Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mega Disaster - Cope or Die

Every day disasters include fire, flood, tornadoes, hurricanes and other common natural disasters. We also cope with a number of personal disasters: family or personal distress due to disease, job loss, economic misfortune, or government interference. At some point in many of these disasters, when the disasters have passed, we cry, scream, beat a wall or a pet, drink or do drugs to escape, and finally accept or at least acknowledge the disaster and how it has impacted our life.

A mega disaster is an event of mind-numbing magnitude, another notch up from the common disasters. The raw power displayed is on a scale that you can't get your head around. The most recent example is the Bandeh Aceh earthquake and resultant tsunami, killing hundreds of thousands within a few minutes. Past epochal disasters were even larger, changing the very nature of the world, for instance, the tilt of the Earth or the orbital period. One disaster literally froze whole herds of living wooly mammoths in place in Siberia so quickly that their meat was still edible many hundreds of years later. These mega disasters are rare and you can make a case that one will never show up in your lifetime. On the other hand, if one did, and if it happened near your house, what would you do? Would your normal disaster coping mechanism work in a mega disaster situation?

A mega disaster is a world-changing event by definition. Any natural disaster is going to be a matter of raw, physical survival if you happen to survive the initial onslaught. Post-disaster the essentials will preoccupy you completely: water, food, shelter, and medical aid. This is not much different than a standard disaster, other than, it may take more time for help to reach you since infrastructure is obliterated in a mega disaster. In a world changing mega disaster, help my never come. Your corner of the world may be written off or just unreachable or there are too many simultaneous problems and not enough resources for the short term. If you have survival skills and the strength of spirit to use them, you might live depending on what is left after the mega disaster.

If you happen to survive a mega disaster, before you start the scramble for survival, get your mind and feet under you. The world is now very dangerous and you have to operate at your peak or you won't last long. The disaster probably has left you shaken and drained. You have to stop and take stock. Your first act should be to praise God that you survived. Secondly, cry out to Him for help. You will not get through the aftermath of a mega disaster without His help. Thirdly, assess your own physical and mental status. Do all three of these steps thoroughly before proceeding into survival. Without a clear head and heart, your chances for survival are slim. It is indeed a new world and you have to respect it whatever it may now be.

Once you've calmed and with the Lord by your side, begin to do the things you need to do to carry on. Assess your surroundings. Flee if necessary. Help others where you can. Seek or build some shelter if that seems best since the mega disaster might have a part two or three or ever how many.

I'm not going to go over survival techniques here. There are a huge number of web sites, books, and training courses out there if you are interested. Gaining these skills will help but your spiritual and mental preparation will be the most important aspect. Skills are only useful if you are in a state of mind to actually use them.

I as CodLiverOilGuy hope that a megadisaster does not appear in my lifetime near me. But I do see change in the air, certainly mega economic change, and I know I have to be ready. Being ready could be the difference between a bearable life and misery for an economic crisis. For any megadisaster, is there really a good case for not being prepared?

Take your medicine. It's good for you.

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