Saturday, July 5, 2008

Barry Obama: "A Significant Realignment"

Those words were uttered in a recent speech by Democratic presidential candidate Barry Obama regarding the election prospects for his party this coming fall.

What exactly does "Significant Realignment" mean? Well, let us hypothesize for a minute: assume Obama wins the presidency; couple that with more gains in Congress for the Democrats, and we're looking at an obscene policy shift to the left.

In other words, socialism.

The Democrats have on record, stated that we should mold our lifestyles, our government, and our morals to resemble that of Europe, whose countries are mostly socialist.

So here's what a Democratic president and Democratically-controlled Congress will do, as public servants:

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Public health care/socialized medicine, governmental oversight on restoring Social Security, more entitlements, reducing our energy output by 25% to reduce carbon emissions and comply with the Kyoto Treaty.

So how will this be accomplished? Well, the government needs to get the money somewhere...and guess what, it's coming out of our paychecks to the tune of at least 50% taxation. We're either in a recession or the cusp of a recession; experts on fiscal policy all concur that you don't tax your way out of a recession. Rather, it would sound fiscal policy to ensure the Bush tax cuts remain, while reducing taxes on small businesses.

Moreover, one way to fight a recession would be to produce cheap energy. In other words, develop our OWN resources, be it oil off our coasts or in Alaska, oil shale, or not to mention our near-endless supply of oil. But thanks to the environmental lobby, we're forbidden to cultivate our resources, thanks to the lie of global warming.

What else will a Democratic president and legislature accomplish? Continued appeasement of terrorists, "dialog" with maniacal despots like Iranian "president" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il, or further pandering to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, those groups opposed to the legal state of Israel. Finally, we'll see the Democrats unequivocally withdraw our troops from Iraq, ensuring that, just as the Iraqi government can sustain itself, sectarian violence is renewed as well as the return of extremist elements (e.g. Al Qaeda).

Are you ready?

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

A significant re-alignment?


It's today's version of a politically expedient reinvention.

Tomorrow, when Obama and his handlers put their wet forefingers into the wind, they'll decide what new alignment he'll have to make then.

And on daily, maybe hourly, until Obama's imminent defeat in November.

Better yet: Until he's not seated as the Dems' presidential candidate in Denver?