Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is America Vulnerable?

Has our military become so weakened and overextended that the American homeland is now ripe for attack?
What other factors are contributing to the weakness of our country?
How can anyone ever attack America given her large inventory of nuclear missiles?

Let me first say that the American military is without equal on the face of this planet in all aspects: leadership, training, and equipment. If American civilians were as strong, well motivated, and successful as her military, she would stand another 200+ years. America does not emulate her military as she did in the past though. She has grown weak for a variety of reasons and her military may no longer be sufficient to protect her in the world. She is currently weak in how she utilizes her military, her nuclear strategy is outdated, all exacerbated by a variety of other factors, including serious economic problems.

Using Her Conventional Military
- The American military is hobbled by political meddling. Military might is only as good as the government that wields it. American politicians often lack the political will to win or make the tough choices.
- Part of the success of the American military is due to its use of intensive energy. The American military is the largest single entity oil user in the world. America can deploy more assets more quickly than anyone long as there is unlimited fuel. As such, America has supply line vulnerabilities. Our Navy and Air Force help maintain the security of these lines. As long as all arms of the military are functioning smoothly, America can project her might anywhere in the long as there is unlimited fuel.
- Her armed forces are the most technologically sophisticated in the world but numerically, small. If the technology edge is ever blunted, American forces become extremely vulnerable.
- The American military is currently overextended and may be near exhaustion, being asked to perform too many missions in too many places with too few personnel.

Using Her Nuclear Weapons
America is greatly feared for the nuclear might she commands. Again, her missiles are unmatched in number and sophistication. This should make her completely invulnerable but there are a few sticking points:
- MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, no longer valid. During the Cold War this balance of terror kept both sides from pushing the big button. But with the rise of supra-national terror organizations, this philosophy is no longer a deterrent. If al Qaeda explodes a nuke on US soil, who is America going to nuke?
- Enemies may be willing to absorb a nuclear counter strike. Russia and China both have active civil defense programs. They have shelters for their civilian population as well as routine drills in major urban areas. America's program has been dismantled. Do you know where to go if the sirens start blaring? Assuming a first strike from Russia, they could have their civilians safely squirreled away when we counterattack. Major damage to Russian cities? Yes, but they can rebuild. In the meantime, the heavy loss of civilian life in America would severely limit her ability to recover. Winner: Russia and their ally, China. Not a cheap victory but a victory.
- Political vacillation may delay response. Over the last 2-3 decades, the American military has been repeatedly hobbled by political interference. The same lack of conviction could prove fatal during a nuclear exchange.
- Americans are extremely afraid of all radiation. Radiation at any significant level is feared by most Americans. Too many years of fear mongering by the press has left the population uninformed about the true nature of radiation. In a radiation emergency, I fear too many will act like drowning victims, panicking, and ultimately doing themselves great harm.

A Weakened America
America's strengths, he military and nuclear might, may not be able to protect her adequately in today's world. A whole host of additional problems plague American society and government, including:
- High national debt
- High personal debt
- The dollar is very weak, near collapse
- The economy is near credit lock-up, the so called credit crunch
- Only short-term gain is valued by American political leaders
- Over 40% of the American economy is government
- Too much of America's debt is owned by foreigners
- Imperfect computer security, possibly leaving her vulnerable to cyber-attack
- Manufacturing has moved offshore; almost everything is imported
- Not exploiting her natural resources. She has oil, mineral, and timber wealth. Much of it is left untapped
- Excessive regulations choke new business growth, especially environmental regs
- America has a poor image abroad
- The American sense of entitlement, that somehow everyone else is responsible for our well-being except ourselves.

America is vulnerable and in danger of losing her status as sole superpower. America is the most dynamic nation in the world but first needs to realize there is a problem, a big problem. America also must have the leaders with the strength of character and belief in their convictions to correct these problems and bring America back to her former glory. All I see though is denial, denial in the populace and ostrich-behavior in DC. Great leaders? Where are they? Ron Paul is the only political leader with an ounce of common sense and the understanding of what America really faces. Is he in charge? The fact that he is not speaks volumes about America. Like an alcoholic, until America admits she has a problem, no solution is possible. America better wake up soon or start hiring more Russian and Mandarin teachers for her children.

Take your medicine. It's good for you.


GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

The cat that thought up Surge and threw down the gauntlet to the defeat retreat and repeat crowd has unleashed 'Ground Truth' and of all the things that could be listed about Great Satan's 30 years in the future military - the word weak ain't on the list.

We may be able to get hit - but there would be no stats of limitations on a T attack on American soil - and the response would devastating.

Check out 'Ground Truth'

Great Post!

todd anthony said...

As much havoc as I think we SHOULD wreck on parties such as Al Qaeda in various locales, as well as Iran, I DO think we are extended militarily. I think if China, for example, wanted to raise hell with us...they could.