Friday, June 20, 2008

Liberals: Living in a 9/10 World

It's amazing how our country, not JUST liberals locked away in their pie-in-the-sky worlds, have forgotten about 9/11, the string of terrorist attacks that occurred under Bill Clinton's watch, and how Clinton and his cronies propagated the threat of Saddam Hussein's WMD program during the 1990's.

Be that as it may, Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) is still looking to hold the Bush Administration accountable for supposedly usurping the Constitution. I came across this story, courtesy of liberal Nick Juliano of the Raw Threat, discussing Feingold purportedly retreating from his threats to bring Bush, Cheney, et al., to justice.
"Wary of making the debate between liberty and security into a campaign issue, Congressional Democrats appear ready to retreat in their years-long effort to instill some sort of accountability on the Bush administration and its enablers in the telecommunications industry for their extra-legal surveillance of Americans."
Give me a break. Hasn't this refrain gotten a little tiresome? Not only has the all-too-real threat of terrorist evaporated from the latte-saturated minds of the Left, but with every passing day, they seem to align themselves further with our enemies: whether's it's Democratic presidential candidate Barry Obama's long-standing claim to "negotiate" with Iranian Madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as well as the party's collective declaration to withdraw troops from Iraq, DESPITE overwhelming progress in the past year, or their tacit belief that Islamic fundamentalists are justified to share an incomprehensible anger towards us.

Don't forget the recent praise in which Obama and others on the Left have expressed their glib satisfaction with a recent Supreme Court decision to allow prisoners held at the Guantanamo Country Club, er prison, to request hearings our courts.

It's amazing how the Democrats discuss, so cavalierly, President Bush's alleged disregard for the Constitution, yet it's the Left's inherent belief that they control every aspect of society through draconian government regulations.

Really, it's a soft-core approach to usurping our rights granted to us via the Constitution, whether it's the environmentalists' depriving us of cheap energy, or a bill afoot in committee to make it a hate crime to speak one's mind about alternative lifestyles or religions other than Christianity (see: Islam), or perhaps it's a recent motion to limit the amount of conservative talk radio present (of course the Mainstream Media is absolutely saturated with liberal propaganda).

Furthermore, we have hotshot, liberal, activist judges (California and Oklahoma; Supreme Court) invoking their own perverted brand of justice, by overriding the voice of the people.

Furthermore, the article states the following:
"Congressional leaders have reached an accord with the White House on the update to a controversial surveillance law that essentially legalizes the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program and seems likely to let off the hook the phone companies that facilitated it.

Under the bipartisan measure, a court could dismiss a suit if there is written certification that the White House asked a phone company to participate in the warrantless surveillance program Bush began shortly after the September 11 attacks and assured the company it was legal."

Here's a classic example of how the Left is living in a pre-9/11 world: Feingold and others invoke FISA when discussing the notion of wiretaps and other means of electronic surveillance. FISA was written in the late 1970's, prior to the advent of email, cell phones, text messages, etc. FISA does NOT allow for surveillances on such communication mediums, only land-line phones.

You can argue sedition on behalf of the Left; I make no such claim. But what I do state is that once again, the Left has demonstrated their lack of coherence in foreign policy and the war on terror.

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