Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Symposium topic: liberalism, ObamaCare, Repeal, Entitlements

Todd Anthony and CodLiverOilGuy (CLOG) discuss repealing ObamaCare in a conversation that touches Obama's secret desire to become "Dear Leader" and impose martial law, entitlements, and the nature of liberalism.

Todd: I came across this article from the National Review Online that discusses Kentucky's successful effort to repeal Kentucky Kare.

CLOG: Can I ask a dumb question here:

Where was this story during the healthcare debate? This is ACTUAL EVIDENCE that Obamacare will not work. Real-world evidence of a state that tried and watched it fail miserably. Why didn’t we see this brought out by conservatives during the debate? Is everyone asleep at the switch? This would have been proof that it wouldn’t work and should have been trumpeted from the house tops.

It took over 10 years to repeal the KY monstrosity so it will probably take over 20 on the national level, all the while watching the system fail with rising costs, poorer service, and fewer covered. This needed to be stopped before it got started and this story might have made a difference.

Hope for a future generation? Yes. Hope for me? No. I get to grow old and just when I need the system it will not be there for me. Dot gov cheats me once more. Do they know how to do anything else anymore in DC?

Todd: Nope, it’s pretty awful…I think a French Revolution could be in store for us down the road.

And that’s a good point…where was this store PRE-health care “BFD” passage? I didn’t see this on ANY of the right-wing blogs at all. Where was Michelle Malkin? Where was Hot Air? Where was Drudge? Where was Pajamas Media?

CLOG: Where were the KY Republicans? They should have been yelling like their house was on fire – This will not work. We tried and it failed. Why weren’t they on TV or sending missives to all of the conservative bloggers or talking to Sarah Palin about this? Man this story could have gotten some traction. Anyway, spilt milk, I guess.

It could be getting ugly all right. Denninger wrote a missive that because .gov has been replacing consumer spending with gvmnt borrowing, when the inevitable fall comes, it will be a mighty fall indeed, much worse than if they had not propped things up with massive public debt. You think the .gov popularity figures are low now, they will hit all time lows, followed perhaps by the people taking to the streets.

Todd: Don’t you think this is playing right into DL’s hands? He’s GOT to be hoping for a bit of an insurrection; THUS, he can then declare martial law, suspend elections, rule by fiat, etc. Don’t you think? Of course, the ramifications of this could be serious bloodshed as well.

I suppose he could care less if, in the annals of history, he’s known as the Ivan the Terrible of the United States.

CLOG: I am sure DL would love an excuse to impose martial law. He can then take over or at least thinks he can. The problem win insurrections is that LEO’s and military are very reluctant to fire on their own people. It’s one thing to take care of hooligans and terrorists and quite another when everyday housewives and business people are rushing the barricades. Pulling that trigger becomes a lot tougher. Also, the populace of the US is fairly well armed and formidable, especially if desperate. Ya, maybe DL could get away with martial law for a while but could he make it stick? I doubt it because he does not understand the people of this country and cannot rule except according to his ideology. His ideology will probably fail him miserably in the face of desperate, independence minded masses of people who will feel betrayed by said ideology, will have lost everything in the second leg down, and are hungry, miserable and cold.

During the opening days of GD1, some WWI veterans stormed DC and were killed. That put an end to the passions and the country sat and waited the Depression out. Do you think that will be the case this time around? I am wondering if the desperation will be that much greater and that reason and sacrifice will prevail this time.

Todd: “During the opening days of GD1, some WWI veterans stormed DC and were killed. That put an end to the passions and the country sat and waited the Depression out. Do you think that will be the case this time around? I am wondering if the desperation will be that much greater and that reason and sacrifice will prevail this time.”

I honestly don’t know, friend, what to expect from the American citizenry…while we know there’s a significant tract of people genuinely PO’ed, we also have approximately half the country that’s fat and jiggly, nursing at the government teat. How will they react when someone proposes to abolish their “milk cow?”

CLOG: I am assuming that the second leg down will include either the end of ALL entitlements or a significant scale back. The second leg down will come when .gov can no longer prop which means she cannot sell any more bonds and tax revenues continue to decline, leading either to default or hyperinflation.

People will be loyal only as long as their belly is full. When ‘what’s theirs’ gets cut off, well…

Todd: This is the basis of DL’s “class warfare” rhetoric. The liberals misguidedly believe they’re defending the rights of “those less fortunate” than us.

CLOG: There are actually 2 classes of liberals: true idealists/ideologues and sociopaths. The first class was characterized by Lenin as the ‘useful idiots’ and are generally the young and the ‘intellectuals’ though I use that term loosely. Lenin, Stalin, and Mao (among a host of others) belong to the second class. This class realizes that socialism/Marxism is a complete scam and unworkable. However, it is a useful doctrine for bamboozling those in the first class and thereby parting them from their money as well gaining their support for political office. I believe DL is in this second class. He uses Marxism purely for political gain. Castro and Chavez are also in this category. They mouth the Marxist words but are only interested in money and power and use this ideology toward those ends. They are of course very careful to never spill the beans that they are no longer ‘true believers’ lest the con be spoiled.

I believe that DL no longer believes in his heart he is doing anything for the poor or unfortunate or even cares to do so. He knows he is gaming the system for himself alone. This is why socialism/Marxism is so dangerous: it opens the door to sociopaths to gain entry to the seats of power. Once there, they are almost impossible to unseat because of the useless idiots keeping them in power. Once these monsters gain power, well, you know the history.

Do you think Pelosi, Reid, and many other Dems truly care about the poor? Maybe once they did but now it is about money and power – at any cost. Any underpriveledged class is now only a pawn used to gain power or money. So there are two levels of pawns here: any victim class and the useful idiot pawns. The sociopaths sit on the top pulling the strings and reaping all of the benefits, throwing just enough morsels to the other pawns to keep the game going.

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