Friday, July 18, 2008

The RepubliCAIN's plan of attack: Exploit the Energy Issue

There's a critical issue at stake in the forthcoming 2008 election; it doesn't take a Pulitzer Prize winner in Physics or Chemistry to figure out what it is either:

It's all about the energy, baby.

Really, it's an extension of the elitist attitude prevalent in Democratic presidential candidate Barry Hussein Obama. His true colors became evident a few months ago when he stated to a group of San Francisco liberals that small-town Americana "get(s) bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

It's this elitist, "chablais-and-brie" crowd (courtesy Pat Buchanon) to whom Obama and his Democratic counterparts in Congress are pandering. Rumor has it that back in the day Democrats SUPPOSEDLY represented the working class.

You could fool me, because right now certain policies practiced by the know-nothing Democrats are completely alienating mainstream, middle-class, and working-class America: their policy on energy and the open border crowd.

Regarding open borders, the bottom line is this: you can't purport to represent working class families, yet pander to the La Raza-type groups that believe we should allow immigrants to 1.) illegally stream over our border; 2) stay in this country; 3.) steal jobs; 4.) cost taxpayers millions in education and health care costs; 5.) support sanctuary cities.

It's time the Republicans took this election back from the Democrats. For this purposes of this treatise, the Republicans, led by presidential candidate John McCain, should "drill" (no pun intended) the liberals and their Democratic enablers on energy.

Of course, rather than take a real course of action, in other words, drill for oil in Alaska or off-shore, the Democrats want oil companies to further explore for oil on already developed/purchased lands.

In an absolutely disdainful maneuver, the Democrats would rather offer bullshit solutions, such as the one above, or offering plans that include solutions that are either too expensive to implement, or ultimately worthless.

Dick Morris said it best yesterday:

Meanwhile, McCain and the Republicans have finally found an issue - oil drilling - exposing how the Democrats oppose drilling virtually anywhere that there might be recoverable oil. Not in Alaska. Not offshore. Not in shale deposits in the West. The Democratic claim that we “cannot drill our way out of the crisis in gas prices” begs the question of whether, had we drilled five years ago, we would be a lot less dependent on foreign market fluctuations.

The truth is that the Democrats put the need to mitigate climate change ahead of the imperative of holding down gasoline prices at the pump. If there was ever a fault line between elitist and populist approaches to a problem, this is it. In fact, liberals basically don’t see much wrong with $5 gas. Many have been urging a tax to achieve precisely this level, just like Europe has done for decades.

It's also an opportunity for Republicans to reinvent themselves; it's time for the Grand Ol' Party to return to days of fiscal responsibility. Balance the budget, shrink government, and demonstrate some damn restraint. Do NOT give the Defeatocrats any ammunition.

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