Friday, June 6, 2008

A foreigner's naive take on Barry Obama

So is Barry Obama a Christian or a Muslim?

I've heard reports from admittedly unreliable sources proclaiming the presumptive Democratic nominee to be a practicing. Subsequently, the liberal thought police have responded en masse with statements that Obama is a practicing Christian.

So I'm confused...if the liberals are attempting to destroy the Christian institution in this country, why would they rally around Obama's alleged Christianity? Why does it matter?

To be honest, I'm not sure Obama is a Christian. From all indications, he's not a traditional Christian like the majority of the citizens of this country. Rather, he's a new-age Christian, adhering to a similar brand of Christianity as Oprah. Furthermore, as Obama has been a member of the Church of Hate, led by Reverend Jeremiah Wright, how can we believe him when he says he's a Christian?

What kind of Christian rails against its brother for inventing diseases and causing terrorism? How can a Christian lie and fabricate stories? I came across this piece courtesy of the Today's Zaman, a publication out of Turkey. It's fascinating to read such skewed thoughts regarding our country from the pens of foreigners.

Some points:

"It is no accident that Obama, who is a new-generation black politician, is apparently immune from anti-white sentiments and that young whites represent an indispensable portion of his enthusiastic constituency."

That's called white guilt. A significant portion of Obama's followers are either so charmed by the man's words or believe by voting for a black president, it somehow demonstrates how open-minded one is; i.e. "I'm on your side."

One can assume anti-American violence would diminish and US credibility in spreading freedoms would be improved."

The author proposes that if Obama were president, the world would suddenly hate us less, because after all, George Bush has created terrorism. It wasn't concocted by radicals in the madressahs of Saudi Arabia decades ago, or fomented on the battlefields of Afghanistan in the 1980's.

"Anti-Obama bigots feel freer to raise the issue of his father's religion and Muslim name. Obama vehemently denies he is a Muslim, given emerging Islamophobia in American society, especially in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. If it weren't for the political climate, Obama would most probably speak proudly about his father and Muslim-convert brother's cultural values as well."

A couple of things here: if you're anti-Obama, you're bigotted. The author assumes that if you dislike Obama it's a result of one's latent racism. No, I'm sorry to say that I dislike Obama (besides being a liberal and espousing values to which I cannot adhere) because I find him disengenous and phony. Second, the author assumes that a "emerging Islamophobia" is fabricated in the minds of ignorant Americans. It couldn't be because we're inundated with reports of grotesque violence committed by a sect of people in the name of Allah, or that these crimes occur daily all over the world? Or because radicals have stated their beliefs, unequivocally, their desire to rid the world of infidels and create a pan-global Islamic caliphate.

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