Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Attacking McCain's "Patriotism"

Is it any wonder that the Liberal smear machine, led by Democratic presidential candidate Barry Obama, is attacking the credibility and patriotism of rival John McCain?

In the age of Defeatism, when a liberal (Obama) has to perversely explain how his patriotism is a different brand of patriotism, it all oddly makes sense. Recently, we've had conservative-turned-liberal, General Wesley Clark, explain how McCain is NOT a war hero, or isn't patriotic.

Just because McCain's fighter jet was shot down during the Vietnam War, just because he was held captive in the Hanoi Hilton, just because he SERVED HIS COUNTRY, does not a war hero make, according to Clark. This coming from a man who's tenure as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO was cut short due to integrity and character issues.
" He continued, "I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president."
Now of all times, with the flood of defeatist, godless liberal pummeling the very foundations of this country, we need a hero, someone with a vision to assume the mantle of leadership carried by President George W. Bush, someone NOT worried about "inflaming" the sensitivities of islamo-fascism, someone not afraid to tap into our vast energy resources, someone who return the great Republican party back to FISCAL CONSERVATISM.

As for Obama, he's imploring voters to take his word that despite refusing to wear an American flag pin, calling for a speedy withdrawal of troops from Iraq, pandering to Islamic terrorists, etc, that he IS patriotic (don't forget his wife's run of denigrating remarks of the United States as well):
"Barack Obama yesterday sought to portray himself as a mainstream American patriot and put his Republican opponents on notice that he would "not stand idly by" when others questioned his support for the US flag."
McCain might not be the most idyllic Republican nominee. Often he has not ingratiated himself to fellow Republicans with his proclivity to stepping across the proverbial aisle and working with Democrats on a compromise legislation. But with all the bluster Obama has raised regarding "change" and "unification," it's in fact McCain that has demonstrated unity and compromise.

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