Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Minnesota Update: Coleman claims victory/the Democrats will find some "uncounted" votes somewhere/where's ACORN when you need them

Despite holding a 725 vote edge to Democratic challenger Al Franken, incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman today proclaimed victory in a tight, hotly-contested and vitriolic race, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.
Sen. Norm Coleman late this morning declared victory for a second term from Minnesota, even as the wheels are churning toward an automatic recount of the nearly 3 million votes cast in his battle with Democrat Al Franken.
As a Minnesotan and a Republican, I don't know what was worse, an Obama presidency, or a Franken senatorial seat.

Actually, I thought of something worse than either: both winning.

As I'm sure most of you are, I'm absolutely sick of the endless political attack ads aired on BOTH sides of the political spectrum. In this case, I couldn't handle watching another Franken ad concocting a story about "Big Oil," "Wall Street Special Interests," or the "Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich."

Coleman's problem, as with other conservatives, is that this election was essentially a referendum AGAINST Republicans. The seeds were planted in the 2006 congressional races, when Democrats usurped Republican power, and ultimately carried them to a near liberal supermajority in executive and legislative branches.

It's been so bad for Republicans that an idiot, abusive, temperamental comedian (Franken) nearly unseated a fairly popular incumbent (Coleman).

Ultimately what worries me is that as one Star Tribune reader stated, "Why do I have a feeling the the Dems will "find" a couple of mis-placed boxes of uncounted ballots in the next day or two?"

If so, I'm sure ACORN is involved.

Yet, does it surprise you that Minnesota voters nearly approved the aforementioned angry comedian? After all, we did have an ex-professional wrestler as a governor.


Clay Bowler said...

My fingers are crossed for Norm. Franken would be a disgrace to the Senate. He is a failure on tv, on radio, and now he is wanting to give government a try. We just have too many failures in Washingon giving a government a try, and it's getting costlier with each new failure we send there.

todd anthony said...

Agreed, Clay...I just think that it's so bad for conservatives that an absolute clown like Franken could pose a challenge to Norm.

Vicki551 said...

It's not looking good for Norm. The recount hasn't even started yet and they keep 'finding' stray ballots in trunks of cars and wherever... They'll keep looking in every nook and cranny until they're sure they have enough to bring Franken over the top. It's awfully suspicious that every single new ballot they find is voted for Franken. What are the odds of that?
Long gone are the days of 'one man, one vote' unless, of course, you are a conservative. Right out of the Democrat 'bible' - Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals", the ends justify the means. My beloved Lady Liberty has tears streaming down her face at our downfall.