Monday, July 7, 2008

Minnesota Update: Poor Stuart Smalley

Washington Post columnist Michael Kinsley feels the need to defend Al Franken's boorish behavior, all the while failing to point a finger at the real culprit.

In case you're unaware of the Minnesota senate race, Democratic challenger Franken is attempting to usurp Republican Senator Norm Coleman.

According to Kinsley, we've all become a little too sensitive to jokes about raping women and three-way sex with women (the latter, I could care less). Really, fella? I wonder why that is? I wonder why we've become so "sensitive?"

Let me proffer a guess: you and your fellow liberals have empowered everyone to be "sensitive;" of course everyone to you and your fellow elitist liberals, consists of every minority and alternative lifestyle group.

The notable exception: Christian American, which is not protected from the politically correct police.

And now you actually have the gumption to blame someone other than the "cultured sophisticates" in your party; those who look down at their noses at humor itself. With that said, attacks against President Bush for being a Christian redneck is perfectly acceptable within the confines of your narrow world.

Personally, when I was in junior high/high school, I found his Stuart Smalley skits on SNL mildly humorous. But what I find more comical is the notion that he would contemplate running for office; "Senator" Smalley, now THAT is high comedy.

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