Friday, November 7, 2008

Minnesota Update: Coleman's Lead Narrows...100 votes "located"

Conveniently, 100 votes for Democratic challenger Al Franken were found in the Minnesota senate race.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, "Just as Secretary of State Mark Ritchie was explaining to reporters the recount process in one of the narrowest elections in Minnesota history, an aide rushed in with news: Pine County's Partridge Township had revised its vote total upward -- another 100 votes for Democratic candidate Al Franken, putting him within .011 percentage points of Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman."

Here's your liberal newspaper making excuses: "The reason for the change? Exhausted county officials had accidentally entered 24 for Franken instead of 124 when the county's final votes were tallied at 5:25 Wednesday morning."

Amazing...simply amazing.

Pine County is situated approximately 50 miles north of the Twin Cities. Are there even 100 people in Pine County?

A couple of notes: 1.) the recount hasn't even started yet; 2.) that a abusive, snarky comedian who helped tank Air America could be within a hair's breadth of a U.S Senate seat is truly frightening.

What this further validates is that the 2008 election, on a national, state, and local was a referendum against Republicans. Whether fair or not, the voters chose to "kick the bums" as I read in an article yesterday.

No thanks to corrupt, liberal mainstream manipulation, the Republicans were painted as enablers of greed, graft, and corruption, as well as the architects of the subprime housing meltdown, and the near-certain economic recession.

As for Coleman, I'm seriously worried. If 100 votes can magically appear...what are the odds he retains his seat.

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