Thursday, April 1, 2010

The twisted world liberals have forced us to live...April 1st edition

More twisted thoughts from liberals…

I’m reading the following article,, and when I came to this section, I had a bit of an epiphany:

“An America based on limited government and unlimited opportunity—an America that rewards the hard work and initiative of its citizens—will not suffer from widespread poverty.”

Only in a liberals’ world are we rewarding laziness, entitlement, and lack of initative. In the “real world,” their opposites are what really propel people to success. IN A LIBERALS’ world, we are punishing success and rewarding the opposite.

WHY IS THIS? Is this because liberals perceive the fruits of our labor as undeserved? Ill-gotten? “Unfair?”

It's as if liberals, in so many facets but in particular economic ones, refuse to face the facts: hard-work, lower taxes, a vibrant PRIVATE sector, and MORE freedom, results in a healthy economy.

Instead, we're bombarded with increased government and higher taxes as well more intrusion from the feds. .GOV chooses to create and enforce more regulations, mandates, and laws in order to social engineer the country THEY want; one that defies common sense and good judgment.

All because an America of hard work is one they dislike.

Liberals see ALL wealth as evil and only obtained through illegal or immoral means. To them there are no such things as ‘fruits of labor.’ The concept simply doesn’t make sense in their world. Since wealth is all ill-gotten, it is ‘moral’ to tax it for the public good, to compensate for the ‘evil’ aspect of how the wealth was obtained. Wealth is never attained by hard, honest work; that is impossible in Marxist theory.

This is bogus of course. Our country was built by letting people keep as much of the fruits of their labor as possible and letting THEM determine what to do with said fruits. This has led to a strong work ethic (.gov doesn’t steal your fruits) and a sense of pride and honor. It also led to many people starting small businesses or innovative businesses and building our country into an economic powerhouse IN SPITE of FDR and the Dems.

The work ethic is disappearing now because .gov is taxing everything and giving it to the poor (minus their cut, of course), so why labor? In fact, it is better to be poor and live off .gov largesse. Again, the power of propaganda at work, destroying our society. Also, taxation takes away the capital that individuals need to start small or innovative businesses, hence our economic decline.

Unless we begin to shrink government all all levels right now, we are doomed. It may already be too late though. Also, the propaganda poisoning so many people has made them dependent and they do not know how to work or gain the fruits of hard labor. We’ve really messed things up…bigtime. Even if .gov shrinks, many in the population would not know what to do. Dot gov has not given her citizens the tools they need for self-sufficiency or prosperity. Instead they’ve stuck a needle in our veins and pumped in the addictive drug called welfare…all for our own good, of course. Watch out when that needle comes up empty.

Written by Todd Anthony and CodLiverOilGuy

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