Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank you Republicans

As many can attest, the environmentalists have done their best to hoodwink American citizens into believing that humankind is responsible for creating global warming. Despite significant opposition from scientists, the notion of global warming and climatology have absolutely gripped this country, prevalent in all walks of life.

According to the Associated Press, "Senate Republicans on Friday blocked a global warming bill that would have required major reductions in greenhouse gases, pushing debate over the world's biggest environmental concern to next year for a new Congress and president."

What the Democrats will not necessarily admit is that the burden of fighting alleged global warming will fall squarely on the taxpayer.

Chief sponsor, liberal, and all-around bonehead, Barbara Boxer D-CA stated, "'There is no tax increase'...She said the emissions trading system would provide tax relief to help people pay energy prices. And supporters disputed that it would substantially increase gasoline prices."

Is she kidding? Hardly...this sort of rhetoric is typical of Democrats; they mistakenly believe that enacting price controls on oil companies, raising taxes, and punishing trade partners like Colombia is somehow good for this country.

Furthermore, scientists and other noted experts dispute the established dogma that global warming is nothing more than part of a cyclical pattern in the Earth's weather history.

Thank you Republican for being the voice of reason. It's time to stop this global warming nonsense.

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