Thursday, August 21, 2008

Huffington Post: It's okay if Obama is a Muslim

More brilliant and objective insight from the Huffington Post, once again.


I came across this story which serves a dual purpose by reinforcing the marriage between the Left and Islam while displaying the Left's mindless, inane lack of foresight. Essentially, the author attempts to convey the notion that while Barry Hussein Obama is NOT a Muslim, it would be okay if he was.

Personally, I don't think Barry is a member of the Islamic faith; but, I do think it would be disappointing if he was. Contrary to what the Left would like the rest of us believe, this country was built on Judeo-Christian values. Said values fly in the face of the moral relativism, a "faith" to which the Left adhere.

Of course it would make sense for the Left to embrace the teachings of the Koran and the Islamic faith in general. Who else could justify suicide bombings, beheadings of Americans, the abuse of women, misogyny, persecution of non-Muslim faiths in Muslim countries, etc. This is the same group (the Left) that has brought you abortions, infanticide, justice for criminals rather than victims, suppression of free speech and thought (see attempted revival of the Fairness Doctrine, Hate Speech bill HR 1592, etc.).

So the author in this brilliant piece of journalist work (note: sarcasm) states that it would be okay for Barry Hussein to lay claim to the Islamic faith? My reaction, how is this good for our country? First, the Left naively belief that people of all faiths (or non-faiths) and creeds can "coexist" under one large, multicultural tent. Furthermore, they, in their narrow perception, have fought to remove all semblances of God and the Bible from our daily lives, whether it's school, government, etc.

Second, with that said, if the Left thought they had problems living in a country where they MISTAKENLY believe Judeo-Christian principles have been forced down their throats, try living in a theocracy, such as Iran or Saudi Arabia.

This is not to say that Barry Obama would transform this country instantly into an Islamic theocracy (if he WAS Muslim) but would it surprise anyone, considering the Democrats in our Congress are slowly moving towards outlawing the Bible as hate speech (see above bill HR 1592), thus marginalizing Christians while collectively shoving their progressive values down our throats.

Seems a bit, how you say, hypocritical and perhaps ironic?

Here's a news flash to the Left: I know this is hard to believe, but Islam is not a tolerate, open, religion of peace. But, it's not surprisingly that the Left has hitched themselves to the Islamic wagon; we've witnessed first-hand whose side they're on in the War on Terror.

My first thoughts regarding the author's treatise is that her plea for the country as a whole to embrace Islam stems from an encounter with a local schoolteacher. Thus immediately from the beginning of her story, she's operating under the impression that white American consists largely of Islamophobists who wonder if she'll return to "the middle east."

Furthermore, the author makes further inane comparisons to her treatment as a Muslim to that of Japanese-Americans during World War II:
"During World War II, Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps because they were presumed to be loyal to Japan (no matter how many generations their families had lived in America). The destruction of the World Trade Towers was a type of Pearl Harbor, casting suspicion on American Muslims this time instead of Japanese Americans. But al-Qaeda is no more representative of Islam than the Ku Klux Klan is representative of Christianity."
That's absolutely outrageous in both regards. Muslims who have emigrated to this country enjoy unsurpassed freedoms they could unequivocally NOT enjoy in their native country. Furthermore, your so-called religion of peace, has shown in a recent poll in this country, identifies with its extremist "fringe" while justifying the use of violence against "infidels."

The author also mistakingly says that her religion doesn't get a fair shake in the media:
"We don't get much of a voice in the media, but we are, as a group, middle class and mainstream."
You don't get a voice in the media? At every turn, the media attempts to portray Muslims as peaceful members of society while ULTIMATELY 1.) mistakingly equating violence perpetuated by the radicals to that of a Christian who kills an abortion doctor; 2.) unabashedly portraying Muslims as the victims in the War on Terror, whether it's stories about citizens in Iraq or Afghanistan being killed during an Allied air strike, stories justifying a suicide bomber's motives, or casting light on President Bush's warrantless wiretapping program, WHICH have targeted INTERNATIONAL telephone calls between Muslims here in this country and abroad.

Give me a break.

You have it good here, lady.


FreedomAtStake said...

I'm with the left, but I agree with the conservatives on issues related to Islam. Why? Because I live in a nearly Islamic state --- Malaysia.

The left simply has no idea what they are dealing with: In Islam there is no adherence to the rule of reciprocity. There is no placing of human values before Islam --- all values are as dictated by Islam: lie as you must, kill as you are told, no human curiosity over the truth of the Koran.

The left still doesn't realize that Islamic values are simply at odds with theirs, thanks to the front put up by their American counterparts. But check out for more on how OIC is hijacking the Human Rights Council and how they have been successful so far in tearing away at our basic human rights --- to speak, to question, and to criticize.

The left will wake up one day to find all that they cherished taken away from them, by those whom they heroically defended. Because they failed to heed us who have seen the horror.

todd anthony said...


Thanks for posting...I just don't understand this marriage of convenience between the leftinistra and Islam. For all the clamoring about how superior the Left is (i.e. being in professor, bureaucratic, and diplomatic roles) to the rest of, why can't they see the forest for the trees? Has their hatred of all things Christian so clouded their judgment that they would rather hitch wagons to Islam, thus employing the "cut off your nose to spite your face" mantra?