Friday, August 29, 2008

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? So what's Barack Obama's REAL Name?

Any idea? Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

That's one of the great questions, along with whether the Democratic presidential candidate is actually an American citizen (incidentally, a Clinton supporter has filed a lawsuit, claiming that Obama was not born in Hawaii...that question remains, despite a blogger confessing that he created a "forged" Hawaiian birth certificate).

A faithful conservative reader, in a previous post, offered the following names, all used at one time by the Liberals' "Chosen One:"

Barry Soetoro
Barry Dunham
Barry Obama

The fraud of a candidate continues. Where is the Mainstream Media?

Do you hear that? Yes, I do...crickets if anything. Deafening silence. They've scattered, like cockroaches.

So what is the "Messiah's?" story? Note this, from the Chicago Tribune:

"Obama and his mother moved from Honolulu to Jakarta to join Soetoro in 1967, when Obama was 6. Here, Obama became 'Barry Soetoro.'"

The absurdly left Tribune rambles on about how the notion that 1.) Obama is a Muslim; and 2.) actually an Indonesian citizen are outright lies.

Sure they couldn't possibly be true, could it, Liberals? Where is the art of investigative journalism? It's all but disappeared as the Mainstream Media, so saturated with Leftist rote, refuse to see the forest for the trees.

Of course, this report challenges the notion that Barry Soetoro is a Christian, American citizen, as does this.

Then, the issue exists that Barry Obama's real in fact is not Obama or Soetoro, but instead Barry Dunham; at Barry's birth, his father's girlfriend, Stanley Ann Dunham (yes, real name) was considered to be his father's common law wife as it was accepted practice in 1961to use the American citizen's last name on the birth certificate.

Quick aside, note the following asinine statement from the aforementioned Tribune:

"Some Americans link the religion with terrorism and see Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, as being an alien place, a world away from the White House."

Of course we link Islam with terrorism. Why is that? Because the vast majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by misguided, unemployed, indoctrinated men in the name of Allah?

Idiots...on the Left, naturally.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

The wrongly named MSM -- but rightly named Demockacrat-liberal-leftist-stream media -- is intentionally AWOL.

They do not care what Obama/Soetoro/Dunham/Whatever's name is.

They will not report it.

todd anthony said...

Thank you for raising the issue of his last name for a blog topic; much appreciated it.