Wednesday, June 4, 2008

S.D. county approves rezoning for new oil refinery

According to the Associated Press, voters in Union County, South Dakota have approved a proposal to build the first new U.S. oil refinery in more than 30 years.

A blow for "going green," indeed, in my estimation. My face is contorted by a Jack Nicholson-as-the-Joker smile knowing that the greenies are going to be up in arms.

The bottom line is that the distorted, misrepresented views of the environmental moment may soon be overruled by practical needs and common sense, both root strengths in American that have been neglected for far too long.

Of course conservation is a good thing, but within reason, but essentially the environmental movement has lied to us.

I found two segment sof the article, courtesy of the liberal Minneapolis Star-Tribune, quite telling:

"Union County residents voted 58 percent to 42 percent Tuesday to endorse the rezoning of almost 3,300 acres of pristine farm land north of Elk Point for the oil refinery."

Pristine...subjective comment in a supposedly objective piece of journalism. Telling statement, that our environment naturally supersedes the need for cheap energy in this country, especially with our economy on the verge of collapse.

Second, a 58-42 vote was contentious? Why, because the environmentalist groups yelled louder? What about the jobs created; decreasing oil dependence from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Venezuela; the myth of ethanol; higher food prices, etc.?

How can a liberal, or specifically an environmentalist, be opposed to this?

Because it promotes "big oil," "global warming," "pollution," etc. Well the bottom line is that REGULAR folk, which makes up a majority of this country, are getting tired of taking out a second mortgage to pay for their fuel and food.

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