Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After: Keep standing up for what we believe is right

Well, we on the Right were hit by a two-ton Mack truck last night, in the form of a new Democratic president, and a near-filibuster-proof Democratic Senate. Obviously, there are some silver linings: Democrats did NOT pick up enough Senate seats to ensure the ultimate nightmare: a TRUE liberal supermajority. Furthermore, Minnesota Republican Norm Coleman, despite a mandatory recount, is looking increasingly like he has staved off defeat from Democratic challenger Al Franken.

Over the past eight years, we've endured endless fabrication after fabrication from liberal fuckheads that Bush lied, he usurped the Constitution, he spied on all of us, he gave tax cuts to the rich. Those lies, propagated through a corrupt liberal mainstream media, ushered in a new era of Liberal power. The American populace was inundated with lie and lie from a medium that was clearly in the tank for Obama.

With that said, what happens, for example, our energy bills skyrocket due to cap and trade legislation? You can't blame the Republicans. What happens when wave after wave of suicide bomber hits targets inside the United States due to Obama capitulating in the war on terror? What happens when average Americans lose their job and are forced to pay higher taxes, because Obama instituted an inane economic policy that increased taxes on the rich/entrepreneurial class. The upper class, when forced to reduce emissions in their businesses and pay higher taxes, must lay off employees: the middle class.

Are we STILL going to blame Republicans?

Not this time. It's time to regroup, and usher in a new era of our own; one that includes fiscal and social conservatives. Furthermore, as countless conservative authors and pundits have reiterated, it's to toss out the trash: existing Republican leadership that was corrupt and facilitated a bereftness in the economy.

Moreover, we on the Right cannot tolerate sex scandals, bribery, fraud, misuse of funds, or special interests. To borrow a trite, overused cliche: if we're going to talk the talk, let's walk the walk.

We on the Right have to close ranks and clean up our act; we need to present a united front against Obama. We have to stand up for what we believe is right.

I'm hoping this loss will put steel in backbones and strengthen our resolve.

I have a feeling the Democrat leadership, under the auspices of Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, are going to make it quite easy for us.

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