Monday, August 11, 2008

13 Iraq War Protestors arrested in Wisconsin: Indicative of the movement's "collective intelligence"

I spied this article, courtesy of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Evidently, 13 boneheads attempted to enter the Fort McCoy military installation in Western Wisconsin, illegally.

So when in doubt, commit a crime by attempting to breach security at a United States military establishment. For all the clamoring the Leftinistra does regarding its superiority to us redneck hillbillies on the Right, they're really not very bright. Perhaps, it's a naivety.

For the past five plus years, the American populace has endured the tirades and lies from the Left about the Iraq War. Just yesterday, on my journey home to the western suburbs from St. Paul, a small group of protesters gathered on an overpass above I-94 and displayed various anti-war signs and banners, for example, "Stop 'Iraqnam' now."

How did this country transition from serving as a bastion of freedom and democracy, with an active global agenda of spreading freedoms, to virtually celebrating, condoning, and pardoning virtually indefensible actions from those like Saddam Hussein, Josef Stalin, Osama bin Laden, all in the name of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS)?

Furthermore, in their naivety, the Left is 1.) hedging their bets that we will lose not only in Iraq, but in Afghanistan and Pakistan as well; 2.) believes that Bush and the neo-cons have provoked Muslim terror, and that if we only disengage from places like the Middle East, we can "coexist" peacefully with each other.

This sort of civil disobedience is emblematic of the Left's agenda: commit a crime, yell the loudest, stomp one's feet, and ultimately remind others of a small child.

More problematic is that the Democratic presidential candidate Barry Hussein Obama, is a flag-bearer for these sorts of fringe groups. These groups, which, despite Obama's futile attempt to morph towards the Center, adore him. A very real possibility exists that Hussein Obama will take power as the next American president.

How, as a former community activist, will Hussein Obama embrace his Leftist brethren?

The bottom line is this: if Hussein Obama becomes our next president, we are in BIG, I repeat, BIG trouble.

Here's the complete article:

13 arrested at Fort McCoy

August 11, 2008

FORT MCCOY, Wis. - Thirteen people protesting the Iraq war were arrested for trying to enter the Fort McCoy military installation in western Wisconsin.

The protesters delivered a letter seeking an end to the war Sunday afternoon and asked to enter the fort to talk with soldiers. They were denied access and asked to leave.

The 13 people were arrested after going beyond secured boundaries.

Fort McCoy spokeswoman Linda Fournier says the demonstrators have a right to express their opinion, but not to breach security.

The protesters were cited for trespassing, fingerprinted and escorted off the base. Authorities told them if they attempted to re-enter they would be taken into federal custody.


Information from: WKBT-TV,

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