Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barry Obama won't acknowledge the truth in Iraq

I came across this article, written by martial arts expert and action movie star, Chuck Norris courtesy of Townhall.com. In the article, Norris warns the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Barry Obama, that he is in for a rude awakening if he visits Iraq, for he will not like what he sees.

In his treatise, Norris offers the following points:

1.) Barry Obama has one made trip to Iraq, and that was two years ago.
2.) Obama either receives his updates regarding Iraq from reliable sources or chooses not to believe the "facts on the ground."

Let's face it, Obama is not going admit that the Iraq War is progressing nicely, or that "we" are winning, ESPECIALLY not in an election year. Any tacit admission of success would reinforce the notion that President Bush 1.) invaded Iraq legally; 2.) has justification to do so.

If Obama were to concede that the surge, for example, has been working, he would alienate the far-left, anti-left base. Those groups blithely think that we can talk to our enemies while presuming that there is good in all people.

Furthermore, you can't admonish the war effort but "support the trips," a craft the Democrats have attempted to perfect the last few years. For example, how many times have we seen a Democrat discuss the war effort in a negative fashion while speaking in front of a "support our troops" banner?

These gestures are thinly veiled disguises, nothing more.

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