Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"This (establishment-insert name of business here) bans handguns unless...

you're black, asian, native american, muslim, buddhist, hindu, etc. If you're a white Christian, you are expressly forbidden to carry a firearm on your possession, even if you have a conceal-and-carry license and have never committed a crime."

Doesn't it feel like the liberal, political correct, madness essentially is stating that?

It's been a few days since the United States Supreme Court ruled that a Washington DC law banning handgun and obviously the Liberal Demogogue is in an uproar.

GUNS KILL PEOPLE, they cry!!! Banning guns reduces crime!!! Sure it does, idiots.

It's high time this country woke up to the lies liberals are spouting, whether it pertains to the myth of global warming, the claims of the Iraq War as "an illegal war," or that the United States is the cause of terrorism.

Thank you Supreme Court for restoring a semblance of common sense to our lives by overruling this gun ban; it's high time we stop emasculating the good citizens of this country while arming the criminals. Naturally, liberals hector those of us that truly understand the Constitution that the 2nd amendment only safeguarded the rights of a well-armed militia.

Hopefully this will shut them up. For the "intellegensia" that the liberals represent, they're not really quite short on common sense. In their perverse world, persons of all shapes, colors, and beliefs cohabitate peacefully; in said world, we negotiate; we engage in dialog. There are no need for wars, for guns, for bombs. In said perverse world, we rehabilitate criminals, we trust them to not make the same mistakes made in the past, to not prey on children, elderly, women, or the weak.

But this is the real world.


Anonymous said...

Sadly the Leftist probably won't listen to you or consider your argument.

Keep up the good work!

todd anthony said...

Thanks Ed...just trying to demonstrate how insane this country is getting, thanks to progressive, politically correct BS.