Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The rebuttal against Global Warming Alarmists

Besides the one that comes immediately to mind, "Eat shit and die assholes..."

The National Review Online's Planet Gore section highlights laughable statements from Google, who urge the government, led by President-elect Barry Obama and a near-filibuster-proof Congress to combat "Global Warming:"

Rather than more government, how about this?
The private marketplace is better suited than the government to pick energy winners and losers, so government should step back and let the market find the answers to meeting our energy needs in a reliable and affordable manner. Let the market bring technologies online when the economics of the technologies work without handouts and when the technology is truly (and commercially) viable. Repeal subsidies. Avoid mandates. Don’t put a price on a gas that we exhale and that must exist for human, animal, and plant life to continue. Don’t sign on to emission-reduction schemes that will handicap our economy, while doing little, if anything, to control emissions. Tap our nation’s abundant natural resources, and quit letting exploration and recovery efforts get stalled for years in the courts and in the agencies. Build the baseload units, including nuclear-energy plants, that have always met, can still meet — and must exist if we want to meet the bulk of our energy and electricity demand. Be realistic about the current state of, and future prospects for, renewable energies. Recognize that vibrant free markets and a protected environment are not mutually exclusive goals.

Sound like a winner to anyone else?
Has anyone else noticed that it's virtually impossible to reason with a liberal?