Friday, August 1, 2008

Star Tribune: McCain is "Swift-Boating" Barry Obama

The Leftist media's "Messiah," that's Barry Hussein Obama, is facing some tough talk from Republican presidential candidate, John McCain.

And rightfully so...

And now the Left is crying "foul." The Minneapolis Star Tribune, no stranger to liberal media politics, asks, "Is John McCain's attempt to tie Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in an attack ad this week the "Swift Boating" of Obama?"

We're all sorry, Leftist trash, but you "Swift-boated" President Bush for the last years, especially on warrentless wiretapping and the Iraq War.
"But in striking an aggressive pose, McCain is in danger of letting the caricature of an angry, petulant candidate take seed -- not so much because he is one, but because it stands in stark contrast to Obama's carefully cultivated, well, celebrity, and McCain's own promises to run a respectful campaign."
The statement coalesces perfectly with the pie-in-the-sky mentality perpetuated by Obama's "change/unification" message: "why can't we all just get along?" The Left possesses the inane notion that if we all just lay down our arms and engage in "dialogue," the world's ills will work itself out.

Unfortunately, this is the real world, and McCain is asking tough questions to REAL-LIFE issues. Take for example the issue of energy: McCain has pushed for Congress to lift its off-shore oil drilling ban, cultivate nuclear power, develop clean coal solutions, and implement oil shale. Obama's response? Push for more alternative energy solutions, despite that 1.) the implementation of said "alternative" power is costly (installing solar panels on houses, for example, isn't cheap; neither is buying "environmentally-friendly" light bulbs, as well); 2.) alternative energy is unproven at best, risky at worst. It has no track of being a viable energy solution for a country that relies on REAL energy to propel its economy.

If anything, McCain is exposing the fact that Obama is 1.) completely disassociated with working class individuals; 2.) is bought and paid for by the radical Left, namely anti-war and environmental fringe groups.
"'The campaign is making him seem angrier than he is and therefore it's a disservice to him,' said John Weaver, McCain's former senior strategist, who left the campaign in a shake-up last year."
Message to arrogant, boneheaded, out-of-touch liberals: these are angry times, and people are angry: angry at the notion that putting gas in our vehicles prohibits us from "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," illegal aliens, welcomed by the Left, consuming our tax dollars for education and health costs, high taxes and admittedly at waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those are the realities.

Somehow Barry Obama has hoodwinked a significant portion of people in this country to his message of "change." Whether it's unwavering view that the surge in Iraq served no purpose, or his plan to implement "economic justice," or that dialogue will keep us safe from Islamic terrorists, the Left is intoxicated with the Barry message.

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