Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To Obama: Why? Why Do You Insist on Defeat?

I came across this article, courtesy of, whereby Democratic presidential candidate Barry Obama insists his mind is set on withdrawing troops from Iraq after he's elected.

My question to Obama: why? Why do you and your liberal ilk insist on singing the Defeatist refrains? Why do you insist on disparaging our military under the guise of supposedly supporting them? Why do you insist on sending our enemies a message that if THEY persevere and engage in a low-intensity warfare, our country collectively will turn tail and run?

Just what purpose does that serve?

You just don't get it, do you Barry? Neither do your Leftist brethen...

Some points from the article:
"Obama says the need to withdraw troops is twofold:

'One is to spur more action out of the Iraqis. ... But the second reason for withdrawal is the fact that we're spending $10 [billion] to $12 billion a month in Iraq,' Obama said Monday while on a two-day swing through Michigan.

'The people here in Flint, Michigan, who I'm going to be talking to, would like to see some of that investment made here at home.'"

Of course these are the same people Obama admonished for being narrow-minded by clinging to God and guns while frowning on immigration.

Second, Republican presidential candidate pointed out, correctly mind you, that Obama has NOT visited Iraq for nearly 900 days.

"About the same time Obama was speaking to his traveling press corps, McCain told reporters at a press conference at his Arlington, Virginia, headquarters that Obama 'is now is closing in on his 900th day since he visited Iraq.'"

'The whole debate in this campaign should be about whether we're going to allow that surge to continue to succeed or we're again going to do what Sen. Obama wanted to do, and that is to set a date for withdrawal long ago without giving the surge a chance to succeed,' said McCain, again criticizing Obama for not meeting directly with Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq.

'I don't know how you can draw conclusions such as Sen. Obama has without even sitting down and talking with our commander on the ground,' he added."

This falls in line with the same tired argument that I hear from liberals ad nauseum, that the surge hasn't worked, we're killing more civilians than terrorists, and our young fighting men and women are dying by the hundreds for nothing. Granted, I've never been to Iraq, but guess Liberal, you haven't either. I don't CARE what CNN or CBS tells you, when 9 out of 10 journalists across ALL media states that he/she leans left, I know I need to filter my mainstream media.

What I DO know however, is that I am willing reports from our military, typical nonpartisan folks that believe serving their country is their top priority, not an elected leader.

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Mark In Irvine said...

Nobody's going to have to withdraw troops from Iraq - Iraq isn't going to sign the security agreement which Bush has asked it to sign, and so American troops will have to leave Iraq at the end of 2008, when the UN mandate (or whatever it's called) that permits the US troops to be there expires. Even McCain can't keep the troops in after the expiration.