Monday, June 2, 2008

So what do we make of Barry Obama?

Good news, Obama-Bots!

He renounced his hometown church based on a recent spat of racist, demeaning sermons. Keep in mind that it finally took him 20 years to get the picture. With that said, he did it!! In the last two months he admonished his erstwhile confidant, Reverend Jeremiah Wright while packing his bags and forlornly leaving his religious sanctuary of the past 20 years.

So everything is copasetic with the good senator from Illinois, correct? The Obama-bots can stand down now and concentrate on electing him to a term in the White House, thus ensuring four years of socialized medicine, advancement of alternative lifestyles, appeasement at the hands of terrorists, open borders, higher taxes, increased focus on global warming, ETC.

You get the picture.

With that said, does anyone with a brain (sorry Liberals, this excludes you) really believe that Barry Obama was NOT affected by the inane ramblings of one Reverend Wright. If you do, Earth to you...

I have had conversations with Democrats who believe the views of Wright are either DEAD-ON, are much ado about nothing.

I personally find it fascinating that a man who has discussed "racial healing" in this country by stressing "change" marinated in venom for the past 20 years. Should we not assume that either some of Wright's message SUNK IN or was at least TACITLY endorsed by Obama?

Would he intentionally tune out the reverend when he embarked on a tirade against the American government or the evils of "whitey?"

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