Monday, June 23, 2008

The Liberals' War and Who the REAL War Criminals Are

We've heard ad nauseum from the liberals and their Democratic enablers that the Iraq War is Bush's War, Bush's Vietnam, if you will. Since we're casting blame, isn't it fair to say that global warming, skyrocketing oil prices, and the impending energy crisis consists of the Democrats' war?

Those of us on the right also been chided ceaselessly for engaging fear-mongering and exaggerating the scope of the collective terrorist threat; we're laughed at when we say we're fighting terrorists in Iraq so that we're not fighting them here.

Yet we've heard that "global warming" is the most dangerous fight we'll make in our generation. I spied a liberal bumper that stated, "At least the war on the environment is going well."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This misinformed, misguided obsession with ethanol thanks to a collective hatred of big oil has shot food prices through the roof. Furthermore, a concerted misinformation campaign regarding the dangers of "drilling" have led us to beg despots in Saudi Arabia to pump more oil. Furthermore, it's too costly to provide additional refining capacity.

So your war has created food shortages and starving people AROUND THE WORLD, and $4.00+ plus per gallon gasoline prices; why, because people like Al Gore lied about the threats of global warming. They told us that there was a consensus in the scientific community; there was no consensus. In fact, thousands of scientists dispute any evidence that man has created global warming. Despite threats of persecution in the scientific community, scientists are speaking out.

If the environmentalists had their way, our society would set itself back two hundred years, pre-combustible engine period. Yet, what the environmentalists and their Democratic enablers FAIL to realize, is that cheap energy is the key to this economy. We hear Republican presidential nominee John McCain discussing real, viable options to solving the energy process: increased drilling, more refinery construction, more nuclear power, etc.

What is Democratic presidential nominee Barry Obama's plan: more solar and more wind power; more conservation.

Yeah, right.

Resident liberal know-nothing, John Nichols in The Nation (the same publication that misinformed us that our troops in Iraq were committing widespread atrocities) writes that those congressmen and senators that opposed Bush's Iraq War spending bill are acting responsibly. Of course those like Pelosi and Reid who are stalling, all the while pandering to the environmentalist lobby, regarding the issue of tapping into our vast energy resources are responsible elected officials too, right John?

Let's face it, environmentalist buffoons, your time is coming when obscene amount of public pressure will force even your Democratic stooges to tap into vast energy reserves, conceding that your global warming concoction is a damn hoax.

You liberals and your pie-in-the-sky mentality have accused Bush, Cheney, et al. of war about those elected officials that ignored the threats and the now emerging reality that people are starving thanks to you.

Who are the war criminals now, you fools?

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