizes lack of responsibilty than statements from Obama, whereby he would never want to burden mothers with the "punishment" of an unwanted child. Rather than hold accountable those who engage in unsafe fornication, he wants to allow abortions occur, completely unfettered. Nevermind that we've butchered 30+ million babies in this country.

That is the ultimate in lack of responsibility.

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