Friday, August 8, 2008

Wake Up United States: We're Dying a Slow Death Thanks to the Environmentalists

Fellow Twin Cities Conservative, CodLiverOilGuy, forwarded this article to me today: it sounds like our Democratically-controlled Congress, when they're not sidestepping the issue of oil and taking a FIVE-week vacation, are contemplating the passage of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty (known as LOST).

Here's the crux of the legislation:
"Can you imagine gifting the United Nations with $50 trill in Arctic oil taxes? This is what the U.S. Senate proposes to do if it ratifies LOST."

"A dangerous scramble for the oil and gas reserves between Russia and the West can be avoided and, more to the point, the U.S. will lose its entire future commercial and energy security by signing onto LOST. Meanwhile, Democrat leaders in both houses of Congress have already rejected President Bush’s July 14 effort to end a 25-year moratorium on drilling in most coastal waters."
What the hell are we doing to this country? More specifically, what the HELL are the Democrats doing to this country regarding energy, nevermind the shoving of progressive values down our throat, the pandering and cheerleading to terrorism, etc?

Tyrant of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), at the beginning of the month, despotically adjourned Congress, shutting off the lights and the C-SPAN cameras, in an effort to avoid voting on the issue of off-shore and ANWR drilling. She's saving the planet, she says. What a crock of shit.

Furthermore, I caught this article, courtesy of Townhall's Amanda Carpenter, whereby supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Barry Hussein Obama clamored for $10 a gallon gasoline.
"Ed Frank, vice president of public affairs for Americans for Prosperity, spoke to Obama supporters during an event organized on Capitol Hill by liberally-leaning According to an email MoveOn emailed to supporters the event was designed to 'highlight the GOP’s extensive ties to Big Oil.'

There, AFP members handed MoveOn supporters a mock $8 bill and said “this is what Al Gore wants you to pay for gas.”

An older man dressed in an Obama shirt said, 'This is too cheap! This is too cheap!' Waving the eight dollar bill he said, “Let’s get it up to ten! Let’s get it up to ten bucks.'"

Can someone tell me how the hell this country is looking to elect MORE Democrats in the fall, including arguably the most liberal Democratic candidate ever? They want to tax "windfall profits" on big oil, thereby giving a $1000 energy rebate check to everyone; doesn't that almost ensure higher gas prices, for example, across the board? Obama wants to mete economic justice; in other words, he's vying to redistribute the wealth from people, in his estimation, do not deserve it.

On top of that, he's looking, if president, to tax this country out of a potential recession/depression, while endorsing alternative energy, sources of energy not currently viable enough to even support a reduced standard of living in America.

If we ONLY use alternative energy now, we WILL collapse. The development of alternative energy is highly-dependent on a cheap-oil driven economic structure which is in the process of collapsing. $10 gasoline will only make it collapse faster. What the Obama-bots fail to realize is that our food supply is also dependent upon this same cheap-oil economy. By hastening its collapse, they are taking food from our dinner plates.

I guess on the bright side, the greenies will starve with the rest of us.

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