Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not your grandpa's Democratic party anymore

If my grandpa was alive, I have reservations that he would be a Democrat. Grandpa Twin Cities Conservative (Todd Anthony) was born and raised in Ely, Minnesota.

You see, after my grandpa returned from serving three years in the Pacific during WWII, he went to work in one of the mines on the Iron Range. If you've been to Ely or any of the surrounding communities, you probably know to which I refer. It's a region in Northern Minnesota comprised of bands of iron ore.

Traditionally, that area of Minnesota has been a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party stronghold; it's voted almost exclusively Democrat in past elections.

More than likely, ol' Gramps would be disgusted at what the Democratic party has morphed into. Rather than represent the voice of the people, particularly that of the WORKING CLASS, it has evolved into a clique that represents the wishes of the latte liberal sect.

Nothing represents the latte liberal mentality more than what Democratic presidential candidate Barry Soetoro/Dunham/Obama said to a group of San Francisco liberals: "It's not surprising that they get bitter, they cling to . . . religion . . . as a way to explain their frustrations."

The only similarities between the Democratic Party of today and that of yesteryear would be its Socialist elements. Instead, the Democratic Party listens to the voice of the diplomats, the academics, and the fringe groups. Furthermore, these groups are often represented by the left-wing elitist:
"Like the 'new class', liberal elites are often understood to be university/college educated professionals, often considered to wield immense cultural power in the media, academy, and school system. They use this cultural power to influence politics beyond their numerical significance, advocating fringe interests to the detriment of 'mainstream' opinion. Their political arguments are allegedly self-serving and frivolous, aimed at restricting public choice."
These latte liberals share no ideals with Democrats like Grandpa. To be perfectly candid, my grandpa was bigotted. He disliked minorities (or anyone different from him for that matter), he disliked laziness, he LOVED America, he saved money, he worked hard, and he was VERY religious.

Tell me how ANY of the above mentioned characteristics mirror that of the latte liberal?

They don't.

For example, how does a trendy cause, such as global warming, which is supported by the tofu class, benefit WORKING CLASS Democrats (or working class AMERICANS) for that matter? It doesn't. Instead, because global warming apologists place such an emphasis on alternative energy and opposition to this country's natural resources, it does not allow us to cultivate our domestic energy supply, whether it's oil, coal, nuclear power, etc. In the case of oil, coupled with the almost daily increase in demand from countries like China and India, we cannot place our OWN oil in the world supply, bringing demand down, and thus lowering the cost of gasoline. Add to this the environmentalists' refusal to allow the construction of new refineries in this country.

What does this mean? Well, in addition to the aforementioned increased cost of gasoline, it also drives the prices of our monthly energy bills, whether it's at home or work. People need to come up with funds to pay for higher gasoline and higher utilies, so they cut back in other areas, such as travelling, going out to eat, going to movies, buying clothes, buying food, etc.

Speaking of food, the Left's insistence that end result of oil increases "global warming" has led to a worldwide movement to embrace ethanol. What ethanol does ultimately, as well as increased sugar cane production for automobile consumption, is drive up the price of food.
"(T)he rise in prices is also the self-inflicted result of America's reckless ethanol subsidies. This year biofuels will take a third of America's (record) maize harvest. That affects food markets directly: fill up an SUV's fuel tank with ethanol and you have used enough maize to feed a person for a year."
How does that benefit Working Class Americans?

It doesn't.

Something to consider also is that the latte liberal school relies on white guilt and support for "freedom fighters" (such as Hamas and the PLO). Futhermore, this mentality is prevalent in its opposition to our nation's military. It starts at the top; note the following comment from Obama:

"We’ve got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous problems there."

How does that support the military?

It doesn't. Instead, it fuels hatred in Muslim countries, for example, that our troops are only there to rob and rape them. Furthermore, Islamic fundamentalists have used civilians as human shields, often hiding in houses and mosques. IF they want to fight dirty, our military should fight dirty as well.

I thought we learned our lesson after former Democratic president Bill Clinton failed to truly combat Islamic terrorism.

Ultimately, Obama's presidential bid has served as an opiate for many people in this country. Unfortunately, it's also proved that people often can't truly think objectively. His message of wealth redistribution, hope, and change has an intoxicating essence to it.

What we'll soon learn is that working class American will be the ones to suffer under his portending presidency.


Bob Vanderet said...

Let's see, Obama is up 16 points in Michigan, 15 points in Pennsylvania, and in ARG's poll out today, up 8 points in West Virginia. West Virginia! These are all blue collar Democratic strongholds, and not a lot of lattes floating around. Maybe that's because Barack Obama and Joe Biden are about as close to working class background as you'll find in candidates.

todd anthony said...

His lead in these Democratic stronghold doesn't mask his out of touch message. How do HIS views on climate change, open borders, national security resemble any of the views of traditional Democrats. It still doesn't answer my question. You can't be for open borders, yet turn around and support working Americans. Nor can you support climate change legislation (including the cap and trade farce) and NOT have it impact working Americans.

I'll grant that Barry is articulate and charming. His message, to paraphrase a Karl Marx saying on religion, is an "opiate for masses." He "hope and change" rhetoric is very quixotic, no doubt about it, but it still doesn't mask his Champagne Socialism.

mccainpalin said...

The new democratic party has let a lot of blue color democrats down. The far-left social policies and defeatist attitude to foreign policy just don’t represent patriotic working class democrats.