Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Symposium: more foreign policy gaffes and political correctness gone wild

Todd Anthony and CodLiverOilGuy (CLOG) discuss yet another foreign policy gaffe from our Dear Leader; or is this yet another calculated scheme to neuter us? We also discuss America's role in the End Times.


More foreign policy goodness from our Dear Leader…this is yet another example of DL’s 1.) incompetence; 2.) calculated, shrewd maneuvering to either neuter us or make us vulnerable, thus precipitating what I believe to be a move towards martial law.

CLOG: This is going to cost American lives, no doubt whatsoever. Our enemies are not PC and are spitting and laughing at our stupidity even now. We are helping their war effort and making it easier for them to kill us. By blurring the definition of our enemy, we build in automatic military hesitation. Their mission becomes fuzzier and it is harder for them to plan and execute effectively. By adding so much gray, they have to add extra contingencies, also diluting their effectiveness. Why have the best military in the world and then hobble it with PC stupidity?

Is it not amazing how much damage this one man can do? Yesterday he neutered our long standing and effective nuclear policy. Today he puts a hand of friendship out to people who have openly vowed to wipe us from the face of the earth, weakening the cause of liberty and justice in the world. Tomorrow what new havoc will be visited upon us by DL?

It is even more amazing that the electorate put him into power without considering the havoc his ideology can cause. As a nation we really have lost our mojo and our wisdom. We really all need to go back to the rural life where the consequences of each decision are carefully weighed since a wrong decision can cause great misery or even death for you or your family. By being so careless and so shallow (Keeping our gas tank full and our mortgage paid is really the end-goal of all of our lives? Really?) we have voted our doom into office and his name is Barack Obama. At this rate America will be a shell of its former self in only 1019 days. In a best case scenario we will have gas and a roof, but we will be enslaved by an all-consuming, intrusive government. In the worst case scenario there will be no gas and we will be starving in the cold. We made a bad decision and we will pay dearly for it.

Todd: And that question I have is: when will we (“we” being Americans, liberals, independents, etc.) STOP 1.) putting faith in humankind, as we did with THIS GUY; STOP 2.) believing that soothing words will assuage tyrants, madmen, and murderers.

I seethe at the hubris of this man…who does he think he has that he can play LITERALLY with the safety and welfare of the American populace.

CLOG: Ever since the Fall, humanity has been self-centered. We want to determine our own destiny and be our own god. Every person is born this way. In order to be a god, you have to believe in your own innate goodness (or rightness) and have to believe that others are basically good too. The self-centeredness is a fatal flaw in that you are not looking at yourself or others realistically; your self-centeredness demands you ignore your self-centeredness since it is a flaw and gods do not have flaws. So almost everyone works under some form of this delusion. Marxism takes the delusion and applies it to government, that .gov will make everything OK; we just have to follow obediently. Humans always have to believe in a leader. Realistic humans (Christians) realize that our ultimate leader is GOD. Everyone gets stuck at the leader and so have no choice but to believe in them and hope everything will turn out OK in their lifetime. My mother is completely stuck in this rut and no amount of facts will dislodge her because she has no other place to go to place her belief.

Tyrants are very aware of the human need for a leader and that most of the population wants desperately to believe in them. So they clean up their act and appear to be benevolent to stoke everyone’s belief. Once in power, the picture changes dramatically, but then people are stuck and will remain believing even in the face of great suffering or evidence of heinous crimes. Nazi Germany is a prime example.

Most people do not want to admit their faults and even fewer their sins and fewer still become humble before God and serve Him. Jesus taught the latter path and it is the very hardest for humans to follow, hence the narrow gate analogy He used. It is only as each INDIVIDUAL is transformed, that any society has any chance. Socializing transformation corrupts those doing the socialization and impoverishes or even destroys the general population since there is no way to attain ‘equality’ or ‘social justice’ for everyone using this path.

Until the population is 100% Christian (another 1000 plus years at least), people will continue to try to rule using human nature and cause continued grief and destruction. In the meantime, after every destruction and desolation caused by tyranny, we have to institute education to make the young aware of the failed paths from history and more importantly why they failed so they do not make the same mistake. As a society, around the globe, we mostly fail at this task and continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over.

Liberals will never stop trying to transform society via socialization because they believe they have the answer and they will not deviate from their faith. Humanism is a religion that denies being a religion. After the coming great destruction of our society and way of life, I hope we can teach our young the dangers of this thought pattern. So far we have been doing the opposite and our society is crumbling but those doing the crumbling ignore the havoc they wreak and live in their ideological towers, towers that cannot be touched by misery, the wailing of children, or even death itself.

As to your later email comment about how Christians can also be liberals (in fact they are the majority of the Christian community IMO), I think they confuse faith in socialism with faith in God. Much of the socialistic message is about justice for the down-trodden and certainly Jesus was an advocate for the poor and dispossessed. I think they get caught up in the programs to help the poor and doing good works, thinking they are working toward the same ends as Jesus, and do not study the heart of the Gospel or Jesus message that repentance is key and all else is secondary or even meaningless. Without forswearing self-centeredness, nothing real can be achieved. As liberalism has grown in our society, the social message has become prime, burying the gospel message, and people lap it up because it is an easy path to follow and doesn’t require you to give up your self-centeredness. I think the narrow gate is mostly ignored by liberal Christians.

Todd: But how long will we continue to fall for this idiotic, liberal way of reacting to tyrants; when we will ever learn? How many Neville Chamberlain moments does this world require before we finally realize that EVIL PEOPLE exist, and that by pandering to said evil people, they only take advantage of us (at best)?

CLOG: We will always fall into the same trap. Though we record and even study history, we NEVER (maybe I’ll grant a seldom here since there may have been one society that learned somewhere in time) learn from it. History is dully repetitive on this point. Humans are incredibly stubborn in wanting to cling to their self-centeredness and the sin and evil overcome the societies – always. It is an eternal cycle and demonstrates conclusively the brokenness of our nature. Of course, most won’t admit that and so the cycle repeats.

This is why Jesus has to return. At one coming point in history (soon, I hope), this behavior will lead to the complete destruction of the planet and our extinction if He does not step in. We will cling to our selfishness even at the cost of our entire species.

We are a stupid, stupid people.

Todd: “This is why Jesus has to return. At one coming point in history (soon, I hope), this behavior will lead to the complete destruction of the planet and our extinction if He does not step in. We will cling to our selfishness even at the cost of our entire species. ”

After reading an article where BO is basically telling Israel the terms of a peace plan (what they CAN and CANNOT accept), I wonder if the above scenario could be hastened by something our DL would precipitate (oh I don’t know…invasion perhaps?)…

CLOG: Oh, DL is playing his role, all right. One glaring omission from Bible prophecy is any mention of the USA. We do not play a significant role in the End Times. Many authors say this can’t be so and contort the Bible to fit us in but I don’t buy it. We aren’t there more than likely because we have declined from superpower status and are no longer a major player on the world stage. DL’s actions are hastening our demise and when our stabilizing influence is lost on the world as we collapse, that is when (IMO) major wars and destabilizations break out. As you suggest, this will probably begin with Israel and Iran and DL’s pressures will insure that Israel will probably have to go it alone, may botch the attack, and then all of her Muslim neighbors will have the perfect excuse to attack her. They certainly have nothing to fear from Obama who has hinted his support of Muslim aims and no love lost with Israel.

As far as history rewriting, the victor always rewrites history to make themselves look good. Much of history is completely lost too due to book burnings and looting and such.

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