Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Attempting to Enlighten a Liberal

Originally, I wanted to title this piece, "Attempting to EDUCATE a Liberal," but I soon realized that a sizeable chunk of liberals are diplomats, professors, and other educated folk; despite my own master's degree, a liberal would show their educational prowess by browbeating me while resorting to name-calling.

I came across an article today in the Washington Post, which despite the source, was fairly non-partisan in nature. The article consists of emails from people on both sides of the political spectrum admonishing the opposing candidate on the recent Supreme Court decision to allow terrorist detainees to REQUEST a hearing in court.

Note some of the emails:
motorfriend said, "Before exploring the fine points of combatting terrorism, McCain owes the American people an apology for what he and his party have done to this once proud country. War criminals, liars, frauds, traitors . . . words cannot begin to capture the magnitude of their crimes."
dsrobins predicted that "...John McCain will lose the election in November. McCain, like Bush, wants to keep Americans terrified about what might happen next..."
kogejoe said, "It's funny how McCain is trying to project his own party's problem on his opponent. How does he even have the gumption of accusing Obama of a "9/10 mindset" when 9/11 happened on BUSH'S WATCH?... There are now more terrorists in Iraq than before we attacked them. Talked about "failed policy."
carolm62 said, "...When we infuriate the world by acting like evil tyrants, as when we deny a prisoner the basic right to answer to the charges leveled against him, why should we be surprised if people seek revenge? McCain is fostering terrorism, not defeating it."
rcc_2000 wrote, "...Yeah, we've heard the GOP "tough on terror" talk before and all it has brought us is a more unstable, dangerous world. Fact is the GOP has been the terrorists best friend and advocate. I guess the GOP and McCain do not think they have screwed us up enough."
My initial reaction to the above emails was one of sheer disbelief; but I soon realized that in our country today, the Liberals are arrogant and ignorant as they've been since the Vietnam War. These comments demonstrate your typical defeatist, Blame-America-First mentality running rampant among Liberals. Furthermore, the world's ills, especially those perceived in the Islamic world are OUR own fault, or President Bush's fault for that matter. Moreover, if you read the comments above, not only are the readers ingrates for freedoms fought and died for by our military, but they essentially either compare our President, his administration, and our military to some of the world's worst tyrants, or they believe them to be worse.

Unbelievable. While you Leftist swine drink your lattes, our fighting men and women are waging a heroic, epic conflict against terrorists who would you gladly usurp your rights. NEWSFLASH Liberal: these people that you have blithely embraced while offering them a chair at the negotiation table, laugh at how naive you are. They are USING you, all the while abhoring your godless, secular ways.

They've hated us BEFORE Bush; how soon you forget arguably the first volley in the War on Terror, the 1979-80 Iranian hostage crisis, the suicide bombings in Lebanon during the early 80's, the endless airplane hijackings during the 80's and 90's, and nonstop terrorist attacks that occurred during the Clinton Administration.

9/11 happened during the first year of Bush's presidency; but the planning, training, and financing occurred during the Clinton Administration, all because he had neither the fortitude nor heart to actually extract Osama bin Laden or deal EFFECTIVELY with every terrorist attack that occurred either on our soil (FIRST WTC bombings) or against American interests abroad (e.g. '98 Embassy bombings, Khobar towers, USS Cole, etc).

Give me a break.


Gary said...

An exercise in futility to even have a discussion with a liberal. I have tried. Many of them still believe that we were not at war before 9/11. Correct on "we". But Bin Laden was at war with us. He did an excellent job of murdering people(our son) included before 9/11. And many really believe that the Islamic Radicals will leave us alone if we just leave the Middle east. Insane.

todd anthony said...

Thanks Gary; attempting to enlighten the Left is indeed futile. It's amazing how quickly they forget about the devastating terror attacks that occurred under Bill Clinton's watch, or how Clinton, Gore, et al. warned us all that Saddam Hussein possessed WMD and would give them to terrorists.