Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wisconsin Congressional Candidate: Ahmadinejad never stated that Israel should be wiped off the map

And this statement did NOT come from a Democratic appeaser, but rather from Libertarian Kevin Barrett, whom, according to OpEdNews.com," has issued a demand of Ron Kind, the Democratic incumbent, to retract his endorsement of the claim that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has called for Israel to be 'wiped off the map.' According to Barret, an Arabist who has taught university course on Islam and is fluent in French and Arabic, Kind's position is based upon a false atribution and represents a mistranslation."

What we have here, folks, is a good old-fashioned apologist.

Here's another sign that people in Wisconsin aren't quite right.
"The candidate's demand concerns an extremely sensitive and important claim, which has frequently been cited by the Bush Administration to support its desire to take military action against Iran. According to Barret, the origin of the alleged quote is not the President of Iran but Ayatollah Khoemeni, whom Ahmedinejad was citing rather than making an assertion of his own."
Three points: First, the Bush Administration has not expressed any desire to attack Iran. In FACT, it is exhausting every means necessary, diplomatically, to stave off the Iranian nuclear threat. Again, more lies perpetuated by the Left. Think back to 2002: the Bush Administration exhausted every possible diplomatic means before toppling Saddam's regime to continue a CEASE-FIRE that was declared after the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Also, Saddam violated 12 UN sanctions that called for military reprisal. In addition to Saddam profiting from the Oil-for-Food programs, countries that opposed the 2003 war, France, Germany, and Russia, profited extensively as well.

Second, so I guess one can safely assume that the Iranian despot wishes to seek normal relations with Israel? I don't think so. Regardless of this particular claim, didn't Ahmadinejad state that the Holocaust was a myth? Furthermore, he believes that he can hasten the return the of the Mahdi (or 12th imam) by waging an apocalyptic war against Israel, as well as other non-infidels (that's you and me). According to the Christian Science Monitor,
"From redressing the gulf between rich and poor in Iran, to challenging the United States and Israel and enhancing Iran's power with nuclear programs, every issue is designed to lay the foundation for the Mahdi's return."
Someone with plans on hastening the apocalypse through nuclear conflict has to be someone with whom perhaps-President Barry Obama could negotiate? Right, appeasers?

Of course the leftist apologists will state (and have stated on numerous occasions) that fundamental Christians are just as dangerous as Muslims.

"'This kind of mentality makes you very strong,' says Amir Mohebian, political editor of the conservative Resalat newspaper.

"'Bush said: 'God said to me, attack Afghanistan and attack Iraq.' The mentality of Mr. Bush and Mr. Ahmadinejad is the same here - both think God tells them what to do," says Mr. Mohebian, noting that end-of-time beliefs have similar roots in Christian and Muslim theology.

'If you think these are the last days of the world, and Jesus will come [again], this idea will change all your relations,' says Mohebian. 'If I think the Mahdi will come in two, three, or four years, why should I be soft? Now is the time to stand strong, to be hard.'"

Mohebian mistakenly believes that because Christians believe that the Lord Jesus will return as well, we will engage in open conflict and aggression.

Incorrect...in fact, if anything, Christians will attempt to "do good" in terms a moral code (no thanks to the moral relativism that the Left is pushing down our throats): good deeds, love, forgiveness, etc.

Third, many "expert" think it's the mullah who run the country. Assume for a moment that Ahmadinejad purportedly did state that Israel was a tumor that should be wiped off the map, instead it was the Ayatollah; do they (the mullahs) not hold the reins in that country?

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JaaJoe said...

In his new novel, The Last Patriot, Brad Thor provides an interesting story that, in a unique way, ties the Islamic terrorists of the late 18th and early 19th century Barbary states to the Islamic terrorists of today.