Wednesday, June 4, 2008

John Kerry was NOT a war hero and how it pertains to the 2008 election

In addition to my duties blogging for the Twin Cities Conservative, I’m also a sports nut (primarily football and baseball). Thus, I listen to local sports talk courtesy of KFAN. Often the various programs delve into material other than sports, politics, movies, music, etc. This morning, I heard one of the local radio personalities discussing how the Republicans will completely discredit Barry Obama by the time the presidential election rolls around; he then cited John Kerry’s complete dismantling at the hands of the Republican Party in 2004.

His quote, “The man was a war hero.”

My response: BS.

The man was a seditious liar who distorted the realities of the Vietnam War. Note the following:

He concocted phony war crime charges against his fellow servicemen.

He exaggerated his own heroism during his tour.

He misrepresented the effectiveness and purpose of his purported “missions.”

Yet somehow, it’s the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group that are the villains. I’ve heard the arguments, many of these former military personnel neither served with Kerry nor knew him. Regardless, Kerry’s anti-war activism was a betrayal to his fellow servicemen and detrimental to those still fighting in Vietnam..

The bottom line: John Kerry served his country, but he negated his service when he betrayed his fellow servicemen; he sold them out.

A couple of points pertinent to the 2008 campaign.

Hmmm, we’ve seen exaggerated claims recently; note Democratic presidential candidate and New York senator Hillary Clinton, who claimed during a 90’s trip to Bosnia that she ran scrambled from her helicopter to the cover of safety while under sniper fire.

The Democrats love to lecture us on their patriotism and their support of the truth, but do so as they blame this country for causing terrorism and indicting our own for war crimes and phony atrocities. We’ve seen Pennsylvania congressmen and all-around buffoon John Murtha perform this tap dance. We’ve heard Barry Obama and Clinton turn a blind eye to reality while the surge of the past year+ have achieved significant, tangible results.

But, we’re talking about Democrats, so does it surprise you?

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