Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Symposium topic: Obama's neutering of America

Todd and CodLiverOilGuy (CLOG) discuss the Obama's latest foreign policy maneuvers: declaring that the United States would not retaliate against a nation from where a chemical or biological was initiated, as well as Obama's decision to reduce our missile stockpile.

Todd: http://hotair.com/archives/2010/04/06/wh-tacitly-accepts-missile-defense-limits-of-russians-on-start/

I wonder; can this guy do ANYTHING right on foreign policy? It’s one concession after another; yet another emasculation…

This HAS to be a concerted effort to neuter us, don’t you think?

Furthermore, this is par for the course with this guy…just yesterday, the White House basically states that we won’t retaliate in the event of a chemical or biological attack. Why don’t we just 1.) tell the terrorists that we give up; 2.) hand our b*lls to them right now?


The redefining of our nuclear policy has me furious. You said it 100% about handing our sack over to our enemies and surrendering. Much of the deterrent power of nuclear weapons is never knowing what it will take to have one launched against you so you do little or nothing to risk it. The system is proven and works fantastically. Now DL wants to scrap that and DEFINE when we will use them and that in some situations we probably will NOT use them. Talk about setting us up for a terrorist attack.

This has to be a well-thought out move on DL’s part. I cannot see anyone being this stupid. Our military must have gone apoplectic upon hearing this. Does this border on treason? It’s one thing to leave our southern border unguarded and letting illegals flow back and forth. It is quite another to let our guard down and open us up to a chem or bio attack. This is absolutely irresponsible.

As to START, it’s more of the same. Why are we giving the Ruskies an advantage after decades of research and billions invested in our nuclear arsenal? We cannot change the FACT that we live in a nuclear armed world and we must do EVERYTHING we can to make sure these weapons are never used in anger. By backing down, DL is INCREASING the chances of their use. It is 1020 days until this clown is gone. By his irresponsible actions, we might see one or more major terror events on our soil before then and we can place the blame squarely on his shoulders as the result of these poor decisions.

Todd: Exactly; you said it…here’s what we can glean from this man’s actions:

He thinks that because, in his mind, he’s smarter than George Bush, he’s going to be able to assuage our enemies with soothing words.
He thinks that, because he is now president, our enemies no longer hate us.

THUS, he’s essentially left us open to an emboldened jihadist, as well as a more brazen Russia and China. MOREVER, our allies presumably doubt whether they can count on us. I absolutely believe this is a calculated maneuver on Dear Leader’s part. He’s doing this intentionally, in a long series of moves to strip us of our superpower status.

And this is just on the foreign policy front; he’s neutering, or at best, making us irrelevant, right before our very eyes. His goal is to make us ordinary, on the world stage. While many people are having eye-opening experiences because of this man’s plots, many more still drink the O-ADE and cling to the “HopenChange” bullshit.

I’ve said this several times, but if we’re attacked, I absolutely think DL and the Acolytes need to be held legally accountable (as you mentioned: TREASON).

From Hot Air:

“Put simply, this is a big non-sequitur, a fixing of what wasn’t broken in the first place, much like the Obama focus on the START treaty over real threats like Iran and North Korea. It’s almost literally a move from left field, playing on the progressive turf in a game that no one else bothered to play. Only a Leftist would do this thinking it was a move to the middle, and it shows just how out of touch this administration is with the mainstream of American thought.”

It’s not just being “out-of-touch,” it’s being intentionally negligent when it comes to our national defense.

CLOG: < the O-ADE > I like this phrase. I might be borrowing it in the future.

I agree with you, the HA author is being too nice. These are calculated political moves to weaken our country and somehow by becoming weaker we are now more ‘equal’ and the world will love us. That is just royal BS and no such thing will happen. As soon as we show weakness, we will be stomped on. The world is jealous of our EARNED superpower status (again, DL thinks that status was not obtained legitimately but on the backs of the poor) and they will use any opportunity to bring us down. Neville Chamberlain is currently remembered as the biggest appeaser in history. I wonder if he will be replaced by DL because of his actions.

Also note that in addition to crippling us on the foreign affairs stage, he will next be crippling us with crap and poop. If he cannot get the bill through Congress, he may bypass them, and use the EPA’s regulatory powers to begin imposing CO2 controls on our energy providers, driving prices through the roof. Again, the exact wrong thing to do in the early days of GD2. I swear he is trying to institute the feudal system in America. We threw one royal off our shores that tried this in the Revolutionary War? Has another crept into the WH and we have to do it once more?

Todd: Guy, that’s exactly point…we’ve been there, done that (see: Revolutionary War), not we’re anxious to re-institute another tyranny? What the hell has happened to this country? I can tell you actually: 50% of its citizens are fat and jiggly and are content with the rest of us footing THEIR bill, so they can collect welfare and watch satellite TV.

As for “crap and poop,” while that would be another completely depressing piece of legislation, I would think that would be easier to repeal than Health Care, especially if the EPA circumvents Congress and merely enacts by FIAT.

“Has another crept into the WH and we have to do it once more?”

I’m absolutely convinced this is the case…this is all intentional, criminal neglect on his part; he’s setting us up for an attack, economic crisis, etc, so he can declare martial law.

Todd: <50% of its citizens are fat and jiggly and are content with the rest of us footing THEIR bill, so they can collect welfare and watch satellite TV.> LOL. You paint a GREAT picture here but one that is unfortunately very true. It is also interesting that the most obesity in this country can be found in its poorest states. In the past this would have been a source of great shame but no longer. America has lowered the bar and no longer asks her citizens to be responsible or bear their fair share. Uncle Sugar indeed has corrupted all too many with easy money and soothing words…and, of course, 200 channels of hi-def TV!

I agree that regulations can be repealed easier than HC but they can still do an immense amount of damage over the next 3 years. Way too many segments of our economy are not healthy and cannot afford these higher costs. It is all the more a bitter brew to drink because GW is a complete sham.

I agree that DL may be angling for martial law, provoking the citizenry to extremes so he can shut down what is left of our democratic process. He is playing with fire though. There are too many Americans that will not roll over and once he has made his move, they will make theirs. I do not believe DL has LEO or military support (at least long term), though I wonder if he will try to work around this by asking for UN troops. I hope and pray those desperate times and measures ever occur.

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