Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama's problem

So Barry Hussein Obama FINALLY visited Iraq; the streak of 900 plus days since the Democratic presidential candidate, who is absolutely unequivocal in his belief that United States military forces should be withdrawn from the country, is over.

The man, the agent of change, has presumably conversed with American military commanders and seen the progress of the surge on a microscopic level. So will the hard deadline of 16 months to remove all aforementioned troops stand?

On the whole we've seen Obama covertly, almost sneakingly, gravitate towards the political middle. According to the Baltimore Sun:
"He has softened or abandoned his earlier positions on a parade of issues, including wiretaps, abortion, trade with Mexico and Canada, gun control and public funding of his own campaign."
Of course, the morons on the far-Left are sulking that Obama abandoned the ideals that attracted them to his campaign in the first place. But, as I think most of us on the Right have established, 1.) despite efforts by the far-Left minority to establish the United States as Europe-lite, we are a CENTER-RIGHT country; 2.) Obama KNOWS that the key to his winning the presidency lies with working-class, sensible Democrats; those who "cling" to their guns and God, who have friends and family serving in the United States Armed Forces, and whose incomes are affected by obnoxious, far-Left induced, gas prices.

Barry may be understanding that the beliefs of the far-Left do not even remotely embody those of the rest of the country. I work with a gal whose views closely parallel the vile, odious far-Left: 1.) she is elitist; 2.) loathes those of us who adhere to a Judeo-Christian moral standard; 3.) lives in a fantasy world where terrorists are viewed as romantic freedom fighters waging a just war against marauding American imperialistic crusaders; 4.) mistakenly believes that George Bush and his neoconservative cronies created terrorism.

To whom does Barry wish to cavort and identify? Is it the far-Left? Or is it the working-class Democrat to whom rival Hillary Clinton empathized?

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