Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Liberal Double-Standard

Have you ever gone to I was alerted to its presence, sort of like Ben Kenobi being alerted to Darth Vader’s presence in Star Wars, regarding a statement FOX News anchor Brit Hume made about Democratic presidential nominee and resident liberal messiah Barry Obama.

Allegedly, Hume made disparaging comments or twisted the truth about the Golden Child. The bottom line is that I got a real kick out of the way the liberal rushed to Obama’s defense. embodies the collective liberal mindset. Anytime someone on the right, or someone with a good head on his/her shoulders, impugns or even attempts to demand accountability for a series of verbal gaffes and questionable decision-making of said Golden Child, we’re met with fierce resistance, including name-calling, brow-beating, condescension, etc. On the whole, it’s been interesting to watch the liberals “valiantly defend” their nominee.

This sort of deranged behavior typifies how liberals fail to grasp history, especially mistakes they’ve made in the past or statements they’ve made to which they NOW contradict themselves. See: Iraq War/Saddam Hussein/Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Moreover, Nevermind the fact that Liberals accosted a Republican president for eight years; yet, as soon as those of us question the integrity and experience of a Democrat, we suffer from “Barachnophobia,” or as Newshounds states, we’re racist, anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Muslim, etc.

It’s ALMOST comical, but it isn’t.

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