Monday, August 25, 2008

The Left's Global Warming Crusade: Blood on their Hands

So it's really the Left that has blood on their hands...

It's their deranged view that the world is in danger, and that we must all make tremendous sacrifices to save her, even at the cost of our livelihood, our jobs, our houses, our security, and even our lives, just so we can reduce carbon emissions.

Do you remember Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stating that she was trying to "save the planet?" Her and others of her ilk have made it their top priority to "save the planet" while placing the welfare of humankind on the back burner.

We've heard the Left screaming about President Bush's "illegal" invasion of Iraq. despite our incessant efforts to solve the Saddam problem diplomatically; subsequently he's a war criminal in their eyes.

But it's truly the Left that has blood on their hands.

Their global warming "push" truly goes hand in hand with their stance on abortion and ultimately population control. In fact, is it any wonder that Democratic presidential candidate Barry Hussein Obama refused to support the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act when he was a state senator?

Here's the common denominator:

The Left simply does not value human life...well, they do, but it's actually the lives of terrorists, murderers, and rapists to whom they place value, while utterly disregarding the well-being of innocent victims and completely innocent babies.

Furthermore, this almost-psychopathic view towards all things oil (including gasoline) has led to high food prices and subsequent GLOBAL POVERTY. How so, ask the mindless Left?

This unhealthy, macabre obsession with ethanol has driven up oil prices. Consider this from The Economist:
"But the rise in prices is also the self-inflicted result of America's reckless ethanol subsidies. This year biofuels will take a third of America's (record) maize harvest. That affects food markets directly: fill up an SUV's fuel tank with ethanol and you have used enough maize to feed a person for a year. And it affects them indirectly, as farmers switch to maize from other crops. The 30m tonnes of extra maize going to ethanol this year amounts to half the fall in the world's overall grain stocks."
I don't think the evidence could be any clearer; the Left, for years has claimed it represents the poor, the working class, minorities, NON-Christians, etc. But the philosophical change in the Democrat orthodoxy is oh so evident: rather than purport to care about the under-nourished or misfortunate, it's true god are the special interests, namely on the anti-war and environmental front.

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