Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In Light of Democratic Win, a Ray of Hope

Ugh...we stand on the verge of, as Townhall.com's Dennis Prager stated today, a radical transformation to this country. As a white, conservative, Christian, I brace for an apoplectic seizure from the Left, as they look to enact a pound of flesh from those of us who supported the "Bush Tax Cuts for the rich" and other Bush-measures over the past eight years.

I am, as many conservatives are, disheartened by the prospects of the most liberal President coupled with smashing Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate.

Yet, do not despair, my friends.

I hereby predict that Obama will destroy every facet of this country that the pendulum will start to swing BACK to the center-right in time for the 2010 elections.

Unfortunately, I am despondent primarily because the American voting segment was utterly duped by 1.) the corrupt, liberal mainstream media; 2.) and the non-efforts from John McCain to educate the aforementioned populace on Obama's record.

It was a half-hearted effort a best to target Obama's absurd tax policies, his radical associations, his over-the-top liberal outlooks on abortion, gay marriage, energy, terrorism, etc. On top of that, Obama managed to indoctrinate a large swatch of young people, disenfranchised independents and Republicans, and Democratic basists with his "hope and change" rhetoric.

Nevermind that the only hope and change is going to occur to the Leftist wing nuts that would love to see this country become an extension of Western Europe.

Most of the country does NOT want to see the radical transformations Obama has in store for us, whether it's social-justice taught in our schools, the shoving of progressive values down our collective throats, the mass illegal immigration that will occur south of our borders (including OTM's), increased terror attacks, loss of jobs to due to inane cap-and-trade laws (based on complete scientific fabrications), etc.

And when the collective psyche of the American public takes a nose-dive, by all means, you can tell those snarky liberal bastards, "I told you so."

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